Keep Moving Forward for God is the Way to Victory

Always trust in God’s powerful plans in your life and keep forward for God is the way to victory.

1. Stop Focusing on what happened and start focusing on things which move you forward

Our minds happen to be the most powerful tool available to us. This super computer as it is referred to, has immense capabilities and one of them is the storing of memories. Whether positive or negative, our thoughts are kept in the back of our minds. Life experiences vary but a common denominator among everyone is that we all go through setbacks. How we respond to these setbacks has a large impact on our present as well as on our future. The bible speaks of Paul the Apostle who instructed us to forget about our past and focus on our future in Jesus Christ. This helps us press forward in our goals and receive our victories appointed to us from heaven.

2. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

The traumatic effect of difficulties has strong repercussions on our mental as well as physical health. On a mental note, difficulties temporary ‘blind’ us from remembering the good elements in our lives. They can also cause us to disconnect from God and believe he has abandoned us. In the midst of the storm however, His love and presence is ever present. God has you in the palms of his hands and everything that happens to you is for your good. It is then our duty, to look outside of our circumstance with joy and thanksgiving. In doing so we see from God’s perspective and realize that there is always a way out of our difficulty. Joseph is an example of this train of thought from the bible. He was sold by his own brothers but he did not falter on his character. This stance led him to be crowned king even after being imprisoned in the land he was sold to. He becomes the saving solution for the country and his family. God used what could be considered a very unfair difficultly into a life saving opportunity.

3. When you bring peace to your past, you can move forward to your future

One of the graces we receive in Jesus Christ is the forgiveness of our sins and forgetting of our pasts. This is essential because the past is like a stone tied to your body, it will slow you down. We are told of a woman in the bible known as Mary Magdalene. She was once a prostitute but received the forgiving love of Jesus Christ. This enabled her to make peace with herself and her past. Upon letting her past go, she served with Jesus and was among the first to see the risen Lord. Her future was embraced upon making peace with her past.

4. Pray always, move forward and believe God will make a way

We are instructed to pray without seizing because this is our link to God. Prayer has a calming effect and moves God on your behalf in your situation. Abraham and Sarah were well beyond in their years; their chances of having children were low to nonexistent. However, they continued to pray, give thanks and move forward. Abraham believed God will make a way and his faith was honored when he was blessed with a son.

5. Life goes on, keep moving forward with God

The one thing we are certain of in life is that it continues to move on regardless of our situation. Whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor, life does not stop. God as well does not stop working in our lives regardless of our circumstances. He has promised to never leave nor forsake you. This reassures us to keeping pushing forward and with God at our helm, to realize that your story ends in victory.


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Priorities and Reminders for a Rewarding Today

Your priorities and reminders for a rewarding today is a checklist that will help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling day to day life. When we live each day at a time, we are able to deal with issues and concentrate on what needs to be done at the moment. Here are some things to consider.

Forgive and Forget

This is a very hard thing to do especially when you have been deeply wounded. The essence of forgiving is you release yourself from resentment and bitterness. Do you want to always feel sad, bitter and angry towards the one who hurt you? Forgiving will let you release all the pain and make way for peace, restoration and immense joy. Sometimes, forgiving is not easy but pray to God to help you do it. Also when you remember how God forgives you anytime you have sinned, it will be easier to forgive others. Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer instructed us to forgive others so that we too may find the same forgiveness from God.

Pray for All Those Who Have Hurt Your Feelings

Jesus once asked, if you only do well to those who are good to you, how will they differentiate you from those who do not believe in God? We ought not revenge or wish bad things happen to our enemies. We should love our enemies and be good to them. If someone hurts your feelings, don’t hurt them back. Instead pray for them. God can change them into loving, kind and considerate people. You will feel better when you pray for them instead of retaliating.

Let Go of What You Cannot Control

There are situations in life that are way beyond our control. These include other people’s behaviors, calamities and illnesses. When you get stressed over something you cannot change, you only get unhappier and bitterness can start clipping into your heart. Is there anything too hard for God? Leave your burdens into His care, even those situations that seem out of control. He will work through them and ensure everything is okay once more.

