Today God will surely Bless You

Today, you are alive and well. Praise God.
The Lord is the fountain of Living Water. Praise Him.
Today God will bless you more than you can ever imagine.
Blessings and goodness from heaven will overflow and overtake you.
today god will bless you

God is Good Always and Forever

Today God will heal you.
He will turn your burdens into blessings.
He will cover you with His mantle of protection.
He will cleanse and forgive you.
He will move your mountains.


Keep Moving Forward for God is the Way to Victory

Always trust in God’s powerful plans in your life and keep forward for God is the way to victory.

1. Stop Focusing on what happened and start focusing on things which move you forward

Our minds happen to be the most powerful tool available to us. This super computer as it is referred to, has immense capabilities and one of them is the storing of memories. Whether positive or negative, our thoughts are kept in the back of our minds. Life experiences vary but a common denominator among everyone is that we all go through setbacks. How we respond to these setbacks has a large impact on our present as well as on our future. The bible speaks of Paul the Apostle who instructed us to forget about our past and focus on our future in Jesus Christ. This helps us press forward in our goals and receive our victories appointed to us from heaven.

2. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

The traumatic effect of difficulties has strong repercussions on our mental as well as physical health. On a mental note, difficulties temporary ‘blind’ us from remembering the good elements in our lives. They can also cause us to disconnect from God and believe he has abandoned us. In the midst of the storm however, His love and presence is ever present. God has you in the palms of his hands and everything that happens to you is for your good. It is then our duty, to look outside of our circumstance with joy and thanksgiving. In doing so we see from God’s perspective and realize that there is always a way out of our difficulty. Joseph is an example of this train of thought from the bible. He was sold by his own brothers but he did not falter on his character. This stance led him to be crowned king even after being imprisoned in the land he was sold to. He becomes the saving solution for the country and his family. God used what could be considered a very unfair difficultly into a life saving opportunity.

3. When you bring peace to your past, you can move forward to your future

One of the graces we receive in Jesus Christ is the forgiveness of our sins and forgetting of our pasts. This is essential because the past is like a stone tied to your body, it will slow you down. We are told of a woman in the bible known as Mary Magdalene. She was once a prostitute but received the forgiving love of Jesus Christ. This enabled her to make peace with herself and her past. Upon letting her past go, she served with Jesus and was among the first to see the risen Lord. Her future was embraced upon making peace with her past.

4. Pray always, move forward and believe God will make a way

We are instructed to pray without seizing because this is our link to God. Prayer has a calming effect and moves God on your behalf in your situation. Abraham and Sarah were well beyond in their years; their chances of having children were low to nonexistent. However, they continued to pray, give thanks and move forward. Abraham believed God will make a way and his faith was honored when he was blessed with a son.

5. Life goes on, keep moving forward with God

The one thing we are certain of in life is that it continues to move on regardless of our situation. Whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor, life does not stop. God as well does not stop working in our lives regardless of our circumstances. He has promised to never leave nor forsake you. This reassures us to keeping pushing forward and with God at our helm, to realize that your story ends in victory.


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Today is a Blessing I Choose the Bright Side of Life

Today is a Blessing I Choose the Bright Side of Life

Today is a blessing from God. Today I choose the bright side of life.

Today I woke up, alive, well and so blessed. Thank You Lord.

Today I see the beautiful sunrise – a symbol of life and hope.

Today I see all God’s wonderful creations. All things work together for His glory and praise.

Today I choose Joy.

I believe that all things have a divine purpose. Whatever life brings, I choose to focus on the positive. I choose joy over sorrow.

Today I choose Life.

My life is a miracle and a gift from God. I am grateful that God gives me another day to live, to learn, and to cherish.

Life is as precious as diamonds and gold so I live this life for the greater good of all the people around me and above all, I live for the glory of God.

Today I choose to Forgive.

I have been holding on to grudges for some time now. I have them stored in me like a Camel stores water for long journeys through the Desert. But today, I am going to forgive everyone who has done wrong to me, who has hurt me or who has made a fool of me. Whether that was my brother, my father, my friends or my aunt blabbing about something I never did. I choose to forgive all of them because in so doing, I set myself free.

