smiling and laughing promotes emotional and psychological health

Smiling and Laughing Promotes Emotional and Psychological Health

Smiling and laughing have always been known to bring positivity on our well-being. Smiling and laughing promotes emotional and psychological health. However, as we grow older, we tend to smile and laugh less due to all the stressful responsibilities we have. Little did we know that it is the smile and laughter that can actually release us from stresses.

Smiling and laughing keeps us going when we are feeling low

Many are the times we all feel the urge to finally stop no matter the effort we earlier put on what we started. Such are the times when we should get the reason to smile. Laugh and smile while things seem to be going against your expectations and be assured that will make you rise above and get you motivated.

Smiling is proven to release neurotransmitters called endorphins which are responsible in making us feel happy and reduce our stress. It is the muscle movement on our face when we smile that releases endorphins. It means endorphins can be released even if you fake your smile so do not feel bad about faking a smile from time to time.

Laughing can expand our lungs and stretch muscles as well as stimulate homeostasis, giving our body the energy it needs to replenish cells with oxygen. Simply put, smiling and laughing can keep you healthy through a continual supply of oxygen.

Smiling and laughing brings joy to our neighbors

As Christians, we are reminded, it is our divine responsibility to love our neighbors and one way to get to their hearts is through our own smiles and laughter. Smiling has always been considered as contagious; when someone next to you sees you smile, part of their brain that regulates their facial motion is activated and hence leads them to smile and laugh too. Amazing right?

There has been a common belief based on Biblical and historical information that Jesus walked an average of 25 miles a day, keeping Him healthy and who is the better role model for a natural lifestyle other than Him? Though He wept over the sins of Jerusalem, Jesus undoubtedly smiled when little children were brought to Him. We too, should smile upon seeing children or simply to show appreciation. Even so, it is best that we explain their wrongdoings with a smile. This can keep them from feeling too guilty, sad and stressed.

Smiling bridges the gap between people

Laughing and smiling earn you a lot of friends. Everyone likes to be associated with happy people. Once you keep frowning, you create a great distance between the people around you. Keep smiling and you draw people close to you.

Smiling and laughing will not just benefit us. It will also benefit other people. Our smile and laughter can spread joy to the world. Remember that Jesus also encouraged joyful laughter after a period of sadness and despondency as a laugh can cure pain. In case of the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son, He spoke of rejoicing when all these were found.

Keep smiling at all times in all moods, while in good health or not, every morning as you wake up, at any moment of the day, and every night before you close your eyes to sleep.

Let the whole world see the joy of the Lord in your smile.


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