God will Restore All Things New for His Glory

Everything the enemy has stolen from you:
Family, friends, finances,
Peace, love, joy, health,
The Lord our God will restore all things new for His glory, honor, and praise.

God is good all the time. Amen.


God will make a Way when there seems to be No Way

As it is written in the Bible that there is time for everything so it is in human life. There are good times as well as challenging moments for every human being. Sometimes the difficult times are so hard and seem to last longer and may put one down. However, for Christian believers, this is an opportunity to have renewed strength since God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Faith in God

The complete trust that God is the only source of help and strength is what may be defined as faith in God. Christians get to have faith through reading the word of God and a continuous study of this Word strengthens one’s faith. One believer’s faith can be used to strengthen others as witnessed in the life of a centurion whose faith in Jesus Christ healed his servant even without physically seeing him.

Hope in God

Hope in God is the ability to completely surrender one’s life to God knowing that He will take care of everything that one is concerned about. A complete reliance in God gives one an opportunity to love and take care of others since all personal needs are left in the able hands of God. Hope brings glory to God as believers serve one another without putting themselves first and therefore manifests the love of God to humankind.

God Will Make a Way

There are tough moments in human life when everything seems not to work and one wonders where to turn to. During these times God’s power which is above any other is experienced in the lives of those who believe. Hope and faith enables one to patiently wait upon the Lord even when times are hard and at the end victory is realized for the light shines and darkness disappears.

You Can Do All Things through Christ

It is through the strength given to those who believe in Christ that everything becomes possible. For example, when Paul was facing temptations and even saw death coming closer, he was able to move on since he was encouraged that everything was possible through Christ who was on his side. Believers ought to pursue great things in life since the strength that is received from Jesus Christ will enable them to do even what seem impossible in the eyes of men.

God’s Presence Is Heaven in your Heart

When you open up your heart to receive Christ, everything becomes beautiful and a little heaven is created in your heart. This means that life becomes enjoyable, full of peace, love and satisfaction. The only way to experience the true meaning of life and be sure to see Jesus in His second coming is to allow Him to have His way in your heart and confess that He is Lord.

Nothing is Impossible with God

In conclusion, it is important to understand that nothing is impossible with God. There are many things that seemed impossible to men but God manifested His power through them, such us Lazarus coming back to life. In the Bible we also see God saving Daniel from the lion’s den and also Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were not consumed by fire. These examples show that when we fully trust in God, there is nothing that we cannot achieve and there is no danger that He cannot save us from.


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Today I am Counting My Blessings not My Problems

I am wonderfully fortunate that today I am counting my blessings not my problems. Today I am blessed. God is good always.

When I think of how God has blessed me I feel like singing praises and glorifying Him. He is the superpower and always a provider and I have always felt fulfilled with Him. I thank God for the gift of life, the air we breathe, the food and shelter. By His grace I have managed to overcome my challenges, temptations and problems. Why am I blessed?

1. My Heart is Beating

Just the other day, I met up with some of my friends and an argument arose on how the term being alive can be defined. Nowadays with improvements in technology and surgical procedures anything from heart to the kidneys can be transplanted from one person to another but the one thing that was agreed on was that it is only God that can give the breathe of life. The breath of life is one of God’s greatest gifts and with every heartbeat, God’s continuous presence and dependence in our lives is seen.

2. I have Food to Eat

Birds do not have hands but they have their own homes .The mother can provide for her young ones and can’t complain at all however they sing praises to Yahweh. The almighty has always provided for my food. The street children wake up without food, money or clothes but at the end of the day they will have something in their stomach. What a blessing, He touches the hearts of good Samaritans and well-wishers to offer charity to the underprivileged.

3. I have Water to Drink

Water is life and God gives life. God has provided water in streams, rivers, the rains and lakes. I once watched a documentary on the superb powers of God to provide water in extreme condition such as the sandy and rocky deserts. He always gives hope even where there is no hope. With His amazing art of creation He has enabled flora and fauna to adapt changes in their habitats for their survival. The cactus have thorns and thick leaves like stem to allow it absorb water and not to lose it also. That is why I praise Jehovah.