Today I choose Healing.

I have decided to let go of all that hurts me. I am going to start working on my relationships. Because my heart needs to be healed. In order to live a successful, amazing life, I need to have a full body and a full heart. I need to heal myself by working out my problems with other people.

Today I choose to Give Cheerfully.

Giving is a true form of loving someone. How often do we see someone with a poster sign stating that they had no money to go home? And how often do we actually give some money to such a person? Probably none. Because we don’t believe in it or we have forgotten to do nice things just because they are nice. I am going to make sure that I do give someone that money, the next time I encounter a person asking for it.

Today I choose to Share.

I was coming home from work today when I saw this young girl crying quietly in a corner, usually I would never meddle in someone’s life. But today, I went up to her, smiled and said, “It’s going to be okay.” I ended up dropping her at her house because apparently, she had been waiting there for two hours for her brother to pick her up from school. I shared a smile with her, trying to make her day better than it was before.

Today I choose Happiness.

Laughter and so with happiness is a medicine for all kinds of diseases. So I am choosing to be happy. I have challenges in life but I lift them all to God because I believe joy comes in the morning.

Today I choose Humility.

We all came in this world with Nothing and Naked. But because God is so good all the time of our life, He pours blessings to us all. We receive abundant blessings and all these things should not make so proud. Because of God’s love and blessings, we have all what we needs. Moreso, He gives us all the desires of our hearts.

The more achieve and the more we succeed in life, the more we should be humble. And so today, I praise God; and I choose to remain humble and grateful.

Today I choose Perseverance.

I am going to work hard. And I will stay determined. The road to my destination is very long, filled with speed bumps, blocks, huge rocks and the journey is even harder. There will be all kinds of wild animals to encounter and fight through. But I know that I can do it. I am going to make it to that end of the road which signifies everything for me.

It may seem impossible but I have God. I believe. I trust. All things are possible because I have a great God with a Great Love, with Great Compassion and with Great mercy.

Today I choose Commitment.

I commit to live a good life. I commit to appreciate and enjoy this life that God blessed me with. I commit to trust Him. I commit all my dreams, my plans and all my goals to Him because He promised in His Word, in Psalm 37:5-6 (NIV), “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.”

Today I choose Optimism.

Optimism is believing that everything will be great no matter what. Its believing in the goodness of life. So yes, I will choose to be an optimist because that is what gets things done for me. It getS me going, making me get up in the morning, when the harsh sunlight hits my eyes. It makes me go to work, knowing that the world is a big happy place.

Today I choose Truth.

Being honest is one of the hardest things one has to do, in today’s world. Lying is so much easier and convenient. But its messed up in the longer run. And it gets you nowhere. So I think I am sticking with telling the truth, the Truth will always set me FREE.

Today I choose Peace.

I live in a country where you can go out leaving your doors unlocked and have your wallets returned with full cash in it. In such a peaceful country, I choose to be peaceful as well. I choose to be against war, fighting and bloodshed. Whether it is a school shooting in Boston or a terrorist attack in the third world countries, I choose to be against it all. I PRAY peace for all mankind.

I choose God because He is my Peace.

Today I choose Hope.

Our lives are lived on hope, for our kids to grow up to be better human beings, for us to get good jobs, or to marry someone we love or to help our parents in old age. It’s that flickering flame of hope on a candle that keeps us all going.

Today I choose Love.

If a man was asked to live his life by one thing only, he would choose love. So will I. Because love is what makes our lives truly living. Whether it is love for a child, or love of a parent, or a sibling, it’s those feelings that someone has them for you. And nothing can compensate for that. Choose to love and be loved.

Most of all, I choose God because God is Love.

Today I choose Faith.

My faith is everything to me. I was born into and I was raised to believe in it. Today, if I don’t choose faith, then believe in me, I am nothing but a lie. My faith makes me who I am and who I want to be. It reflects my choices in life and the boundaries that I follow.

But more than believing in me, I believe in God. I trust in Him all the days of my life.

Today I choose Charity.

