The world offers so many courses during and after school. The purpose is to help the world become a much better place and to end all of people's problems completely. Earthly knowledge may have improved our way of life as Christians but it definitely hasn't ended our problems. As a Christian, you carry the most important diploma or degree or masters. The Christ in you knows everything and He can help you throughout your life on earth. Let people in this world laugh at and isolate you for following Jesus. Always remember the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. And this isn't physical knowledge only. You get to gain knowledge of the spiritual world as well. Jesus fills you with His knowledge in the following ways: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge

He speaks to you

Jesus speaks. When you're at a crossroads in life or when you're defeated by your situation, He sees from heaven above and takes over. He can choose to reach you through a still small voice, His Word or a friend. The solution He'll give may be simple but it's unique, one that you won't get from any of the best schools on this earth. Jesus' main aim isn't to boast to the unbelievers. He tries to show them how enjoyable life can be when He's the King of their lives. You'll receive knowledge on how to deal with any problem you come across.

He guides you

In most situations, guidance is more appropriate. For example, when unbelievers go partying at the disco or satisfy every desire of their flesh due to lack of spiritual knowledge, you have the advantage of knowing the risks involved and the ultimate destination after death. The Lord guides you to do what is right for your own good. You may be laughed at for being a virgin or isolated for not doing drugs but just hold on. Doing good is the best thing you'll ever do. You'll see very soon that Christ's guidance is the best gift you'll ever get. He'll help you control your flesh.

He satisfies you

Many Christians die when they're very poor. They know about the great reward they'll receive in heaven. This is what motivates us to persevere the pain we go through in this world. True riches aren't found here on earth. If you're a Christian and you're wealthy, there's nothing wrong with that. It's an extra blessing from God. The point is you live a more fulfilled life when Jesus has satisfied you with the Good News that ordinary people cannot understand because they don't have the knowledge from above. Don't mind looking ridiculous before people as you help out the needy. You have a great reward waiting for you.

He protects you

The best way to gain knowledge from Jesus is through experiencing His protection. He has the power to save you from all of your problems and to keep you safe from the attacks of the enemy. When you become a Christian, you've signed a form of enmity with the devil. He'll try everything to destroy you. Jesus sees through all his plans and will protect you from any harm. You'll know that Jesus is mightier than any force of darkness and as His friend, you don't have to fear anything or anyone. Live your life knowing that His hand of protection is upon you.

Godly knowledge is more beneficial to us Christians than earthly knowledge. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Learn all you can on earth but rely on Jesus' knowledge. You'll see how valuable it is in your daily life. It's all you need.


Billy and Paulo are traveling in Paulo’s car when it starts raining at noon. Billy is saved, Paulo isn’t. Billy looks out of his side of the window.

“I thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing,” he says while admiring the falling rain. Paulo scoffs.
“I think it’s a bother. Look at how it’s making the road muddy. It’s just what we need. If God cares, why does He do this to us? We might crash.” He shares moodily. Billy studies him for a while. Suddenly, he notices how the rain is washing and cleaning the windshield.

“Have you ever thought about how merciful God is?” He asks his friend.

“If He were merciful, the road would have been clear. Anything can happen to us,” Paulo replies. Billy smiles.

“Paulo, God has taken care of us ever since we began this journey. Nothing will happen to us as long as He’s with us,” he says, then pauses and directs Paulo’s attention to the windshield. “That’s the perfect illustration of God’s mercifulness to us,” he adds.

“You lost me, man. What do you mean?” Paulo asks.

“Notice how the rain is cleaning the windshield. That’s a clear illustration of God washing our lives clean every time we sin against Him, and He doesn’t give up on us. Even though the rain slides down the windshield, more comes and continues cleaning it. It represents God’s grace to us sinners. He forgives us without any limits.” Billy explains. Paulo becomes thoughtful.

“Why doesn’t He just punish us when we sin?” He asks.

“He knows we’re naturally sinful. He put all our sins; past, present, and future, on His Son Jesus Christ. He forgives us because His Son has paid the price for our sins.” Billy explains. Paulo breathes out sharply.

“Honestly, I’ve never believed in God. You and many other Christians say He loves you yet you go through so much pain. Where’s the love there?” He asks.

