Today is a Blessing I Choose the Bright Side of Life

today is a blessing i choose the bright side of life

Today is a Blessing I Choose the Bright Side of Life

Today is a blessing from God. Today I choose the bright side of life.

Today I woke up, alive, well and so blessed. Thank You Lord.

Today I see the beautiful sunrise – a symbol of life and hope.

Today I see all God’s wonderful creations. All things work together for His glory and praise.

Today I choose Joy.

I believe that all things have a divine purpose. Whatever life brings, I choose to focus on the positive. I choose joy over sorrow.

Today I choose Life.

My life is a miracle and a gift from God. I am grateful that God gives me another day to live, to learn, and to cherish.

Life is as precious as diamonds and gold so I live this life for the greater good of all the people around me and above all, I live for the glory of God.

Today I choose to Forgive.

I have been holding on to grudges for some time now. I have them stored in me like a Camel stores water for long journeys through the Desert. But today, I am going to forgive everyone who has done wrong to me, who has hurt me or who has made a fool of me. Whether that was my brother, my father, my friends or my aunt blabbing about something I never did. I choose to forgive all of them because in so doing, I set myself free.

Today I choose Healing.

I have decided to let go of all that hurts me. I am going to start working on my relationships. Because my heart needs to be healed. In order to live a successful, amazing life, I need to have a full body and a full heart. I need to heal myself by working out my problems with other people.

Today I choose to Give Cheerfully.

Giving is a true form of loving someone. How often do we see someone with a poster sign stating that they had no money to go home? And how often do we actually give some money to such a person? Probably none. Because we don’t believe in it or we have forgotten to do nice things just because they are nice. I am going to make sure that I do give someone that money, the next time I encounter a person asking for it.

Today I choose to Share.

I was coming home from work today when I saw this young girl crying quietly in a corner, usually I would never meddle in someone’s life. But today, I went up to her, smiled and said, “It’s going to be okay.” I ended up dropping her at her house because apparently, she had been waiting there for two hours for her brother to pick her up from school. I shared a smile with her, trying to make her day better than it was before.

Today I choose Happiness.

Laughter and so with happiness is a medicine for all kinds of diseases. So I am choosing to be happy. I have challenges in life but I lift them all to God because I believe joy comes in the morning.

Today I choose Humility.

We all came in this world with Nothing and Naked. But because God is so good all the time of our life, He pours blessings to us all. We receive abundant blessings and all these things should not make so proud. Because of God’s love and blessings, we have all what we needs. Moreso, He gives us all the desires of our hearts.

The more achieve and the more we succeed in life, the more we should be humble. And so today, I praise God; and I choose to remain humble and grateful.

Today I choose Perseverance.

I am going to work hard. And I will stay determined. The road to my destination is very long, filled with speed bumps, blocks, huge rocks and the journey is even harder. There will be all kinds of wild animals to encounter and fight through. But I know that I can do it. I am going to make it to that end of the road which signifies everything for me.

It may seem impossible but I have God. I believe. I trust. All things are possible because I have a great God with a Great Love, with Great Compassion and with Great mercy.

Today I choose Commitment.

I commit to live a good life. I commit to appreciate and enjoy this life that God blessed me with. I commit to trust Him. I commit all my dreams, my plans and all my goals to Him because He promised in His Word, in Psalm 37:5-6 (NIV), “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.”

Today I choose Optimism.

Optimism is believing that everything will be great no matter what. Its believing in the goodness of life. So yes, I will choose to be an optimist because that is what gets things done for me. It getS me going, making me get up in the morning, when the harsh sunlight hits my eyes. It makes me go to work, knowing that the world is a big happy place.

Today I choose Truth.

Being honest is one of the hardest things one has to do, in today’s world. Lying is so much easier and convenient. But its messed up in the longer run. And it gets you nowhere. So I think I am sticking with telling the truth, the Truth will always set me FREE.

Today I choose Peace.

I live in a country where you can go out leaving your doors unlocked and have your wallets returned with full cash in it. In such a peaceful country, I choose to be peaceful as well. I choose to be against war, fighting and bloodshed. Whether it is a school shooting in Boston or a terrorist attack in the third world countries, I choose to be against it all. I PRAY peace for all mankind.

I choose God because He is my Peace.

Today I choose Hope.

Our lives are lived on hope, for our kids to grow up to be better human beings, for us to get good jobs, or to marry someone we love or to help our parents in old age. It’s that flickering flame of hope on a candle that keeps us all going.

Today I choose Love.

If a man was asked to live his life by one thing only, he would choose love. So will I. Because love is what makes our lives truly living. Whether it is love for a child, or love of a parent, or a sibling, it’s those feelings that someone has them for you. And nothing can compensate for that. Choose to love and be loved.

Most of all, I choose God because God is Love.

Today I choose Faith.

My faith is everything to me. I was born into and I was raised to believe in it. Today, if I don’t choose faith, then believe in me, I am nothing but a lie. My faith makes me who I am and who I want to be. It reflects my choices in life and the boundaries that I follow.

But more than believing in me, I believe in God. I trust in Him all the days of my life.

Today I choose Charity.

I started volunteering at the nearby homeless shelter, last week. A lot of my friends are working for charities and supporting good causes that I felt the need to do something as well. It’s a small step but it can lead to other things in life.

Today I choose Success.

I have always worked to obtain something in life, whether it is a pair of shoes or a new job. So I am going to put success first and work for it. I know that calling myself a failure and then living on is the easy part. Working hard and believing in myself to become a success is what I choose today.

Above all, today I choose God.

Yes, I believe that there is a greater good somewhere. I believe in God. I believe in His Great Power. I believe that all things are POSSIBLE because of God. I believe in Love because God is Love. I believe in Life because God offers Eternal Life. Because God is above all.

How about you my friend? What are your choices today?

May all your choices lead to a fulfilled life in the Presence of God.


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