the most amazing teacher in the world

The Most Amazing Teacher in the World

Good teachers are more than mediators of knowledge. Their role is not restricted to the class. They mark the whole life of their students and serve as models, mentors, and idols. The qualities of a good teacher may vary from one student to another. Below are some of the qualities of the best teacher.

1. A friend:

A good teacher befriends his students. Teaching is an all-encompassing job where the teacher should get close to his students, understand them, lead them through difficulties and shows a great deal of care for them. A caring teacher is likely to leave a life-long impact on his students. A good teacher is someone in whom students can confide personal secrets.

2. A Mother & a Father:

School is in many ways an extension of the home. A good teacher should then be as protective and caring as parents. Sometimes students share things with their teachers that they would not with their fathers and mothers. A good teacher is someone who provides his students with love, protection, advice, inspiration, and guidance.

3. A police officer:

A teacher is the police officer in their class. He is always vigilant to keep justice and order. He patrols the class all the day in search of wrongdoers who need to be rehabilitated through advice and love.

4. A Pastor:

All pastors are teachers and all teachers are pastors. They should teach and shepherd their herds. Like the pastor, the teacher has a high value and intellectual standard for other to follow. Students and society at large look up at teachers for guidance and respect.

5. A Doctor:

A teacher is good at diagnosing their students’ problems and dealing with them. He is the physician of the class who prescribes remedies for the ills of his students. Both teachers and doctors should be very humane.

6. A Nurse:

Passion and patience are two common qualities between a teacher and a nurse. Passion is what keeps a nurse through her tiring job. If it were not for passion, it would have been difficult to deal with patients of different diseases, different medicines, and different cultural backgrounds. Passion is closely linked to patience, a quality without which a teacher would not be able to nurse his students.

7. Architect:

Teaching is all about design. He plans, designs, constructs, and monitors the future decisions of his students. His job consists of adding an aesthetic dimension to the design of students and helps them better manage the space they have if they were to construct something beautiful.

8. Engineer:

Just like an engineer, the teacher’s job is also to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and the real world. In other words, he should, therefore, train students in the art of applying their knowledge to solve problems in real life. It is the art of bringing our understanding of the world to life.

Teaching is an all-encompassing job where the teacher plays many roles at the same time. Good teachers make an impact on our lives. They can neither be forgotten nor replaced.

Thank you my teachers. God Bless You always!


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