everything christians need is in reading and meditating the word of god

Everything Christians Need is in Reading and Meditating the Word of God

The Bible is the Word of God and Christians should take it as their daily food. I call it my booster! It’s a Book that was written to prove to the world that there is a Supreme and Almighty God who created all things. The wisdom of this Book makes Christians complete.

Reading and meditating the Word of God helps us to understand the mind of God and gives us insight and power as Christians.

1. The Word of God is true.

Yes, it’s the Truth of God! Reading the Bible in the morning gives us the chance to fill our mind with the Word of God that is pure and perfect. The old thinking is replaced with refreshed thoughts. By choosing to hear the Word of God in the morning, we make a choice of having a godly day. This gives us the grace to overcome the challenges of that particular day.

2. The Word of God gives encouragement.

Second, reading the bible in the morning encourages me as a Christian. Spending my time with God in the morning, transformed my life as a Christian. I fix my eyes to this amazing Word and I refuse to be afraid. I face all situations positively. The Word of God is a good source of encouragement to us Christians. In the Bible there many verses that tell us not to be discouraged nor to fear for God is with us and He shall give us victory. After reading these verses of the Bible I’m assured of His help in my times of difficulties and troubles. I encourage other Christians to turn to the word of God for encouragement.

3. The Word of God is the Promise of God.

The Word of God is true and it assures us as Christians that God will accomplish His word to us. It makes a good start up for the day! We don’t have to be discouraged but we should wait. His promises do not expire. Reading the Bible in the morning reminds us that God will fulfill His word in His time. His timing is the best!

4. The Word of God is our spiritual food.

The Word is all we need as Christians. It is our daily food! Reading and meditating on the Word, inspires and transforms us. It is our joy, peace, hope, wisdom and light. You will agree with me taking food gives us strength. The same way reading the Bible equips the Christians with strength to face the trials of this world. The word of God is so sweet! It’s a full and complete!!

5. We worship and praise God through His Word.

By reading the Bible in the morning we get to worship and praise God. Singing praises to God by reading the bible in the morning makes the rest of our day great and cheerful! There are many verses of the Bile that are full of praises to our God. It is a beautiful experience to meet God in the morning and give Him praises. Exalt and adore Him by reading His Word. I know that our God loves songs of praise like those that are in Book ok Psalms.

My dear brothers and sisters, try spending some time with God in the morning by reading the Bible and you will start seeing your life in a whole new light!!


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