Billy and Paulo are traveling in Paulo’s car when it starts raining at noon. Billy is saved, Paulo isn’t. Billy looks out of his side of the window.

“I thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing,” he says while admiring the falling rain. Paulo scoffs.
“I think it’s a bother. Look at how it’s making the road muddy. It’s just what we need. If God cares, why does He do this to us? We might crash.” He shares moodily. Billy studies him for a while. Suddenly, he notices how the rain is washing and cleaning the windshield.

“Have you ever thought about how merciful God is?” He asks his friend.

“If He were merciful, the road would have been clear. Anything can happen to us,” Paulo replies. Billy smiles.

“Paulo, God has taken care of us ever since we began this journey. Nothing will happen to us as long as He’s with us,” he says, then pauses and directs Paulo’s attention to the windshield. “That’s the perfect illustration of God’s mercifulness to us,” he adds.

“You lost me, man. What do you mean?” Paulo asks.

“Notice how the rain is cleaning the windshield. That’s a clear illustration of God washing our lives clean every time we sin against Him, and He doesn’t give up on us. Even though the rain slides down the windshield, more comes and continues cleaning it. It represents God’s grace to us sinners. He forgives us without any limits.” Billy explains. Paulo becomes thoughtful.

“Why doesn’t He just punish us when we sin?” He asks.

“He knows we’re naturally sinful. He put all our sins; past, present, and future, on His Son Jesus Christ. He forgives us because His Son has paid the price for our sins.” Billy explains. Paulo breathes out sharply.

“Honestly, I’ve never believed in God. You and many other Christians say He loves you yet you go through so much pain. Where’s the love there?” He asks.

“Hardship is a part of life. We do suffer, but God is with us and gives us the strength to endure. Even when we sin, He forgives us and gives us another chance.” Billy says gently. Paulo looks uncomfortable. He slows down his car.

“Can He forgive someone like me?” He asks.

Billy’s heart warms up. He smiles broadly. “Of course He can, man. The windshield is your life, stained with so much sin, the rain is His forgiveness, that cleanses you and the rainbow is the hope, joy, peace, and strength He restores to your life when He saves you. In order to see the rainbow you must endure some rain.” He explains in a loving manner.

Paulo laughs briefly. “It’s hard to think you’re a sinner. You know so much about this God,” he says.

Billy laughs. “I’m a product of grace. I’m not perfect. I get my strength from the fact that God loves me. Just as a rainbow appears after a downpour, after enduring forgiveness, we will see the love, joy, hope, and peace in our lives.” He informs him.

“I want to be a believer!” Paulo says quietly.

Billy pats him on the back gently with a smile. “That’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Let me pray for you.” Paulo stops the car, and the two friends pray. Paulo lightens up and thanks his friend for leading him to the light. Billy silently thanks God for providing that opportunity to Paulo. Their friendship grows stronger and their journey continues.