“Hardship is a part of life. We do suffer, but God is with us and gives us the strength to endure. Even when we sin, He forgives us and gives us another chance.” Billy says gently. Paulo looks uncomfortable. He slows down his car.

“Can He forgive someone like me?” He asks.

Billy’s heart warms up. He smiles broadly. “Of course He can, man. The windshield is your life, stained with so much sin, the rain is His forgiveness, that cleanses you and the rainbow is the hope, joy, peace, and strength He restores to your life when He saves you. In order to see the rainbow you must endure some rain.” He explains in a loving manner.

Paulo laughs briefly. “It’s hard to think you’re a sinner. You know so much about this God,” he says.

Billy laughs. “I’m a product of grace. I’m not perfect. I get my strength from the fact that God loves me. Just as a rainbow appears after a downpour, after enduring forgiveness, we will see the love, joy, hope, and peace in our lives.” He informs him.

“I want to be a believer!” Paulo says quietly.

Billy pats him on the back gently with a smile. “That’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Let me pray for you.” Paulo stops the car, and the two friends pray. Paulo lightens up and thanks his friend for leading him to the light. Billy silently thanks God for providing that opportunity to Paulo. Their friendship grows stronger and their journey continues.


Amazing Mathematics of a Real Christian Life

It is the purpose of the Father that all people be saved and lead Christian lives that give glory and honor to God. Although this may not be easy to understand or put into practice, a simple equation can illustrate what we can refer to as the amazing mathematics of a real Christian life.

A. Add Jesus to your life

The first and most fundamental principle of a real Christian life is to put Jesus Christ at the center of your life. To add Jesus’ means to accept him as your personal Lord and Savior, in so doing be redeemed and saved. An example of this could be Paul the apostle, once a persecutor of Christians. He gave his life to Christ and become saved.

B. Subtract all your fears and worries

Fear is the enemy of faith and the two cannot be experienced together from a Christian life point of view. Just as darkness cannot exist with light, removing fear and worries leaves only room for the light of hope which is received from God. A strong example of victory in the face of fear is the battle between David and Goliath. David knew who his God was thus was not afraid because the victory was already his.

C. Divide all your blessings with others

All wealth and blessings come from God. He gives freely to those who love and obey him. A third principle of a Christian life is to divide your blessings with others and in so doing become a vessel of which God has used. Abraham was one such willing giver; he was tested to give his greatest blessing, his son. Upon passing the test, God told him to spare his son and in return showered him with blessings and made him father of many nations.

D. Multiply your good deeds

In this day and age, being a person of good deeds is not easy. However, to live a real Christian life, one must not only do good deeds but increase the amount of good services performed. This is what a Christian needs to aspire to be. A woman praised in the Bible for her good deeds was Dorcas. She was singled out for being someone who constantly looked to do good and excelled at it.

E. Equals a wonderful Christian life

By adding Jesus to your life and making him your Savior, removing fear/worries and replacing them with Faith. Dividing your blessings with others and allowing yourself to be a blessing from God. Multiplying your good deeds as this is what a Christian life should BE. The result equals a fulfilled, happy and wonderful Christian life. This following the instruction to be Christ-like.

Life does not come with a manual but God provided us with his life manual which is the Bible. Reflect on it and with the above broken down formula, the mathematics of a real Christian life become easier to understand and follow.


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Complete Forgiveness is the Best Gift for You

We have all heard it a million times, you have to forgive and forget. But is this always the case? When somebody hurts you, do you want to forgive that fellow? Forgiving sometimes seems almost impossible, right? The most powerful thing that you can do for your spirituality and physiology is forgiveness. Complete forgiveness is the best gift for you. Here are five reasons why we should forgive and forget.

1. Forgiveness is a Gift to Oneself

Forgiveness is a gift. This is the best gift you can give to yourself. When you forgive, you release the feeling of guilt, pain and anger. To forgive yourself is to set yourself free.

2. Forgiveness Means You are Strong

The weak can’t forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. You must forgive on purpose simply because it’s your strength. When you find it so difficult to forgive, it only shows your weakness. When you totally forgive, you receive in your mind and heart complete peace and joy.

