how to trust god for your finances

How to Trust God for Your Finances

God wants us to enjoy a full, abundant life free from stresses and cares that money and other material possession bring.

How to trust God for your finances? Read on.

Everything that we have belongs to God and he has made us temporary stewards of his property, God can give and take as he wishes.

Many people want financial freedom; however, it becomes difficult for many because they fail to understand that God is rich and he shall fill our stores in abundance.

It is commandment that we give God tithe and other offerings, by doing this we trust God with our finances; God can never fail anyone and will supply you according to his riches in heaven.

Be a cheerful giver

Trusting God for financial freedom requires faith and giving with your whole heart, God rewards a cheerful giver and this is why trusting that he will empower you financially begins with giving.

There is a story of a woman who gave one-cent and it was explained that the motive behind the giving is what plays a crucial role in achieving our goals.

The changing economic conditions has left many people worried such that they have forgotten the scriptures which teaches them to trust in God and he shall meet all your needs according to his riches in heaven.

Great Faith

God says trust in me and whatever you shall ask will be given to you, it is imperative that people have faith and trust in God and God will meet their financial needs.


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