God will make a Way when there seems to be No Way

As it is written in the Bible that there is time for everything so it is in human life. There are good times as well as challenging moments for every human being. Sometimes the difficult times are so hard and seem to last longer and may put one down. However, for Christian believers, this is an opportunity to have renewed strength since God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Faith in God

The complete trust that God is the only source of help and strength is what may be defined as faith in God. Christians get to have faith through reading the word of God and a continuous study of this Word strengthens one’s faith. One believer’s faith can be used to strengthen others as witnessed in the life of a centurion whose faith in Jesus Christ healed his servant even without physically seeing him.

Hope in God

Hope in God is the ability to completely surrender one’s life to God knowing that He will take care of everything that one is concerned about. A complete reliance in God gives one an opportunity to love and take care of others since all personal needs are left in the able hands of God. Hope brings glory to God as believers serve one another without putting themselves first and therefore manifests the love of God to humankind.

God Will Make a Way

There are tough moments in human life when everything seems not to work and one wonders where to turn to. During these times God’s power which is above any other is experienced in the lives of those who believe. Hope and faith enables one to patiently wait upon the Lord even when times are hard and at the end victory is realized for the light shines and darkness disappears.

You Can Do All Things through Christ

It is through the strength given to those who believe in Christ that everything becomes possible. For example, when Paul was facing temptations and even saw death coming closer, he was able to move on since he was encouraged that everything was possible through Christ who was on his side. Believers ought to pursue great things in life since the strength that is received from Jesus Christ will enable them to do even what seem impossible in the eyes of men.

God’s Presence Is Heaven in your Heart

When you open up your heart to receive Christ, everything becomes beautiful and a little heaven is created in your heart. This means that life becomes enjoyable, full of peace, love and satisfaction. The only way to experience the true meaning of life and be sure to see Jesus in His second coming is to allow Him to have His way in your heart and confess that He is Lord.

Nothing is Impossible with God

In conclusion, it is important to understand that nothing is impossible with God. There are many things that seemed impossible to men but God manifested His power through them, such us Lazarus coming back to life. In the Bible we also see God saving Daniel from the lion’s den and also Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were not consumed by fire. These examples show that when we fully trust in God, there is nothing that we cannot achieve and there is no danger that He cannot save us from.


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Let Your Greatest Pain Develop into Your Greatest Strength

Ever wondered what pain is? Pain is a distressed feeling caused by damaging stimuli. I want to talk about the pain associated with feelings and emotions. It is that kind of pain when you suffer a loss or grief out of something or someone. This pain and the feeling is inevitable. When you experience such kind of agony, the feeling is sometimes unbearable and you often find yourself trapped in the depth of it all. It is hard to divert the attention from it but did you know you can let your greatest pain develop into your greatest strength? All you need is a little courage and motivation.

There is Strength in Every Struggle

Whenever you experience emotional pain, there is always a strong urge, a strong feeling that attracts you in its power. Fear not though for with a little act of courage, you can control that power and turn it into your strength. Now the question here is, how can you overcome your struggles? The answer is very simple; you just have to trust in God. You have to draw the strength from offering prayers to God as him only will give you strength to bear that pain. You must pray for the strength and peace mind to not only overcome but withstand it. Once you are be able to trust and believe in God, you will find your true strength in every struggle you face.

Prayer is the key

You should also try and make prayers part of your usual routine. Only through this will you find the inner peace within yourself. The prayers will serve as the only key for unlocking the inner strength needed in overcoming pain and suffering. They will not only give you the strength to fight but also the strength to overcome and strength to develop your pain into your strongest power and energy.

God Makes You Strong

Sometimes you also wonder why you were given that suffering, why not someone else? The answer is simple. God wants you to become strong. He chose you as the sufferer because he wanted to test your commitment to overcome those challenges. He wanted to show you that you are actually stronger than you think. God doesn’t give you pain and sufferings if He thinks you are weak and not ready to accept them. On the contrary, He only gives that much of pain because He needs to use you as a testimony that pain can be conquered. There is no any concept in life without pain. If there would not have been pain in the world, then you would not have understood the true concept of happiness and ultimately, you would not have recognized God.