Praise and Worship God in Spirit and in Truth

There is nothing that makes the power of God descend into our lives more than when we spend time in praise and worship. Give God the reverence and priority He deserves in your life. Take time every day away from your busy schedule to just worship God. This will add more peace and joy in your everyday life. Acknowledge Him in the morning when you wake up before doing anything else.

Count Your Blessings not Your Burdens

It is easy to wallow in pain and dissatisfaction especially in the world today. When you dwell on burdens, this sacks joy out of you. Is there something God has done for you lately? Has He been good to you? Why don’t you praise Him for that? Why don’t you focus on the blessings that surround you? You are alive and well, have a home and food on your table? These are enough blessings.

All this is not easy but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be able to live a life just like the one Jesus Christ lived here on earth. Pray to God for help each day to exercise these steps.


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You are the Custodian of Your Own Happiness

It is important to understand that whatever a human being portrays on the outside comes from within. Your attitude towards a particular situation, person or circumstance determines the kind of reaction you exhibit. Positive attitude brings out joy and happiness while a negative one causes anger, discontentment and disappointment. You have the power and ability to change your attitude towards everything in life and this result to a happy or a miserable life depending on what you choose. The Bible encourages the believers to count it joy even during the tough times of trials as endurance will result to increased faith. Job went through awful moment in his life but still found joy even in deepest pain. This is a teaching that you are the custodian of your own happiness and therefore you can still be happy even during the hardest moments of life by focusing on God and looking on the positive side of that particular situation.

Don’t allow the silly little things steal your joy.

It is obvious that the enemy comes to cause harm and since the beginning of times, Satan has been moving around trying to rob your joy. Every day, there are small things that happen and end up making you angry or even fall into sin. However, God has sent a helper who will always enable you realize the tricks of the devil and end up not falling into temptations. The Holy Spirit enables you to discern the evil and exempts you from it. Potiphar’s wife was used by the devil to cause Joseph fall into sin and steal his joy but the power of God was upon him and he overcame the temptations. This example encourages the believers today to rely on the help of the Holy Spirit so as not to allow the devil steal their joy.

Renew your mind daily with God’s Word.

The present day world is full of so many things that engage people’s mind in diverse ways. This calls for a daily renewal of all believers’ minds so as not to get conformed into the thing of the world and forget about their maker. The Word of God is the food to your soul and just like the physical body which cannot go without food, so is the soul. The soul requires daily nourishment through reading and studying God’s World. Reading the Bible also brings Glory to God as Ezra did and all people bowed down and worshiped God.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Knowledge about God comes with rejoicing and gladness resulting to renewed strength. When a person comes to God and accepts salvation, he/she becomes a new creation filled with joy and strength to overcome sin. Christians who truly know God and abide in His teachings experience extra ordinary joy. The children Israel had forgotten the ways of God and had fallen into sin causing them not to find joy even when they had completed building the wall. After they received the good news from the Bible about God’s love towards them, their joy was restored and their strength was renewed. Faith and the testimony that believers posses about the love of God is what gives them strength to keep on cultivating the salvation.

Don’t put your key to your joy in someone else’s pocket.

It is wise not to rely on others so as to experience happiness but rather trust upon the Lord for renewed strength. Additionally, it is important to acquire skills on how to approach situations with the right attitude and focus on the positive side of everything in order to lead a happy life. Studying the word of God on daily basis also ensures that you remain in sound mind and are able to differentiate good from bad and therefore end up not falling into temptations. Remember you are the custodian of your own happiness and following these guidelines will enable you remain in control.


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Relive and Rebuild Your Life from Deep Within

Each moment is a CHANCE to make things new. Relive and rebuild your life from deep within. True change must come from the inside not from the outside.

Rebuilding your life from within is a simple step by step process that will guarantee you lifelong happiness, peace with yourself and others. In the modern world, a lot of distractions are inevitable. These distractions can often consume your time to an extent that you ignore your inner self. The “inner man” in every Christian needs a lot of attention. A good start point on the road to rebuilding your life from within is to love yourself unconditionally.

