The Pain You Feel Today is the Strength You will Feel Tomorrow

the pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow

The Pain You Feel Today is the Strength You will Feel Tomorrow

You are experiencing a very distressing situation right now, right? But take comfort that each challenge you meet germinates an opportunity to grow.

Often, when you need to grow you first have to be painfully hurt. But life’s vital lessons are normally learned through pain.

Your present situation is just ephemeral. This world teems with pain, but when you have hope and God on your side, you will keep going.

The tears you are shedding now are just temporary catharsis of grief, sorrow and pain you are undergoing. Take heart since eventually the Almighty is going to wipe away every tear.

Strength comes from where there has been pain. Sadness precedes wisdom.

Your renewal will be as a result of fear you went through at some point in your life. Listen to your friends, since having a good one is the best insurance in life.

Lessons without experiencing pain are very worthless. However withstanding and overcoming it, you’ll gain a heart which is stronger when compared to any other thing.

In future everything is going to be clear to you, they’ll make sense. But for now, keep laughing away the confusion, smiling through tears, and reminding yourself that there’s a reason everything happens.

Love is a painful thing, your heart is going to get crushed, broken and shattered before finding the right person who will patch it again all back together. Keep waiting for that someone.

The Pain You Feel Today is the Strength You will Feel Tomorrow

Remind yourself now that being strong also means admitting when you’re wrong. Gain strength from your current weakness, be brave when scared, and you should be humble when you ultimately overcome your pain and be victorious.

Your heart may be soft but it’s made of steel which makes it hard enough to endure all thrown at it. Trust your God to give you the strength to endure all life’s challenges.

Today after gaining your strength from the jaws of yesterday’s pain, it’s now the time to sit back and reflect the lessons learned. And you should vow never to repeat them, if they stemmed from your own weakness.


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