i earnestly pray that your today be filled with hope

I Earnestly Pray that Your Today be filled with Hope

My dear, I earnestly pray that your today be filled with hope. It does not matter the nature and magnitude of the challenges facing you, always remember that God is a hearer of prayers. He not only hears, but he answers. I thus pray that you have divine hope on:

Restoration of broken relationships

I pray that God gives you the assured hope that broken relationships in your life will be restored. Whether it is family relationships or your bond with your workmates and neighbors, the God who gives all comfort will show you the way to have the relationships healthy and functioning again.

Complete healing of sickness

The grand creator and source of life has the ultimate understanding of the causes of the health challenges you might be going through. He performs miracles, he has healed people in the past and he is willing and capable of healing you of all the maledictions in your life and restoring you to perfect health.

Prosperity in all your plans

On your own, there is nothing much you can do; difficulties are bound to cross your path as you endeavor to realize your plans today. The almighty has the desire to bless and see all your plans prosper, trust in him. Many in the past overcame armies and giants. The giants that might confront you today are nothing to the almighty. Take heart with him on your side prosperity is the assured outcome.

Good outcome in all things

No matter how bad and desperate the situation might be, rest assured God has the ability to guide and strengthen you to make the presumed challenges to work in your favor. Many have thought they had hit the end only for our great God to use the same challenging circumstances to work in favor of his servants.

Answer to all your prayers today

Never doubt that God will answer your prayers today. He understands your circumstances and knows what is urgent and special for you. Exercise faith in him and see his great hand working on your prayers this very day.

Continuous blessings

The creator of time promises to love his servants forever. His love is never in vain; it comes with its resplendent blessings. Seek for him diligently for all the days of your life and experience first-hand his assured promise to bless you now and always.


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