Today is My Best Day because God Provides All My Needs

today is my best day because god provides all my needs

Today is My Best Day Because God Provides All My Needs

My grandmother used to tell me that not the happy people are those who are content, but those who are content are happy. It took me a long time to understand what does she mean, but then I’ve learned that happiness does not come from external conditions but from my own state of being.

At some moments, I felt I was overwhelmed, I felt like my whole life was a disaster and I wasn’t able to do anything. There are moments we live with these negative emotions and we simply forget how many amazing things are present in our lives.

Everybody wants to be happy, but what actually doesn’t allow us to be? Being happy means being aware that today is your best day.

Today is my best day, because I have a home, I have my parents alive. Today, I can wake up early and see the sunrise, I can work, I can meet one of my friends and have a coffee, and today I can dance and meet new persons.

Today I see God’s amazing grace through all the circumstances and the challenges of life around me.

Today is my best day because I can go for a walk and I can see kids playing, because if I smile, people smile me back. Today is a perfect day for enjoying the small things like reading a book or cooking something delicious for my family, neighbors and friends.

I already have everything that I need, but I didn’t realize until now. Actually, God is always with me, but I often forget it.

Actually, God provides all my needs, but it’s me that I’m always unsatisfied. Here is why I always have to keep that in mind, because today is my best day.

Today is my best day because God provides all my needs.

A personal relationship with God is the only way to fully meet the needs of our heart, mind, spirit and soul. Because this is the way we remember we don’t need many things to be happy.

I choose joy. I choose hope. I choose faith. I choose love.

I choose God.

How about you?

What is your choice?

Whom do you choose?

Yesterday, today, tomorrow – whatever day it is, when God is the center of our everyday life, every moment is the best moment.


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