Loving yourself boosts your overall self image and self esteem. The person who loves him/her self understands the meaning of unconditional love .You will reciprocate it to others if you have it within you. No matter the situation you have been in, however traumatizing you always have a second chance to pick your pieces and begin again. In rebuilding your life as a Christian there are many biblical teachings and promises you need to look up to which offer guidance and wisdom from a good Christian perspective.

1. The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

This is a great assurance for any believer. It is the joy of the lord that sustains us each day. When it enters our presence it becomes a pillar of faith. The mysteries of life can really break our joy since sometimes we cannot comprehend their meaning but joy is the highest attainment of life which comes as a result of Godly living. Joy is quite deeper than happiness, happiness is a fruit of prosperous conditions or favorable conditions but joy is independent of any circumstance. We need to embrace it in all situations.

2. Surround yourself with Christians and other believers of Jesus Christ

God uses friendship as a tool of sanctification. Christians should choose their company wisely because they can either bring you up or bring you down. If you come across people who encourage ungodly traits, they can easily lead you to sin and you should break away from such company in a wise discerning manner,Remember you become exactly like the people you spend most of your time with. Choose friends who not only encourage you and spiritually uplift you but those who rebuke you when you are wrong.

3. For Gods Glory, Forgive and Love your enemies

Forgiveness is inevitable. A person who doesn’t forgive carries the burden of pent up emotions. Our God is a God of Justice. Refusing to forgive doesn’t grant us any powers but enslaves us even more to sin. It’s a command from God and we should do it for His Glory.

4. Pray at all times

Prayer should be part of our lives .It’s an important way to build our relationship with Jesus Christ. The Christian life is more of a relationship with God than just rules and regulations to follow. Prayer helps us to overcome temptation and discern Gods will for us. It’s also a prerequisite for spiritual awakening and a great weapon of spiritual warfare. God values every minute we spend in prayer so Christians should pray without ceasing.

5. Always meditate and read the word of God

God always advances his purposes through His word. His will is contained in his word. The word inspires every prayer we make. The person who meditates and read the word of God becomes fruitful and delightful. We shall begin to truly understand the mysterious ways in which God works.


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15 Amazing Tips to Start Your Day Right

Mornings aren’t for everyone. I know I would prefer to lay in bed and continue snoozing rather than wake up at the crack of dawn and head off to work. But mornings are inevitable and can be the best part of my day. I know I’m off to a good start if I do any of these:

1. Take time to talk to God.

Starting off with a faithful date with God really helps me brace for what the day will bring. It helps me mentally and psychologically prepare for everything I have to do, which makes the day seem more approachable. And it works as a great reminder of how loved I am, which always helps the day go smoother.

Read Start Your Day with a Prayer Prayer = Power

2. Read God’s Word.

What’s a better way to remember God’s promises than to get a daily dose of them? Revisiting favorite passages helps you remember them, which, by meditation, helps you live them.

Read Everything Christians Need is in Reading and Meditating the Word of God

3. Get your feet moving.

Getting your blood pumping and heart racing, whether it’s through a few crunches or a jog, really helps to wake the body up — it does an even better job than coffee!

4. Break your fast.

Who doesn’t love breakfast food? Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Grab some pancakes or even just an apple before you head out the door.

5. Say cheese!

Even faking a smile will trick your brain into thinking you are happy. So chin up, buttercup! Show those pearly whites and release some great feeling endorphins!

6. Stay hopeful.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to get down in the dumps and focus on the negatives. By waking up every day with the hope and belief that today will be better than yesterday, you can make it possible.

7. Say “I love you.”

Spread the love. Whether it’s cleaning the dishes for someone else or giving a kiss as you leave for work, starting the day with love is a sure way to start the day out right.

8. Choose joy.

When that alarm clock goes off, joy seems to be the farthest thing away. But it doesn’t have to be! There’s so much to experience in life and so many opportunities in each given day. Remind yourself of all the possibilities. Pursuing joy starts first thing in the morning.