I started volunteering at the nearby homeless shelter, last week. A lot of my friends are working for charities and supporting good causes that I felt the need to do something as well. It’s a small step but it can lead to other things in life.

Today I choose Success.

I have always worked to obtain something in life, whether it is a pair of shoes or a new job. So I am going to put success first and work for it. I know that calling myself a failure and then living on is the easy part. Working hard and believing in myself to become a success is what I choose today.

Above all, today I choose God.

Yes, I believe that there is a greater good somewhere. I believe in God. I believe in His Great Power. I believe that all things are POSSIBLE because of God. I believe in Love because God is Love. I believe in Life because God offers Eternal Life. Because God is above all.

How about you my friend? What are your choices today?

May all your choices lead to a fulfilled life in the Presence of God.


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Talk About Happiness, Faith and Health and God Will Bless You

Today, life is full of challenges, especially to Christians.

There are a times when making the right decision might be hard and demanding. At times, they are sandwiched by offending issues, which only God can easily save them. In such a scenario, God wants them to speak and talk in a prophesying manner, so as he can reward them. Thus, Christians are expected to talk happiness, talk faith, talk health each day so as to build a concrete relationship with God.

Talk about happiness, faith and health and god will bless you.

Understand that . . .

In a situation where you are unwell, or need money or you have a close colleague who is in intensive care unit, all you need is to say it is well. In the book of proverbs 18: 21, the bible says tongue has power. This means that what you say can easily preserve life, and so to say, speaking faith will build faith. Speaking health will bring forth health and speaking happiness will also bring happiness. Of course, all Christians want to live happy, healthy and faithful lives. With that, the only principle for success is to talk happiness, talk faith, talk health and God who lives above will answer with the same.

Having faith in the creator as well as his guidance through Holy Ghost, will always sustain a believer in this world. However, what you should consider fast is the idea that faith without act is dead. God wants you to exercise your faith. In that case, one way of doing this is to speak it out. Speak faith during tempting moments, speak happiness in times of sadness and speak health in times of sickness. If you do this, God will answer your prayers. Remember, the book of Joel 3:10 says that the weak should say they are strong and go for war. With that also, you should understand that God values those people who speaks good of themselves. This utterances make him come fast to rescue them and reward them with their declarations.

Yes, it is true that everyone usually need assurance in times of testing and uncertainty. This assurance comes true when a person has met the fundamental rationale of the earth life, which is attainment and growth. The attainment and growth as a Christian, is based on spoken words. In this case, it should be noted that those Christians who are considered as grown ups in faith, usually exercise it by spoken words. That being the case, you should act as a prophet; talk happiness, talk faith, talk health and all that you say will come your way.

Find joy, peace and purpose in life

The exercise of faith through speaking makes us find joy, peace and purpose in life. Have you wondered why some people are more optimistic and positive in life than others? This is because; they understand how to manage life through speaking. Right speaking also makes a person to perceive life more positively. Thus, when our heavenly father sees you are speaking as required, he will make his promise come true to you. Just know that what you speak is what you receive.

A Praying Soul Lives In Miracles

A Praying Soul Lives In Miracles

Whether you are a religious person or not, prayers is all you need. It should be considered as a natural inclination of an adult or a child, and therefore it is a habit that everyone in this world should adapt. It can as well be considered as a heart and mind’s attitude, which understands that for every challenge, there is a good outworking. With this, you have to agree that this habit is not reserved only for those individuals who have an inclination feeling to express themselves in a religious manner. However, for everyone who desires to see miracles, or to be a better person, to understand his or her life and living or anyone who needs to live a more richly life, then prayer is the only simple activity, which such a person should make a habit.

Members of the early church understood it

The members of the early church are a good example. They cried out to God when they were in urgent need, and God responded by shaking the place with the command of their own supplication. Yes, they were in trouble. They were afraid of the Jewish leaders, and that they were hiding in a higher room where Jesus had told them to wait for a helper. However, since they had emulated praying habit from their teacher, they were rewarded with a compelling vision for this modern day supplication. They saw tongues of fire “Holy Spirit”, which gave them power; enabling them also to gain boldness to carry on their mission. They also prayed more and more after this, healing the sick and the lame. They actually did greater things than the way their teacher, Jesus did. Imagine, because of prayers, Peter’s shadow gained power to heal the sick as he passed. Truly, this early church lived in miracles because they had a praying habit. For sure when prayer becomes your habit miracles become your lifestyle.