3. You Find Peace When You Forgive

God forgives all our sins. As a follower of our Lord, we, Christians, must also readily and openly forgive those who have hurt us. Learning to completely forgive takes prayer and time. When you sow the seeds of forgiveness in your heart, you’ll reap a harvest of love, joy and total peace.

4. Forgiving and Forgetting Lets You Focus On Your Goals

When your eyes are taken off your goal, obstacles are the frightful things you see. When you don’t forgive and forget, you start to focus on how you can bring harm to someone else. You’ll be much happier in the long run if you focus on bringing good for yourself than if you focus on bringing pain to others.

5. When We Forgive, We are Forgiven

We are given as we give in this world. And we are forgiven as we forgive. While we go our way through each lovely day, we create our future as we live. In life, you get what you give, and you reap what you sow. Since we are all humans, we are all bound to make mistakes. The more we forgive people for their mistakes, the more we will be forgiven by others when we make mistakes.

Let’s forgive and forget and we will all be forgiven.


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Easter Sunday Message of Purpose, Peace and Power

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is alive. Hallelujah!

Easter Sunday is a day of Victory. A day to celebrate and be filled with divine joy.

This article is about the easter sunday message of purpose peace and power.

About two centuries ago, a ‘man’ was born. He had no stately form, majesty or beauty that we would be attracted to. As a young plant, like a root out of dry ground, He grew up before him. He was forsaken and despised, afflicted and oppressed. Like a lamb led to slaughter, He did not open his mouth in defense. We esteemed Him afflicted, smitten and afflicted by God, but for our transgressions, he was pierced. For our infirmities, He was crushed.

He was crucified with sinners though He sinned not. He agonized and was held on the cross not by nails, but by His love for us. When He died, darkness covered the earth to symbolize height of wickedness. But He rose! The ‘man’ Jesus Christ, who demonstrated His love for us by dying for our sins, is the reason for the season. Greater love has no one than this: a man laying down his life for his friends (John 15:13).

Easter is at the heart of Christianity. It is a time we remember Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection. It’s a time that we celebrate victory over death and sin, and opening up of our eyes to the spiritual reality and confident hope for eternal future in the heavenly kingdom(John 3:16). Easter can be summarized in three messages: purpose, peace, and power.

1. Purpose
We read in the old testament that Moses led the twelve tribes of Israel, where God demonstrated His love and power firsthand. But people would later rebel. As a punishment, God sent fiery snakes that bite them and many would eventually die. The Israelites realized their sin and turned to Moses asking him to intercede that they would be forgiven. God instructed Moses to erect a bronze snake on a pole so that one bitten, they would come and gaze the image on a pole and would not die (Numbers 21).

Why did God decide to use a snake? Doesn’t a snake symbolize evil in the bible? Well, a snake on a pole was an embroilment of things to come. At the time of Jesus’ death, crucifixion was the worst form of punishment. It was a curse. In Deuteronomy 21:22-23, God instructed to bury anyone who on the crossthe same day not to defile the land God was giving them, as he who hanged on a tree was considered accursed of God.

Christ became lowly and cursed. He died the death of a sinner to redeem us from the curse of sin and law. Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole (Galatians 3:13). He had the power to say no and walk away. This is a man who had walked between them when they wanted to push Him down the cliff earlier on in His life. A man who when they came to arrest Him fell down had the power to say no and walk away, yet he choose to humbly die.

Greater is his love for mankind that even if you were alone in the world, he would still die for you. The King of Kings was lifted up on the cross so that we look at him and be forgiven. As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up (John 3:14). God is a no discriminator. He is no respecter of persons. John 3:16 says, God gave His only son to WHOEVER.

It doesn’t matter your creed, race, social status or your sins. If you look on the cross, your sins will be forgiven. This is a call to us Christians to preach the gospel for the salvation of all mankind. Let us reach out to everyone no matter his/her religion or background and preach the gospel of the risen christ.

2. Peace
We see Jesus riding on a colt in his triumphant entry in Jerusalem. Kings would ride in chariots but he choose an ass as a symbol of humility and peace. He is the prince of peace. He died for us but we err day by day. But despite this, He never turns us away when we boldly go to the throne of mercy that we may obtain mercy (Hebrews 4:15).

