turn your pain and suffering into prayer

Turn Your Pain and Suffering into Prayer

We live in a demanding world. When we fail to meet expectations, we are full of despair and become anxious. What results is the pain in physical, psychological, mental and emotional nature? Pain leads us to shed tears and question human being’s real existence. Pain also determines a person’s relationship with God. It’s through pain that our faith in God is tested.

How to Turn Your Pain and Suffering into Prayer

1. Acknowledge that you are in pain

Suffering comes about for different reasons. However, the main reason is expectations. If people expected less from the world, there would be fewer disappointments. We also have expectations from God and when He doesn’t meet those expectations, we feel hurt. Sickness is a good example of expectation. We expect for God to heal our loved ones and set them free of their pain. Healing them will also mean that we don’t have to pay heavy medical bills. In some cases, our loved ones die. Death causes suffering, pain, and anger.

2. Turn to God and express your pain

Explain why you feel the way you do. Most gospel songs were written when the singers were going through hard times. David wrote the book of Psalms after losing his son. Hannah went to the temple, knelt down and prayed to God to give her a child. Since God is not a human being, you should feel safe that your conversation will not be directed to other people. God listens when you open up to Him.

3. Trust in God through your suffering

Trusting God especially when you feel He has let you down is the hardest thing to do. It’s in this session that we fall short of the glory of God. Trusting God means that you give Him full control of the situation. Faith means believing in the unseen. Have faith that God’s act for His glory and the good of His people. For instance, death signifies the end of suffering for the bereaved and the beginning for those left behind. Sometimes we don’t always get the answers we seek immediately, but with time God lets us find what we were looking for.

4. Believe that God will reward you

God never overlooks those who trust and remain loyal to Him. After David lost his son, he still rejoiced in God and thanked Him for the time they had shared together. Later God rewarded him with another child, Solomon who grew up to be king. God will use your situation to reward you. God’s rewards are not earthly materials. He rewards His people through blessings such as good health, life accomplishments, and mental peace and so on. Job became so poor that his wife asked him to denounce God. Job refused and God rewarded him with multiple wealth more than he had owned before he became destitute.

5. Help others seek God in their suffering

It’s often said that actions speak louder than words. A human testimony will make others seek God in their own suffering. Write a song describing how God came through for you in your time of need. Let other people relate to your suffering. Connect with them and give them hope. The best songs affect human life positively.


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