relive and rebuild your life from deep within

Relive and Rebuild Your Life from Deep Within

Each moment is a CHANCE to make things new. Relive and rebuild your life from deep within. True change must come from the inside not from the outside.

Rebuilding your life from within is a simple step by step process that will guarantee you lifelong happiness, peace with yourself and others. In the modern world, a lot of distractions are inevitable. These distractions can often consume your time to an extent that you ignore your inner self. The “inner man” in every Christian needs a lot of attention. A good start point on the road to rebuilding your life from within is to love yourself unconditionally.

Loving yourself boosts your overall self image and self esteem. The person who loves him/her self understands the meaning of unconditional love .You will reciprocate it to others if you have it within you. No matter the situation you have been in, however traumatizing you always have a second chance to pick your pieces and begin again. In rebuilding your life as a Christian there are many biblical teachings and promises you need to look up to which offer guidance and wisdom from a good Christian perspective.

1. The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

This is a great assurance for any believer. It is the joy of the lord that sustains us each day. When it enters our presence it becomes a pillar of faith. The mysteries of life can really break our joy since sometimes we cannot comprehend their meaning but joy is the highest attainment of life which comes as a result of Godly living. Joy is quite deeper than happiness, happiness is a fruit of prosperous conditions or favorable conditions but joy is independent of any circumstance. We need to embrace it in all situations.

2. Surround yourself with Christians and other believers of Jesus Christ

God uses friendship as a tool of sanctification. Christians should choose their company wisely because they can either bring you up or bring you down. If you come across people who encourage ungodly traits, they can easily lead you to sin and you should break away from such company in a wise discerning manner,Remember you become exactly like the people you spend most of your time with. Choose friends who not only encourage you and spiritually uplift you but those who rebuke you when you are wrong.

3. For Gods Glory, Forgive and Love your enemies

Forgiveness is inevitable. A person who doesn’t forgive carries the burden of pent up emotions. Our God is a God of Justice. Refusing to forgive doesn’t grant us any powers but enslaves us even more to sin. It’s a command from God and we should do it for His Glory.

4. Pray at all times

Prayer should be part of our lives .It’s an important way to build our relationship with Jesus Christ. The Christian life is more of a relationship with God than just rules and regulations to follow. Prayer helps us to overcome temptation and discern Gods will for us. It’s also a prerequisite for spiritual awakening and a great weapon of spiritual warfare. God values every minute we spend in prayer so Christians should pray without ceasing.

5. Always meditate and read the word of God

God always advances his purposes through His word. His will is contained in his word. The word inspires every prayer we make. The person who meditates and read the word of God becomes fruitful and delightful. We shall begin to truly understand the mysterious ways in which God works.


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