god will make a way when there seems to be no way

God will make a Way when there seems to be No Way

As it is written in the Bible that there is time for everything so it is in human life. There are good times as well as challenging moments for every human being. Sometimes the difficult times are so hard and seem to last longer and may put one down. However, for Christian believers, this is an opportunity to have renewed strength since God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Faith in God

The complete trust that God is the only source of help and strength is what may be defined as faith in God. Christians get to have faith through reading the word of God and a continuous study of this Word strengthens one’s faith. One believer’s faith can be used to strengthen others as witnessed in the life of a centurion whose faith in Jesus Christ healed his servant even without physically seeing him.

Hope in God

Hope in God is the ability to completely surrender one’s life to God knowing that He will take care of everything that one is concerned about. A complete reliance in God gives one an opportunity to love and take care of others since all personal needs are left in the able hands of God. Hope brings glory to God as believers serve one another without putting themselves first and therefore manifests the love of God to humankind.

God Will Make a Way

There are tough moments in human life when everything seems not to work and one wonders where to turn to. During these times God’s power which is above any other is experienced in the lives of those who believe. Hope and faith enables one to patiently wait upon the Lord even when times are hard and at the end victory is realized for the light shines and darkness disappears.

You Can Do All Things through Christ

It is through the strength given to those who believe in Christ that everything becomes possible. For example, when Paul was facing temptations and even saw death coming closer, he was able to move on since he was encouraged that everything was possible through Christ who was on his side. Believers ought to pursue great things in life since the strength that is received from Jesus Christ will enable them to do even what seem impossible in the eyes of men.

God’s Presence Is Heaven in your Heart

When you open up your heart to receive Christ, everything becomes beautiful and a little heaven is created in your heart. This means that life becomes enjoyable, full of peace, love and satisfaction. The only way to experience the true meaning of life and be sure to see Jesus in His second coming is to allow Him to have His way in your heart and confess that He is Lord.

Nothing is Impossible with God

In conclusion, it is important to understand that nothing is impossible with God. There are many things that seemed impossible to men but God manifested His power through them, such us Lazarus coming back to life. In the Bible we also see God saving Daniel from the lion’s den and also Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were not consumed by fire. These examples show that when we fully trust in God, there is nothing that we cannot achieve and there is no danger that He cannot save us from.


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