miriam defensor santiago the iron lady of asia dies at 71

Miriam Defensor Santiago, the Iron Lady of Asia dies at 71

Miriam Defensor Santiago, dubbed as the ‘Iron Lady of Asia’ dies at 71.

She passed away on Thursday Morning (September 29, 2016) due to lung cancer.

She was known for her quick wit and her admirable drive against corruption in the government while serving all three branches of the government – judicial, executive and legislative.

Miriam Defensor Santiago passed away on Thursday Morning after battling stage 4 lung cancer. Tributes and memorial posts about her passing have flooded on social media platforms.

Early Years

Miriam Santiago was an accomplished woman from the start. She graduated as a class valedictorian from elementary, high school, undergraduate school to law school. Later on, she graduated magna cum laude with a political science degree in 1965 and a law degree in 1969, from University of Philippines.

Furthermore, she went abroad and earned her degree in Masters of Law and Doctor of Juridical Science degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She continued her studies abroad at various universities, from Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, to Academy of Public International Law.

Later on, she became the regional trial court judge in Quezon City. She moved up to become an immigration commissioner and agrarian reform secretary.

Her achievements

Her accomplishments, no doubt, are impressive. She served as a senator from 1995 to 2001, and then again, from 2004 to 2016. Also, she ran for president candidacy three times, first in 1992, second in 1998 and third in 2015.

While as a senator, she was known and famous for authorizing a huge number of laws and bills, exposing numerous scandals in the government and created many reform bills. She became an icon symbol for honest politics and bold bureaucracy law.

In 2012, Senator Santiago was elected to be the judge of the International Criminal Court, thus, making her the first Filipina and Asian from a developing country. Later on, she resigned due to her lung cancer. In 2016, she became part of the International Advisory Council of the International Development Law Organization, which promotes the rule of incorruptible law. In fact, she was nominated and won numerous awards for her fight against corruption in the country. One of her most prestigious achievement is winning the Magsaysay Award for Government service, in 1998.

Her inspiration-will

Even though she lost three times in the presidency race, she was known and commemorated by her supporters as “the best president we never had”. When she lost her first presidency race in 1992, the defeat didn’t diminish her spirit but instead, she ran again, for the second time in 1998 and the third time in 2015. She spent her entire career, dedicating to public service.

Senator Santiago was known as the “Tiger Lady, Dragon Lady and most popular as, the Iron Lady of Asia”. Not only she was known as a person who didn’t give up hope to fight against greed and moral depravity for power but also she was popular for bringing comic relief by launching her two top seller’s books, “Stupid is Forever” and “Stupid is Forevermore.” She shall be remembered as someone who was selfless and devoted public servant and for inspiring thousands of people with her courage and boldness for her love of government justice.


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