keep moving forward for god is the way to victory

Keep Moving Forward for God is the Way to Victory

Always trust in God’s powerful plans in your life and keep forward for God is the way to victory.

1. Stop Focusing on what happened and start focusing on things which move you forward

Our minds happen to be the most powerful tool available to us. This super computer as it is referred to, has immense capabilities and one of them is the storing of memories. Whether positive or negative, our thoughts are kept in the back of our minds. Life experiences vary but a common denominator among everyone is that we all go through setbacks. How we respond to these setbacks has a large impact on our present as well as on our future. The bible speaks of Paul the Apostle who instructed us to forget about our past and focus on our future in Jesus Christ. This helps us press forward in our goals and receive our victories appointed to us from heaven.

2. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

The traumatic effect of difficulties has strong repercussions on our mental as well as physical health. On a mental note, difficulties temporary ‘blind’ us from remembering the good elements in our lives. They can also cause us to disconnect from God and believe he has abandoned us. In the midst of the storm however, His love and presence is ever present. God has you in the palms of his hands and everything that happens to you is for your good. It is then our duty, to look outside of our circumstance with joy and thanksgiving. In doing so we see from God’s perspective and realize that there is always a way out of our difficulty. Joseph is an example of this train of thought from the bible. He was sold by his own brothers but he did not falter on his character. This stance led him to be crowned king even after being imprisoned in the land he was sold to. He becomes the saving solution for the country and his family. God used what could be considered a very unfair difficultly into a life saving opportunity.

3. When you bring peace to your past, you can move forward to your future

One of the graces we receive in Jesus Christ is the forgiveness of our sins and forgetting of our pasts. This is essential because the past is like a stone tied to your body, it will slow you down. We are told of a woman in the bible known as Mary Magdalene. She was once a prostitute but received the forgiving love of Jesus Christ. This enabled her to make peace with herself and her past. Upon letting her past go, she served with Jesus and was among the first to see the risen Lord. Her future was embraced upon making peace with her past.

4. Pray always, move forward and believe God will make a way

We are instructed to pray without seizing because this is our link to God. Prayer has a calming effect and moves God on your behalf in your situation. Abraham and Sarah were well beyond in their years; their chances of having children were low to nonexistent. However, they continued to pray, give thanks and move forward. Abraham believed God will make a way and his faith was honored when he was blessed with a son.

5. Life goes on, keep moving forward with God

The one thing we are certain of in life is that it continues to move on regardless of our situation. Whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor, life does not stop. God as well does not stop working in our lives regardless of our circumstances. He has promised to never leave nor forsake you. This reassures us to keeping pushing forward and with God at our helm, to realize that your story ends in victory.


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