honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the Best Policy

God, our creator, expects us to be honest in our relationships that transcend every sphere of our lives. We shouldn’t only be honest with our God but also with our parents, our friends, our family, ourselves, and even the strangers that happen to chance into our life. There’s nowhere this is more starkly put than the biblical story of Ananias and Sapphira who had to pay with their lives for their dishonesty and deceitfulness.

Honesty with Yourself

One thing we are highly skilled in is telling lies to ourselves. We don’t want to be brutally honest with ourselves. How many times have you been into a hot argument with someone and retreats back to yourself and said, “Honestly I was wrong there?” Yes, what we always operate goes by the name double standards, generously judging ourselves, our actions, and our motives without any inner questioning or debate of ourselves. Learn not to lie to yourself to build a stronger relationship with yourself.

Honesty with Family

Perhaps you have seen how dishonesty can tear apart the fabric of the family. Most of the divorces, financial ruin, name it, have their deep roots in dishonesty. We tell lies all the time. However, a good Christian family life should be one where you are honest with each other. When you are not honest with your spouse, you are teaching your kids not to be honest with the world. Do not lie to any member of your family. A lie is only going to earn you a short-time reprieve, but from the seeds of lies you have planted will sprout the reality where no one within your family is going to ever trust you again. When you are wrong, just admit it, and not lie. You will be building a healthy relationship within the family with honesty.

Honesty with Friends

No man is an Island. We all need friends since they’re the bedrock of our existence, when things are crumbling; we rush to them to give us a helping hand. It’s therefore important to build a healthy relationship with friends through honesty. When you lie to your friends, it’s going to be difficult for them to trust you in return. They’ll just melt away into oblivion from your life. Lies and secrets, even when you think are better for you, normally in the end turn out worse. Someone eventually is going to find out. And when your friend inadvertently hears the truth from another source apart from you, it catches them totally unaware making them feel betrayed. The relationship is not going to retain the same facade you had before. Friends should never be dishonest with each other!

Honesty with Strangers

He’s just a stranger, so? Let me lie to him he gets out of my neck. After all I am not going to see him again! The world is small. That person you were dishonest with, further down the road of life, you are going to meet him.

It behooves us as Christians to be honest with everybody, including strangers, however hard and brutal it looks. Perhaps you heard the story of this creative San Francisco man who, to test the honesty of strangers, went around the rich and the poor areas with a fake winning lottery in his hands asking strangers to tell him if he’d won or not. Some were honest, some cheated him. But what’s important here is you should also build a healthy relationship with everybody, even including total strangers. When Jesus was recruiting his disciples, he was honest with them on what He expected them to do, and they hearkened.

Relationship with God

He’s our Creator and we cannot lie to Him. An honest relationship with God implies that we are not going to estrange ourselves from Him, and as a Father, he is going to grant you that favor you need. God sees through us, and when we lie – as Ananias and Sapphira did – He is going to find out, and you aren’t going to be favorable before His eyes any more.

Honesty is the best policy, as is always said. When you are not honest with one another, even with yourself, you are living a life of lie and soon it catches up with you. It destroys your relationship with everyone around you, even with God.


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