Fulfill your desires

Does your heart cry for a desire? Do you need reward that will move you to another level? Prayers will open this for you. Remember Hannah, who happened to be Samuel’s mother? Yes, she bore him through the power of prayers (1st Samuel 1:20). It is hard for barren women to get pregnant; however, through prayers this is possible. Hannah was barren, but prayers made her receive what she never thought will happen. She was persistent and trusted in God. No matter the barren situation you are in, perhaps you don’t have a job, or ladies in your family don’t get married permanently, or your future is dark, just pray and your lifestyle will change.

Make it a habit

If you make prayers your habit, you will always witness miracles. Pray without ceasing. Do you need protection from God himself? Is your life crippled in away? Do you live in rejection and that is why even your ministry is not flourishing? Do not look left or right, keep the principle of praying with you, and you will see God work for you in a miraculous way. Come on, you can make it, just pray.

No one is as powerful as an intercessor. A praying soul can open any gifts, treasures and favors. It does not matter where you are; all you need to do is pray. Paul in the bible prayed while he was in jail, and chained, and God answered. Miracles are waiting for you; all you need is to pray.


My mother is a sweet flower of love, a greatest teacher of compassion and fearlessness

You have encountered many people and many things in life, all of which matters a lot to you in some profound, permanent and meaningful ways. Regardless of all these, there is one person who matters a lot to everyone, and that is a mother.

A mother is, and will always be very important and very much needed in the life of a child. Mothers teach us, they advice and make us find a trusting partner in them for our benefits. A mother is one of the best rewards that God gave us.

My greatest teacher
Mother usually becomes your teacher immediately you are born. She bears the mandate of teaching you the secrets of life, which entails respecting all lives and living in happiness. She also ensures you grow in a responsible person as you cherish your own life in harmony. Through stories, through loving punishments and guidance, my mother made it sure I understand the good and bad things of the world. Through this, she made me grow into a mature person who can make critical decisions, which is very much rewarding in the day to day life. I can talk, love others, and share the little I have with others. I also find easier to cherish other people regardless of their ethnicity, cultures and race. Proud to say, all these are the fruits of my mother’s lessons. She is indeed a great teacher.

A teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness
As long as we live, our mothers are the truest friend we have. People will desert us, or love us because they are gaining from us, but when we are faced with trials, our mothers will cleave us. They will fight for us in compassion when we find ourselves in the midst of our adversaries – yes she is our anchor. Through her love to us, we also learn to love and show compassion to others. When darkest clouds surround us, she despises them with her wise counsel, which creates fearlessness in us. Mothers are truly their children’s friend for life. We extend to others what we gain from our mothers. They love us, and we also grow loving others. Mothers are true teachers.

A flower of love
A mother is created to glow and attract as a flower. She is a flower that sends a message of greatness and love. Did you know, a true way of acknowledging other people you love is by sending them flowers? Flowers appease and show how much you value, need love and a humble interaction with others. Yes, if this is what flowers can do, they bear characteristics of a mother. Truly, a mother is a flower of love. Nothing can surpass the love of a mother. Truly, a mother is the greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love, and fearlessness.

Mothers are homemakers, and it should be noted that their reward comes from their kids and from the real virtues that they inculcate in them. Such values are making their children to be loving, fearless, dependable and wholesome. These are the wishes of all mothers, and so they work towards achieving them.

The essence of a mother is to raise a child the way she wants the child to develop into. However, she usually prioritizes raising responsible children as she is, and so she makes sacrifices to those she loves, and furthers on to give her best for them.

“My mother is a sweet flower of love, a greatest teacher of compassion and fearlessness. God bless all mothers in the world.”


Lord You are My Hope

Psalm 25:1-5
In you, LORD my God, I put my trust. I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me. No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame, but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause. Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

God Bless You Always. Amen!


God Keeps Me Going

God Bless You Always!


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