9. Be thankful.

The best kind of attitude is one of gratitude. Say your thank you’s to your mom, your spouse, your best friend, your dog, your neighbor, and, most importantly, your God.

10. Be strong.

Some days seem overwhelmingly stressful, busy, or downright unbearable. But with each day comes new strength. And that strength can be used to inspire others. Start your day off with that in mind and inspire others to do the same!

11. Honesty is the best policy.

That’s true in the morning and at night and at every part of the day. Start your day off with an honest mind and it will continue on through your day.

12. Humble yourself.

With each day’s challenges and frustrations, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the mentality that we are the best for the job and don’t make as many mistakes as others. Wake up each day and humble yourself. It will help you be more accepting of others’ faults as well as your own.

13. See the glass as half full.

Optimism is a guaranteed way to brighten your day! If you focus on changing your perspective on the smaller things, it will help you remain positive and uplifted if larger problems arise.

14. Giggle. Laugh. Chortle. Chuckle.

They all release serotonin and make you feel better all around. Even a fake laugh can help you feel better and more prepared to take on the day.

15. Forgive and forget.

People make mistakes. Don’t hold it to them. Start your day with a clean slate and an open mind and with forgiveness on your heart. Focus on forgiving and helping others – and yourself – learn from mistakes.

I notice a distinct difference when I start my day with any of these. It puts me in a much better mood that carries me through my incredibly busy day. I hope it does the same for you!


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Nothing is Impossible when You Believe in Your Dreams

Two young and vibrant men believed in the power of their dreams.

Google is simply defined as a public trading organization which is built more on the company’s most popular search engine. However, apart from the search engine, Google Company also runs internet analytics, advertisement technologies, cloud computing, browsers, web apps and other operating system development including various software.

Most of the profits that Google runs on are from the Google AdWords which is more of advertising service that operates online. It works from listing businesses as results that are derived from the Google search engine.

The Google Company was founded by two Ph.D. students: Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both from Stanford University in California. These two brilliant minds collaborated on a research page which resulted to the popular Google Search engine that is used all over the world at the moment. These two own only 14% of the Google shares and therefore they control about 56% of the voting power.

Being one of the people who benefit from the Google search engine and other services on a daily basis, there are a couple of life lessons that I have learnt over the years.

This article is going to cover the important 10 life lessons I learned from Google

1. I have learnt to live in the moment always. The future that every individual has is determined by their own efforts. The two Google founders simply made an effort to carry out a high quality research project which resulted to a bright future through the development of Google.

2. Avoid making any procrastination. Through Google, I have learnt to always follow my dreams and take action.

3. Hard work pays. The Google founders worked hard in their development and it has made them top the charts when it comes to online platforms and search engines.

4. Attention to detail is always important for one to succeed in life. The Google search engine always shows results of the specific key words listed and also gives extra options to choose from. This has seen it to reach the most preferred search engine due to its accuracy in online search.

5. Never be afraid to try something new. Google started by simply being a search engine but with time, the company has developed various software, applications and other services which have all led to its success.

6. Through Google, I have been able to look at the bigger picture in life, focusing more on getting perspective in life not dwelling on various setbacks that happen once in a while.

7. I have learnt to trust my intuition on every other decision in life. The gut never misdirects anyone. It just like a result on a certain keyword which usually is specific basing on the search.

8. I have learnt to focus on expands as it is the only way that one is bound to succeed and get bigger in life.

9. I have learnt through Google that my destiny is in my own hands and not determined by past circumstances or origins.

10. Finally, I have learnt through Google that I can never please everyone so I never even try.

Google is a very advantageous development that I cannot live without since it aids my every day activities. This is through Google mails, Google store, Google Search and other software.


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When Life is Hard may You Always Remain Undefeated

When Life is Hard may You Always Remain Undefeated

Life can be pretty rough sometimes. We cry, we complain, we give up. Too often, we forget the value of the storm, the hurricane, the fire. We forgot how we need them if we are to be the best versions of ourselves.

