Stephen Covey – the Power to Remain Timeless

stephen covey the power to remain timeless

Stephen Covey – the Power to Remain Timeless

When a book remains timeless through the years, its author will be timeless as well.

And even if we can’t see him anymore, we can still hear his words and his thoughts through his book.

The same thing happens in Stephen Covey’s case.

Born in October 24, 1932 in Salt Lake City, Utah, US, in his early life, Covey was not only a good athlete, but also an involved member of a debate team and a teenager who finished high school early.

And as you can imagine, these were not his only achievements in life. Later, he became a successful businessman, a professor, management-expert, consultant, professional speaker and a best-seller author.

All these while he fell in love, married the one and only love of his life, Sandra Covey and raised together their 9 children.

He lived every day of his life based on some timeless principles that he shared not only with his family, but also with anyone else who wanted to know.

They were written in his first best-seller “The seven habits of highly effective people”, published in 1989 and sold in more than 25 million copies, being translated in 38 languages.

Even if some of the principles may sound like a cliche, their practice is a game changer!

This book was declared by Forbes one of the top 10 most influential management books ever, being even one of the most influential books of the 20th century.

Besides this book, Stephen Covey also wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families” (published in 1997), “The 8th Habit” (2004) and some others.

Because of his widely popular best-seller, he was included among the 25 Most Influential Americans in 1996 by Time Magazine.

Stephen Covey – the Power to Remain Timeless

Even if in July 16, 2012, Covey died with his family close, his passion for effective work and for others, his authentic, universal and moral principles, his genuine selfless character and charisma shaped not only his heart, but also his thoughts and actions, giving him the power to influence several generations through his books.


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