today i am counting my blessings not my problems

Today I am Counting My Blessings not My Problems

I am wonderfully fortunate that today I am counting my blessings not my problems. Today I am blessed. God is good always.

When I think of how God has blessed me I feel like singing praises and glorifying Him. He is the superpower and always a provider and I have always felt fulfilled with Him. I thank God for the gift of life, the air we breathe, the food and shelter. By His grace I have managed to overcome my challenges, temptations and problems. Why am I blessed?

1. My Heart is Beating

Just the other day, I met up with some of my friends and an argument arose on how the term being alive can be defined. Nowadays with improvements in technology and surgical procedures anything from heart to the kidneys can be transplanted from one person to another but the one thing that was agreed on was that it is only God that can give the breathe of life. The breath of life is one of God’s greatest gifts and with every heartbeat, God’s continuous presence and dependence in our lives is seen.

2. I have Food to Eat

Birds do not have hands but they have their own homes .The mother can provide for her young ones and can’t complain at all however they sing praises to Yahweh. The almighty has always provided for my food. The street children wake up without food, money or clothes but at the end of the day they will have something in their stomach. What a blessing, He touches the hearts of good Samaritans and well-wishers to offer charity to the underprivileged.

3. I have Water to Drink

Water is life and God gives life. God has provided water in streams, rivers, the rains and lakes. I once watched a documentary on the superb powers of God to provide water in extreme condition such as the sandy and rocky deserts. He always gives hope even where there is no hope. With His amazing art of creation He has enabled flora and fauna to adapt changes in their habitats for their survival. The cactus have thorns and thick leaves like stem to allow it absorb water and not to lose it also. That is why I praise Jehovah.

4. I have Oxygen to Breath

The amazing blessing of the air we breathe is really awesome. The birds in the sky, the fish in the seas, the animals not forgetting the plants swaying and giving praises to God for the amazing gift of oxygen. If oxygen would have been for sale, everybody would have been poor since we can’t live without it; Life would be obsolete.

5. I am Alive, Healthy and Strong

Every day I wake up I always remember to thank the Lord for it is only through His eternal and everlasting love and grace that enables me to see another day. As much as we have a part to play in ensuring that we live in an environment that is safe and healthy environment, it’s only by God’s divine intervention that we are able to maintain our heath and be able to see another day.

GOD is the giver of life, the provider of all our needs and always has a part to play in our lives. He is always ready to hear you and His door is always open, you only have to Let Him in. And for sure today I am counting my blessings not my problems.


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