Easter is a reminder that we have an opportunity to make peace and be reconciled with God. There is no price too high for peace, nor atrocity too bad to forgive. Easter is a time to make peace and reconcile. At a time when the church is so much disunited, it is a time to make peace and apply for one purpose. It is time to reach out even to our enemies and create a bond of brotherhood.

3. Power
At the time of His crucifixion, Pharisees, teachers of the law, and those who wanted Him dead thought that was His end. ‘He saved other. Let Him save Himself’, so they said. Yet when He died and the earth shook, saints were raised from the dead and darkness covered the land, the same people confessed, ‘Truly He was the son of God’.

At the time of His resurrection, the earth shook and the guards appeared as if they were dead. And behold, Christ is risen! An empty grave is there to prove. His death demonstrated power and defeat over three greatest enemies- the devil, sin and death. Christ now sits at the right hand of God.

Jesus was given to us. By his stripes, we are healed. He never promises that we will not suffer rejection nor that we will not pass through fire, nor taste the bitter taste of death, but He promises us that He will be with us all through. He will not leave us nor forsake us. He overcame and so we will.

God bless you always


Easter Sunday Message 2016

Today is March 27, 2016, Easter Sunday, a day of celebration and victory for all who believe Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Easter Sunday 2016 reminds us Christians that there is Victory over death.

Jesus our Lord had conquered death. He is alive and dwells among us.

Christ died for our sins on the cross. Through his death, we, as his children received forgiveness of sins. Good thing is that after his death, he rose again, and he is seated at the right hand of God, waiting for the judgment day. Through his resurrection, Jesus gave us hope, strengthened our faith, showed that he loved us and saved our souls; this is why we are celebrating his victory. As Christians, we should understand the following inspirational message for Easter as aspects for nourishment of our salvation.

Faith in Jesus alone leads us to heaven. A Christian’s way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. In John 14:6, he clearly states that there is no one who will make to the father without going through him. He is the only way, the life and the truth. He therefore forms our faith, with that, if a Christian wants to see heaven, he should first embrace Jesus. He was chosen by God to be our savior, according to 1st Peter 2:4. Moreover, since he came and returned to heaven as is John 3:13, we should incline our faith to him, so that we can as well go to heaven. One thing Christians should understand is that, he went to heaven to prepare a dwelling for us, therefore, the only way to get there, is through him and by him.

Jesus is our only hope. Our blessed hope is that Jesus will come again to bring us to heaven, the believers’ home. Jesus is our Hope. On such a day, he obeyed death and was buried, only to resurrect as a victor, and gave us the keys to heaven and eternal life. This is according to Mathew 16:19, by this scripture, we are assured that he gave use the keys to bind and lose. More to this, Mathew 24:36 assures us that Jesus will come back even though no one knows the day and the hour, except our God the Father. First Thessalonians 4:16, explains that on that day, Jesus will descend to us with a loud command. Just to take us to him, and to the father. Well, our hope is in Jesus, we know even if we are suffering on this world; he will one day take us with him to heaven, a place where we will live worshiping God happily and eternally.

The Lord Jesus’ crucifixion is His greatest revelation of His love. This love came from the father, through our Lord Jesus Christ. John 3:16, states very well that it is through the love that God had for us, that he sent his Son to save us. Yes, God and Jesus loved us, and that is why, he preferred to die on the cross for us. Our God loves you and me. Our God is a God of Love. God is love.

Salvation of the Souls
Jesus saves. Only Jesus can save our souls and through Him, we can have eternal life. The only savior to our souls is Jesus Christ. Through him, we received salvation, and through him, we are assured of the eternal life. God is able to destroy the soul and the body in hell. In addition, if he can destroy the two, he can as well save them. Since he sent his Son to die for us, he was ensuring our souls would be saved. Therefore, he saved our souls through his Son. Once you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, your soul will be saved forever. How happy is that! Accept him and live forever more.

Jesus’ death brought salvation to us, gave us a reason to believe in him, which is faith. He showed he loved us, ooh yes; Easter is a special and a divine holiday for us! Happy Easter! God loves you. God bless you always.

May you find faith, joy, hope, peace, love and inspiration in this article – Easter Sunday Message 2016.

You are now blessed.