Ways on How to Show Our Obedience to God

Ways on How to Show Our Obedience to God

In this article, you’ll learn the seven ways on how to show our obedience to God.

God can be glorified in many ways, and demonstrating obedience one of them.
These are the ways on how to show obedience to God in order to glorify His name:

1. Taking care of our body as it is the Temple of God.

God created us and our bodies, redeemed us through His Son, Jesus and dwells in our body in the form of the Holy Spirit. Our bodies, considered the Temple of God, not as a house or home, as our bodies are meant to be a sacred place not only for the Holy Spirit to dwell in it, but is also a place where we glorify God. By taking good care of our bodies, respecting and using it according to God’s teachings, God will reward us accordingly and will always respond in favor of us.

2. By having a mind like Jesus

Obedience with our minds starts by putting our faith in God, trusting in Him and His plans for us, filling our minds with God’s words and shaking away sinful thoughts because it is the right thing to do. We do this by praying, reading and meditating the Bible especially during tough times to feel better and by attending Christian worship services. By doing so, we are able to live through his teachings and in turn, we’ll reap great rewards in God’s time.

3. By having a heart like Jesus

God favors and rewards those with a pure heart, and one that is full of good and Godly intentions. By loving and putting God first, loving others unconditionally and maintaining a pure heart, it only goes to show that we practice how to feel like Jesus.

4. By acting and working on God’s teachings

This comes hand in hand with number 5 - aligning our goals and living up to God’s standards. The goal is to do good deeds with good intentions that are dependent on God’s strength. By only doing good deeds and acting in accordance to His commandments, we are already working our way in bringing glory to God.

5. By aligning our goals to God’s will

We can show obedience with our goals by taking into consideration of God’s teachings and asking for His guidance when planning our goals and by offering all our hard work and success to God. When we set goals, we need to make sure to ask for God’s guidance as it is with God’s participation in our lives that can lead to us being successful.

6. By sharing our talent

By using our talents, we are glorifying God by showcasing what He has given to us and sharing it to others. If you can sing well, sing praises for Him, or if you can write compelling articles, write about God and honor His name. Use the abilities God gave you to preach and reach those who do not know much about Him and give Him credit for the talent you have.

7. By sharing your finances

By sharing our finances and sacrificing material things, we are trusting God to take care of us because we know He is the one that brings prosperity and opportunity. Using our wealth here on earth to please God is already a form of worship. By sharing with the poor, selling what you have that is not a necessity so that you have something to give and living a modest life, we are already accumulating wealth and joy in heaven, courtesy of God.