You see, the most beautiful things on Earth are often the ones that undergo the most difficulties. Talk about butterflies, diamonds, and you.

Everyone is pretty aware of how butterflies change from caterpillars, to cocoons, to lovely winged creatures that are always a sight to behold. Now, this is where things get interesting.

when life is hard may you always remain undefeated

Notice how butterflies seem to struggle for hours to get out of their cocoons and emerge in their final forms. These animals need to undergo their natural struggle of coming out of their cocoons to survive.

Otherwise, if you try to help them even a little by clipping off a part of their cocoon, they wouldn’t have undergone the natural processes they needed to survive in the outside world. The result? They’d come out deformed, weakened, or dead.

One of the most important process of which is the formation of their wings wherein the fluid necessary to complete the process comes from the cocoon itself.

The point? You must allow things to happen, no matter how difficult it may seem, according to their time and cycle with great patience and perseverance.

Consider diamonds that take approximately 1-3 billion years to form within the earth’s mantle. Oh, and did I mention how tremendously high the temperature and pressure is in the Earth’s mantle?

You only need to see the inside of the volcano to know.

Millions of people go crazy over diamonds without knowing how much it took to make diamonds truly beautiful – and truly hard.

In fact, people get to access diamonds because volcanoes, which you can imagine as deep holes in the earth’s crusts all the way from the mantle, spew them up whenever they erupt.

Not just any kind of eruption nor any kind of volcano, mind you. It has to be a very deep-seated volcano and a very violent eruption – such eruptions are rare. So rare that modern man has yet to witness such an eruption.

Imagine if you tried to interrupt the billion-year formation, of course you couldn’t but pretending you could, of diamonds. Do you think it will be as magnificent as it would be if left to form naturally? Of course not. It wouldn’t even be considered a diamond in the first place!
And then there’s you.

Do you have any idea how much difficulty you had to endure just to be where you are right now? There mere fact that you, a single sperm out of millions of others, happened to be the “The” one to fertilize the egg is a great testimony to the fact that you were always meant for greatness.

Don’t get me started on all difficulties the sperm has to undergo just to be able to fertilize the egg cell to become you. Oh, and I haven’t mentioned what the fertilized egg has to go through after.

The summary? You have beaten the odds. You made it! Never let failures discourage you. Because you may fail a thousand times, but you can rise a thousand times over.

Humbly and courageously, may you always remain undefeated.


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Your Success Depends On How You Bear Your Struggles in Life

Your Success Depends On How You Bear Your Struggles in Life

Sometimes in your daily life, you are faced with a lot of struggle. Your life comes at a crossroad, and you tend to think that that is the end.

You forget that God has a much wider vision for you. The struggle is just a small bend.

God allows giants to cross your path so that the David in you will rise up . The way that God hides from you is usually the best.

All you have to do is wake up and move on. The road will soon get smooth; and after stopping for a rest, God finally takes you where he wants you to be.

Your strength grows after struggling. Your success depends on how you bear your struggles in life.

So relax and grow stronger. Embrace your hardships to defeat your struggles; they are a path to grow both individually and also professionally.

Always keep in mind that it’s just a bend and believe in a better tomorrow. This is when you will discover the greatest potential that lies within you.

Every successful person has had his/her struggles in life. The only difference is that they turned their experiences into priceless lessons to face life.

A struggle is a golden key that leads to success in life. It also brings you closer to your God in heaven.

Bends in your life are among the greatest blessings you receive from God. They make you Godlike, patient and sensitive.

From struggle, you learn that although the world comes with a lot of suffering, it is also filled with the ultimate overcoming. Always be thankful for the hard times; they are there to make you stronger.

When you struggle, you learn to survive. You develop an inspiration that leads you to get things done.

It is your faith and hope that helps you survive when struggling to achieve even the unexpected. Always simplify the bends in life to get rid of them from the root.

Always remember that great walls at times shake but rarely collapse. Be strong to survive even the toughest situations.

