personal money saving tips learned from the story of the prodigal son

Personal Money Saving Tips Learned from the Story of the Prodigal Son

Money has always been a topic of great debate especially when it comes to spending and savings. Jesus’s once told a parable of a son, who approached his father asking for his share of his inheritance. Having been granted his request, the son packed his belongings and went to a faraway land and squandered his money. Upon releasing his mistake, the son goes back to his father and begs for forgiveness which the father gladly gives him when he is overcome with Joy at the reunion with his son. This parable tackles a number of issues and different personalities. We can also incorporate a few personal money saving tips learned from the story of the prodigal son into our individual lives. Below we shall discuss some of those tips worthy of consideration:

1. Leaving security for supposedly greener pastures

One of the first things we can learn in this story is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Upon getting his money, the son leaves his comfort zone and secure base, only to discover that life can be harsh in unfamiliar settings. Sometimes people need to realize that where they are in life is worth being grateful over and contentment is the first step to financial happiness plus security.

2. Spending everything on temporary gains

The second money saving tip that can be learned from the parable is about frugality. In life, it is easy to become taken into the lifestyle of flash and glam, which comes with it a hefty sum to be paid in order to be maintained. Fragility is an essential part of saving money and it simply means spending money on things/items that are useful to yourself and others. Spend on what always has a benefit, especially long term.

3. Those spending money with you are seldom present when the money runs dry

The third tip we learn is also a lesson in the judging of character, especially with those closest to us. Every dog has its day is a very popular saying and it demonstrates that we all need assistance sometimes as well as we also need to assist others. The parable talks of the son spending money with different people but later shows that once the money was done, so were the ‘friendships’. Surround yourself with people who not only wish you well but can also be there to advise you when things are not alright, in times of heavy spending for instance.

4. Wealth even in excess can vanish if misused

Fourthly, we can learn from the parable that wealth if mismanaged becomes a temporary thing. Upon getting his inheritance, the large sum offered the son freedom to do whatever he chose. This freedom often blinds people in realizing that even a small hole can sink a great ship. Thus manage the small amounts so that you can also manage the larger amounts.

5. Redemption through the father

Lastly and probably the most important lesson is the love of the father. This teaches us that even when you have not been a good steward with your wealth, God is always ready to love and forgive us. This reminds us that regardless of your situation or money habits, the father is our true source for everything and there is always a redemption and way back.

As stated above, the parable has a lot of life lessons and applications as well different viewpoints to learn from. These are some of the money saving tips that individuals can learn and apply to their personal life.


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