nothing is impossible when you believe in your dreams

Nothing is Impossible when You Believe in Your Dreams

Two young and vibrant men believed in the power of their dreams.

Google is simply defined as a public trading organization which is built more on the company’s most popular search engine. However, apart from the search engine, Google Company also runs internet analytics, advertisement technologies, cloud computing, browsers, web apps and other operating system development including various software.

Most of the profits that Google runs on are from the Google AdWords which is more of advertising service that operates online. It works from listing businesses as results that are derived from the Google search engine.

The Google Company was founded by two Ph.D. students: Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both from Stanford University in California. These two brilliant minds collaborated on a research page which resulted to the popular Google Search engine that is used all over the world at the moment. These two own only 14% of the Google shares and therefore they control about 56% of the voting power.

Being one of the people who benefit from the Google search engine and other services on a daily basis, there are a couple of life lessons that I have learnt over the years.

This article is going to cover the important 10 life lessons I learned from Google

1. I have learnt to live in the moment always. The future that every individual has is determined by their own efforts. The two Google founders simply made an effort to carry out a high quality research project which resulted to a bright future through the development of Google.

2. Avoid making any procrastination. Through Google, I have learnt to always follow my dreams and take action.

3. Hard work pays. The Google founders worked hard in their development and it has made them top the charts when it comes to online platforms and search engines.

4. Attention to detail is always important for one to succeed in life. The Google search engine always shows results of the specific key words listed and also gives extra options to choose from. This has seen it to reach the most preferred search engine due to its accuracy in online search.

5. Never be afraid to try something new. Google started by simply being a search engine but with time, the company has developed various software, applications and other services which have all led to its success.

6. Through Google, I have been able to look at the bigger picture in life, focusing more on getting perspective in life not dwelling on various setbacks that happen once in a while.

7. I have learnt to trust my intuition on every other decision in life. The gut never misdirects anyone. It just like a result on a certain keyword which usually is specific basing on the search.

8. I have learnt to focus on expands as it is the only way that one is bound to succeed and get bigger in life.

9. I have learnt through Google that my destiny is in my own hands and not determined by past circumstances or origins.

10. Finally, I have learnt through Google that I can never please everyone so I never even try.

Google is a very advantageous development that I cannot live without since it aids my every day activities. This is through Google mails, Google store, Google Search and other software.


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