Success comes with a beautiful view. Whenever you feel like giving up, just pause and think of the look at the top; too good to give up on.

Never give up. God always has a reason for your struggle and an ultimate gift for your faith in him.

Never allow your struggle to become your identity. Even if it hurts, remain strong and fight it.

Always put on a smile no matter what you are going through. It is a sign and a source of strength and hope for better days.

Learn to dance in the rain. For if you relax and wait for the storm to pass, am afraid you might wait forever.

Your sweet stories of tomorrow develop from your struggle today. Always remember that the seed of your tomorrow’s success grows from your current failure.

A storm never lasts for decades. Your season is about to change.

Stand in faith even in the hardest times. Believe in our father in heaven and at his own time, he will come to your rescue.

You were born with a purpose. You are not a mess.

People and called brave for trying and being strong. Start this day to believe that you are a conqueror!


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Allow Failures to Redirect Your Focus

Allow Failures to Redirect Your Focus

First and foremost, let us define what failure is. According to Mr. Webster, the term “failure” is an “omission of occurrence or performance” and that it is “a failing to perform a duty or expected action”.

What is usually your perception of failure? Is it your inability to perform well or is it your non-performance? Could it be your non-generation of action?

If you can dissect the meaning of failure from the meaning that Mr. Webster gave, failure is actually not as we perceive it to be. If you are performing, per se, but just not “well”, there still is a performance done, it is just NOT “well done”.

So generally speaking, doing it, but just NOT “well done” isn’t even failure. It is your set standards that makes your not “well done” performance as a failure. So yes, if there is an actual occurrence or performance, it should never be considered as a failure. However, if you look at it grammatically, it may actually be.

What your focus should be is on your “perceived” failure. How do you define your failures? And more than that, your focus should be on how you allow failures to redirect your focus.

So how do you do that? How do you allow failures to redirect your focus? Here’s some tips.

  1. As Bill Cosby said, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. It is not if you failed and how much of a failure you are, but what you can do after, to make you succeed.

  2. You must accept that failure is major part of success. Your failure does not define you as a failure but that failure can define your success. You learn from whatever mistakes you have done in the past. For how can you know you have succeeded if you do not know how failure feels?
  3. Turn your failures into something positive. Make it your habit to focus on what good things came out from your failure, and focus on that. It may be that you fail to close a big deal, or failed to engage in something that was a directive. Look at these as missed opportunities and try to envision what you should have done otherwise. Again, make this a learning experience, so that next time, you know how to navigate when faced with the same situation.

No matter how compelling it is to just plunge in and bask in your woes and sorrows for being a perceived failure, you just have to look at things as a “work in progress”. Even you are a work in progress. That failure is an integral part to your success and that without it, you will not taste the sweetness of your success.

It is in dwelling more on how you can create an opportunity, for learning from past mistakes and steering your direction from sulking on your failures, to being motivated by these same failures into being more prepared, more fixated and more determined in achieving your ultimate goal — SUCCESS.


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Wholesome Lifestyle to a Better Life Today

Wholesome Lifestyle to a Better Life Today

There are a lot of guides and self-help books and blogs that teaches you how to live life to the fullest and how to live a better lifestyle. So this is a shorter version, a combination of the two, an easier to follow guide to living a better, wholesome lifestyle. .

1. Wake up before sunrise.

Ever heard the song “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey..” ? That ain’t for your lovey there alone. It can actually mean you loving the sun shining through each day!

When you wake up before the sun rises, there’s this feeling of waiting for the beautiful colors to appear in the skies. It’s a hope for a new beginning. It enlivens your inner feeling of joy and happiness and anticipation for a very bright sunshiny day. Not to forget, of course, that when you wake up early in the morning, you are already getting a head start on your day. It gives you time to do all the things you keep on skipping every time you wake up late, including but not limited to preparing a homemade breakfast meal, shaving, washing your hair, and drinking coffee while reading the newspaper. And it also induces you to sleep earlier, giving you a chance to sleep through the recommended 8 hours. Thus, sleeping early at night and getting a full night’s sleep, does wake you earlier the next morning. It’s just a cycle. Moreover, rushing to work or school will also be unlikely. Waking up early in the morning, will give you enough time to do the tasks on this list.