God is in Full Control

Every happiness is borne of pain and with every pain springs is happiness – they are that intertwined. You just have to look tough and try to look at the bright side of your suffering. With the blessings of God lies your true strength and with his will lies your true glory. Without him, you are nothing. God has the control of this entire universe and he has the power to do and undo every happening, including your suffering that may now appear insurmountable. With your trust in him all the time, you can have the satisfaction and his endless generosity. You can have your greatest pain turned into your greatest strength – just have faith in God and believe it is possible and it will happen.


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Why do Children of God must Tune Out from Distractions and Tune In to God

Children of God, by faith, are assured of God’s power and mercy to work on their day to day living. Christians live by faith. Christians are full of hope that God will make all things new to give glory and honor to God. But Christians are not exempted from the troubles and challenges of life. In these times, children of God must draw near to God. Why do children of God must tune out from distractions and tune in to God? Read on.

God promises His presence

No matter what happens in the course of a day, He is with the Christians. As true Christians, we should always turn away from all forms of destruction and understand that each Christian is never alone. Why, then, should I be afraid or anxious? Basically, we have the privilege of serving God our creator at all times because he is always wherever we are. Staunch Christians serve their Lord wherever they are irrespective of the time or situation they are in. The presence of Almighty Lord is everywhere and all people have reasons to tune out from distraction and tune in God.

God promises to give Christians wisdom and knowledge

When we face circumstances that baffle us, we can ask Him for insight, and He will answer. It is true that the believers get wisdom from God whenever they ask .The wisdom enables them to overcome day to day challenges that they normally face on earth. There for we should tune out from distractions and tune in to God. Categorically any person has the opportunity to ask for this wisdom from the Lord our creator. Christians all over the world should be dedicated to God and always ask for wisdom for them to lead a good life in the society.

God promises victory

All Christians belong to Him; this means that in the case of any battle or persecution he is on our side. The victory comes to Christians because God does not allow his people to suffer beyond their control. Some of the challenges that might need for a Christian to ask for victory include facing the fear of rejection in the society, being persecuted by the people in power, Christians being brutally killed in the society and many others .God promised us victory and therefore no one can stand against us. Therefore we should instead rejoice and feel blessed when such challenges face us.

God promises to turn negative situations into something good

Whenever a bad omen or an accident happens to the Christians they should not feel so much rejected in the society or lonely. God is there for us and according to his promises the situation is expected to get back to its normal state and for good turn to be positive. No Christian should ever fear or experience hardship God specializes in transforming the bad into beauty, the sad into splendor. What a loving God, very caring indeed. Then why shouldn’t we tune out from distractions and tune in to God?

God promises joy

Most followers of Christ know that there is a joy if one follows his teaching by truth and spirit. Many instances and situations might happen to people such as mass killing, fatal accidents, and some natural calamities such as earthquakes floods among others. These might be hazardous situations but even if they strike Christians they should never ever worry .Why? The Lord our God promises us that there is joy in Him. Christians are happy because sorrow may last for a night and joy comes in the morning. Therefore we ought to have no fear or any kind of tension simply because there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


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Nothing is Impossible when You Believe in Your Dreams

Two young and vibrant men believed in the power of their dreams.

Google is simply defined as a public trading organization which is built more on the company’s most popular search engine. However, apart from the search engine, Google Company also runs internet analytics, advertisement technologies, cloud computing, browsers, web apps and other operating system development including various software.

Most of the profits that Google runs on are from the Google AdWords which is more of advertising service that operates online. It works from listing businesses as results that are derived from the Google search engine.

The Google Company was founded by two Ph.D. students: Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both from Stanford University in California. These two brilliant minds collaborated on a research page which resulted to the popular Google Search engine that is used all over the world at the moment. These two own only 14% of the Google shares and therefore they control about 56% of the voting power.

Being one of the people who benefit from the Google search engine and other services on a daily basis, there are a couple of life lessons that I have learnt over the years.

This article is going to cover the important 10 life lessons I learned from Google

1. I have learnt to live in the moment always. The future that every individual has is determined by their own efforts. The two Google founders simply made an effort to carry out a high quality research project which resulted to a bright future through the development of Google.

