Staying Content and Finding Peace in Your Life despite Your Circumstances

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether there is more to life than constant struggle and strife? Do you look at other people, those with riches and influence and think that maybe if you had a little of what they had you would be at peace with yourself? There is more to life and the emptiness we feel has nothing to do with our riches or possessions but with the need to fulfill a purpose and until we know what the purpose is and how to fulfill it, contentment will always evade us.

Be contented

Let’s look at what the word “contentment” means: it means to be satisfied with what is and not feeling lack because of what isn’t. That definition is a bit altruistic and not really one that the dictionary provides but it’s the simplest way to put it. When you are satisfied with what is, you yearn for nothing else outside of what is you already have fulfills you. Socrates might have come up with the saying “A contented heart is a calm sea in the midst of a raging storm,” however, the bible is filled with teachings about joy, happiness, and contentment. A lot of Christians fail to see this because they cannot see past the hard situations in their lives. Even though we are born again and have accepted Christ as our personal Lord and Savior we do not give in to his will and let him take over. Worldliness and Doubt are our biggest problems.

Be still

Why worldliness? Because we still measure ourselves with the same yardstick that the rest of the world uses. Doubt? Because we second-guess what the Word of God says about the path we should be following. The story of Jesus stilling the storm is one that is popular in the bible but people miss a certain crucial point, that even as the storm raged and the disciples were screaming for their lives Christ was sleeping peacefully. The disciples were afraid, but if they had an ounce of faith, they too could have found peace in that raging storm instead, they panicked. Jesus only woke up and commanded the storm to be still. He chided them for being afraid and asked if they had no faith. Perhaps if they were more like Jesus, they would have found the peace to sleep soundly in that raging storm with the unshakable knowledge that they would not perish.

Never worry

Worrying, spending sleepless nights thinking about the problems we have means that we do not trust that God is listening and that as quickly as the storm ceased for Jesus and his disciples on the boat, it can cease in your life. True contentment, the kind that gives you deep peace, can only be attained when we are in good standing with God. Having God and striving to be more like Jesus Christ causes all temporal needs to fade. Contentment does not come when you get what you desire, it comes with the realization that what you are and what you already have is enough.

Trust in God always

When we are detached from worldly riches and take Christ’s own words as written in Matthew 6:25-26 and recognize our value, we may learn that seeking Jesus Christ and trusting God provides us with all that we need and more.


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