2. Pray and talk to God.

It’s actually a nice feeling to start your day right. And what better way that is than by starting your day with a prayer. It makes you grounded. It helps you refocus on things. It gives you the strength you need to go through your day. Daily prayer will help you with your priorities. This is especially true if you also read the Scripture along with doing devotions. Early morning quiet time is the most peaceful session. This is also a way to thank Him for the good night’s sleep and for a new day ahead. Also, you can offer this day to him, and ask Him to guide and guard you throughout your day and that whatever you do today will be for His greater glory.

3. Exercise for an hour.

Working out your body early in the morning is scientifically proven to help jolt your system. It is also proven to give the much needed extra energy throughout the day. Moreover, that’s one less task to check off the things to do at the end of your workday. Mere jogging and yoga can do heaps of good things to your body and keep it energized.

4. Don’t skip breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The human body needs to eat every 3-4 hours. If you sleep 6-8 hours each night and you skip your morning meal, your body is being deprived of its regular energy reserve. How do you think you are supposed to function if you didn’t charge your battery?

5. Drink 2 glasses of water 5 times a day

We have been taught to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day since we were kids. This is because it’s the amount of water needed to keep our body hydrated and aids to flush out toxins from the body. It may be hard for some to follow this guideline so a good tip is to just drink at least 2 glasses per meal time, including the snacks in between meals.

If you do not like the taste and feel of tepid water, an ice cold water may do the trick. Or, if you prefer soda and juice since you like tasty beverages, you should try putting slices of lime or lemon into your water. It’ll be refreshing without the effects of too much sugar.

6. Get off the internet and social media.

Social media is supposed to be a medium of socialization thus the name. However, it is currently one of the top reasons for negativity in our lives. It had made some of us into jealous monsters whose only goal is to compete with others on being the one with the most ideal lifestyle. Social media also takes a lot of productive time. It is the main cause of procrastination. Unless your main line of work is using the internet, turn it off.

7. No junk food.

There is no need to tell you how bad junk foods are for the body as it is aptly named. Yes, we all love junk food. However, if your goal is to live the best life you can, sacrifices must be made.
Alternatively, you can always just choose the lesser evil. Find snacks that may not be that healthy, but would be a better choice than junk food. You can also try finding organic and healthier versions of your favorite snacks.

8. Drink a cup of green tea.

Drinking green tea helps your body lose unwanted fat. It is also a good alternative to coffee for your daily morning wake-me-up-per. Green tea has a very high anti-oxidant property that is good for the skin. You see why Chinese and Koreans have very beautiful skin? Drinking Green Tea is part of their daily after meal habit. It actually costs less than going to a dermatologist.

9. Use the stairs not the elevator

This is actually a very good form of exercise. You can do this at lunch, going down to purchase or eat lunch and after work. You can skip the stairs after you’ve eaten lunch, as doing so might do more harm than good.

10. Call up an old friend.

Or call up mom! Calling mom, benefits both ways. Mom will have less stress thinking how your day was, and will give you the benefit of venting out without fear of being judged (Disclaimer: you might just have to take down a few notes after!)

If wanting to talk to a friend is the case, then continue with the call up an old friend. Calling an old friend, is basically same as calling mom, but without the mandatory take-down-notes after.
What I do mean by old? Besides calling a friend you’ve had for as long as you can remember, the one you may have had a falling out with, you can also, call a friend that is relatively older than you. A friend your age is your buddy, your accomplice. An old friend may be able to give more insights and thus relieve you from the stresses of the day. But still, I would recommend mom. Release your stress, banter all you want, who knows, you might end up getting a free movie ticket to take away all those blues.

This is only a mere guide to help you get through your everyday. What’s important is for you to choose the best for yourself. You must learn to make good decisions and take care of yourself and your happiness so you can live a better life.


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