ten life lessons i learned from google

Ten Life Lessons I Learned from Google

Google is an international, publicly-traded corporation constructed around the firm’s enormously accepted search engine. Google’s origins begin in 1995 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two graduate students, bumped into each other at Stanford University. The two men teamed up in 1996 on a research project that was to ultimately turn into the Google search engine, BackRub, which it was initially called, incited interest in the university research group but did not bring in any offers from the key portal retailers. Here are ten life lessons I learned from Google.

1. Passion triumphs

Begin with the advice that Page gave in 2002 to the graduates of Stanford University—“Don’t settle.” This force was exposed in the enthusiasm with which he and Brin motivated the whole company to help the user, take more chances, and drastically enhance search.

2. Focus is necessary

Passion without focus can delude you. The key to the achievement of Google is concentrated passion.

3. Vision is also necessary

Without vision, even the most concentrated passion is a battery without a tool. “Don’t be evil” is an unclear invocation. However, Page and Brin’s endeavor to make the entire world’s information available, and to most importantly help users, is a vision

4. A team culture is essential

Google’s assignment of twenty percent of employee time to projects of their own selection give them a feeling of ownership. Faithful to its open-source, wisdom-of-the-crowd principles, Google has generated a interacted management that operates from the bottom-up, in addition to the top-down. In both routes, it releases opinions and endeavor.

5. Consider engineers as kings

For many Silicon Valley companies, engineers are the counterpart of the television writer, the movie director, and the book writer. They are the originators. The twenty percent time Google allows its engineers gives them a feeling that they are freed to take chances and follow their passions.

6. Regard customers as a king

A significant reason Google is typically recorded among the world’s most dependable brands is that it expresses a feeling that the user is their priority. Advertising might generate ninety-seven of Google’s profits. However, to a user, it does not feel that way. Google services are at no cost. They are accessible, just as an iPod is.

7. Each company is a frenemy

There are no lasting friends, only lasting interests. An avenue, such as the Internet, distorts the borders between corporations, occasionally making it harder to notice a possible enemy or differentiate between friend and enemy.

8. Do not overlook the human factor

Google has been prudent in gaining the dependence of its users, constructing a team culture, and thinking enduringly. However, when you begin from an extensive supposition that the old methods of doing things are possibly incorrect. As Google does, you are certain to make foolish errors.

9. There are no certainties

Now, Google seems invincible. However, ten years ago, so did America Online (AOL), and so did the grouping of AOL Time Warner.

10. Life is lengthy, but time is brief

This is a reason to think and proceed fearlessly, as Google has, to take chances, and not to be attached to time-consuming memories.


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