you are the custodian of your own happiness

You are the Custodian of Your Own Happiness

It is important to understand that whatever a human being portrays on the outside comes from within. Your attitude towards a particular situation, person or circumstance determines the kind of reaction you exhibit. Positive attitude brings out joy and happiness while a negative one causes anger, discontentment and disappointment. You have the power and ability to change your attitude towards everything in life and this result to a happy or a miserable life depending on what you choose. The Bible encourages the believers to count it joy even during the tough times of trials as endurance will result to increased faith. Job went through awful moment in his life but still found joy even in deepest pain. This is a teaching that you are the custodian of your own happiness and therefore you can still be happy even during the hardest moments of life by focusing on God and looking on the positive side of that particular situation.

Don’t allow the silly little things steal your joy.

It is obvious that the enemy comes to cause harm and since the beginning of times, Satan has been moving around trying to rob your joy. Every day, there are small things that happen and end up making you angry or even fall into sin. However, God has sent a helper who will always enable you realize the tricks of the devil and end up not falling into temptations. The Holy Spirit enables you to discern the evil and exempts you from it. Potiphar’s wife was used by the devil to cause Joseph fall into sin and steal his joy but the power of God was upon him and he overcame the temptations. This example encourages the believers today to rely on the help of the Holy Spirit so as not to allow the devil steal their joy.

Renew your mind daily with God’s Word.

The present day world is full of so many things that engage people’s mind in diverse ways. This calls for a daily renewal of all believers’ minds so as not to get conformed into the thing of the world and forget about their maker. The Word of God is the food to your soul and just like the physical body which cannot go without food, so is the soul. The soul requires daily nourishment through reading and studying God’s World. Reading the Bible also brings Glory to God as Ezra did and all people bowed down and worshiped God.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Knowledge about God comes with rejoicing and gladness resulting to renewed strength. When a person comes to God and accepts salvation, he/she becomes a new creation filled with joy and strength to overcome sin. Christians who truly know God and abide in His teachings experience extra ordinary joy. The children Israel had forgotten the ways of God and had fallen into sin causing them not to find joy even when they had completed building the wall. After they received the good news from the Bible about God’s love towards them, their joy was restored and their strength was renewed. Faith and the testimony that believers posses about the love of God is what gives them strength to keep on cultivating the salvation.

Don’t put your key to your joy in someone else’s pocket.

It is wise not to rely on others so as to experience happiness but rather trust upon the Lord for renewed strength. Additionally, it is important to acquire skills on how to approach situations with the right attitude and focus on the positive side of everything in order to lead a happy life. Studying the word of God on daily basis also ensures that you remain in sound mind and are able to differentiate good from bad and therefore end up not falling into temptations. Remember you are the custodian of your own happiness and following these guidelines will enable you remain in control.


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