2. Avoid making any procrastination. Through Google, I have learnt to always follow my dreams and take action.

3. Hard work pays. The Google founders worked hard in their development and it has made them top the charts when it comes to online platforms and search engines.

4. Attention to detail is always important for one to succeed in life. The Google search engine always shows results of the specific key words listed and also gives extra options to choose from. This has seen it to reach the most preferred search engine due to its accuracy in online search.

5. Never be afraid to try something new. Google started by simply being a search engine but with time, the company has developed various software, applications and other services which have all led to its success.

6. Through Google, I have been able to look at the bigger picture in life, focusing more on getting perspective in life not dwelling on various setbacks that happen once in a while.

7. I have learnt to trust my intuition on every other decision in life. The gut never misdirects anyone. It just like a result on a certain keyword which usually is specific basing on the search.

8. I have learnt to focus on expands as it is the only way that one is bound to succeed and get bigger in life.

9. I have learnt through Google that my destiny is in my own hands and not determined by past circumstances or origins.

10. Finally, I have learnt through Google that I can never please everyone so I never even try.

Google is a very advantageous development that I cannot live without since it aids my every day activities. This is through Google mails, Google store, Google Search and other software.


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Easter Sunday Message 2016

Today is March 27, 2016, Easter Sunday, a day of celebration and victory for all who believe Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Easter Sunday 2016 reminds us Christians that there is Victory over death.

Jesus our Lord had conquered death. He is alive and dwells among us.

Christ died for our sins on the cross. Through his death, we, as his children received forgiveness of sins. Good thing is that after his death, he rose again, and he is seated at the right hand of God, waiting for the judgment day. Through his resurrection, Jesus gave us hope, strengthened our faith, showed that he loved us and saved our souls; this is why we are celebrating his victory. As Christians, we should understand the following inspirational message for Easter as aspects for nourishment of our salvation.

Faith in Jesus alone leads us to heaven. A Christian’s way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. In John 14:6, he clearly states that there is no one who will make to the father without going through him. He is the only way, the life and the truth. He therefore forms our faith, with that, if a Christian wants to see heaven, he should first embrace Jesus. He was chosen by God to be our savior, according to 1st Peter 2:4. Moreover, since he came and returned to heaven as is John 3:13, we should incline our faith to him, so that we can as well go to heaven. One thing Christians should understand is that, he went to heaven to prepare a dwelling for us, therefore, the only way to get there, is through him and by him.

Jesus is our only hope. Our blessed hope is that Jesus will come again to bring us to heaven, the believers’ home. Jesus is our Hope. On such a day, he obeyed death and was buried, only to resurrect as a victor, and gave us the keys to heaven and eternal life. This is according to Mathew 16:19, by this scripture, we are assured that he gave use the keys to bind and lose. More to this, Mathew 24:36 assures us that Jesus will come back even though no one knows the day and the hour, except our God the Father. First Thessalonians 4:16, explains that on that day, Jesus will descend to us with a loud command. Just to take us to him, and to the father. Well, our hope is in Jesus, we know even if we are suffering on this world; he will one day take us with him to heaven, a place where we will live worshiping God happily and eternally.

The Lord Jesus’ crucifixion is His greatest revelation of His love. This love came from the father, through our Lord Jesus Christ. John 3:16, states very well that it is through the love that God had for us, that he sent his Son to save us. Yes, God and Jesus loved us, and that is why, he preferred to die on the cross for us. Our God loves you and me. Our God is a God of Love. God is love.

Salvation of the Souls
Jesus saves. Only Jesus can save our souls and through Him, we can have eternal life. The only savior to our souls is Jesus Christ. Through him, we received salvation, and through him, we are assured of the eternal life. God is able to destroy the soul and the body in hell. In addition, if he can destroy the two, he can as well save them. Since he sent his Son to die for us, he was ensuring our souls would be saved. Therefore, he saved our souls through his Son. Once you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, your soul will be saved forever. How happy is that! Accept him and live forever more.

Jesus’ death brought salvation to us, gave us a reason to believe in him, which is faith. He showed he loved us, ooh yes; Easter is a special and a divine holiday for us! Happy Easter! God loves you. God bless you always.

May you find faith, joy, hope, peace, love and inspiration in this article – Easter Sunday Message 2016.

You are now blessed.