Today is my Best Day because God Blesses Me Abundantly

today is my best day because god blesses me abundantly

Today I am blessed because God blesses me abundantly

I choose blessings. I choose joy today.

Today I am blessed and I really feel the blessings from above overflowing.

When I say that today is my best day, I am not talking about receiving an appraisal from by boss or achieving a long set goal. All that makes me happy today is the fact that I have found self-satisfaction and I know about the things that make me happy.

Also, today I have taken a pledge to not let others views or comments either good or bad affect me. I feel it is the key to the door of happiness which many of us keep close throughout our lives.

Wondering why I said that I’ll not let even the good comments affect or make me happy? Well, that’s because it bounds me with expectations to hear that positive comment sometime again in the future.

By doing so, not only I am at power to say that today is my best day but I can go on repeating this phrase every day. But is doing what I just said easy, believe me, it is not.

But once you start understanding the concept of self-satisfaction, you’ll start seeing the changes in your thought process and behavior. Eventually, without even realizing you’ll step forward in the direction that leads to a better life.

One more thing that made me said that today is my best day is that it is today that I actually realize what actually matters to me. What are the things that I like, what gives me pleasure and who all, are the people I really care about.

I know all this may sound too grown up, philosophical or even religious to some. But friends, it is a feeling that even a million dollars can’t buy.

Another thing that I learned in the entire process is self-evaluation. Eventually, I started taking criticism as a lesson that I tried learning from each day and I have seen them turning into appreciation.

Obviously, it takes time but the key is to hold on and not let criticism crush on you. Don’t give it the power to kill your grit to improve, become better.

In addition to all this, I started observing my actions, the way I behaved, the way I answered a query or even when I was asked to do a favor. Soon, I started seeing faults in myself and others; it is a bad feeling, full of guilt.

I realized that apparently the people that mattered to me the most are the ones I cared about the least. I was busy pleasing others, while ignoring them, believing in my head that they would understand and guess what, they did.

Guys, no one is perfect, everybody comes with their set of flaws. But once you start appreciating what you have and stop running around other’s goal, like me you’ll also say one day that ‘today is my best day.’

I don’t say nor do I believe that I have got all cleared out, but at least I know which way to walk that’ll make things better moving forward. Also, I am pretty sure that tomorrow I’ll find myself saying that not yesterday, but today is my best day.


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