my only hope is found in christ alone

My Only Hope is found in Christ Alone

I want to share a gift with you through spreading the message of hope, so that you may have something to hold on to and ponder on for a long time.

My only hope is found in Christ alone and I want to enable others find this same hope that keeps holding me firmly and comforted. I have done extensive reading on the bible and at this point, there is no thought that jars me more than the idea of there being no Christ at any point in my life.

It is important to note that Christ is always in our midst

Weather we acknowledge and accept him into our life or not, He is always present. During seasons such as Christmas, this is a time where most people, Christians or not spare their time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Very many people go a long way to appreciate the love that Christ has for them.

I love God and it is through him that I have found hope and also am able to share the love that I get from Christ and spreads it to other people who need it. There is so much hope that comes with knowing that there is a superior being who cares for you and loves you unconditionally.

There are very many situations that may lead to one losing every thread of hope in their own selves and in the people around them. This can be either through betrayals and disappointments. I would however love to share the hope that Christ brings in our lives which cannot be compared to anything else in the world.

In Christ, I found reassurance and love

I get unlimited sense of belonging that brings a long happiness knowing that everything that happens in our life is according to God’s plan, whether good or bad. In Christ there is hope and disappointment is never an option.


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