4. I have Oxygen to Breath

The amazing blessing of the air we breathe is really awesome. The birds in the sky, the fish in the seas, the animals not forgetting the plants swaying and giving praises to God for the amazing gift of oxygen. If oxygen would have been for sale, everybody would have been poor since we can’t live without it; Life would be obsolete.

5. I am Alive, Healthy and Strong

Every day I wake up I always remember to thank the Lord for it is only through His eternal and everlasting love and grace that enables me to see another day. As much as we have a part to play in ensuring that we live in an environment that is safe and healthy environment, it’s only by God’s divine intervention that we are able to maintain our heath and be able to see another day.

GOD is the giver of life, the provider of all our needs and always has a part to play in our lives. He is always ready to hear you and His door is always open, you only have to Let Him in. And for sure today I am counting my blessings not my problems.


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The Best Attitude is Gratitude

Today, you and I, are truly blessed.

Life is a Blessing. Time is a blessing too. At all times, give thanks with a grateful heart. The best attitude is gratitude.

There is no greater love than sacrificing yourself for the sins of others. Truly, God’s love knows no boundaries. And in return, we will cherish the life He generously gave to us. How? It’s simple.

Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart

First, you should start each day with a grateful heart. Tomorrow is an opportunity that some were not able to have. Everyone needs to realize that every day is a new beginning that promises new hope. We should thank our Lord for giving us another chance to correct our wrong doings. Be positive and have an optimistic outlook for the day ahead. Life is what you make it.

A Grateful Heart is a Joyful Heart

Bear it in mind that a thankful heart is a happy heart. Stop complaining about the things that you do not have. Instead, start to appreciate all of the things that you did not ask for but was given to you anyway. You may not always have what you want, but you get what you truly deserve. Because God knows what’s best for you. Once you begin to appreciate everything you have, thank God from the bottom of your heart. Only then will you feel contentment and happiness.

Count Your Blessings Every Day

Make sure to count your blessings every day. Do not forget that a new day is a new blessing. Your family, friends, classmates, church mates, workmates even your bosses are blessings from our Lord. You can eat, you can walk, you can talk, and many other things you could do are blessings you should be thankful for. Once you start to consider the things and people around you, you will realize how fortunate you are. You will value life more than ever because you know that you are blessed.

There is Always Something to be Grateful For

No matter how bad your day is turning to be, be reminded that there is always something to be grateful for. Everything, either good or bad, happens for a reason. God has sent you into this world with a purpose to inspire others in being strong no matter what life would bring. Be thankful that despite all the struggles and obstacles you encounter, God never lets you down and always gives you the opportunity to be someone better and deserving to enter His Kingdom.

Every day is a Thanksgiving Day

It is good that you know you owe our Lord everything that you are. But please do not forget that everyone around you has also a great impact and influence of you turning into a better version of yourself. Thank your enemy if you have one. For without them, you will not be as strong as you are. Thank those who talk things behind your back. For without them, you won’t know that trusting God is more important than trusting anyone. Be thankful for your family and loved ones because they were the ones who kept you going. But most of all, thank God each and every day of your life. For without Him, you are nothing.

Life is simple. For as long as you put God as the center of it, nothing is impossible to achieve. But most importantly, Life is a Precious Gift from God. Learn to Love and Appreciate Everything.


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15 Amazing Tips to Start Your Day Right

Mornings aren’t for everyone. I know I would prefer to lay in bed and continue snoozing rather than wake up at the crack of dawn and head off to work. But mornings are inevitable and can be the best part of my day. I know I’m off to a good start if I do any of these:

1. Take time to talk to God.

Starting off with a faithful date with God really helps me brace for what the day will bring. It helps me mentally and psychologically prepare for everything I have to do, which makes the day seem more approachable. And it works as a great reminder of how loved I am, which always helps the day go smoother.

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2. Read God’s Word.

What’s a better way to remember God’s promises than to get a daily dose of them? Revisiting favorite passages helps you remember them, which, by meditation, helps you live them.

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3. Get your feet moving.

Getting your blood pumping and heart racing, whether it’s through a few crunches or a jog, really helps to wake the body up — it does an even better job than coffee!

4. Break your fast.

Who doesn’t love breakfast food? Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Grab some pancakes or even just an apple before you head out the door.

5. Say cheese!

Even faking a smile will trick your brain into thinking you are happy. So chin up, buttercup! Show those pearly whites and release some great feeling endorphins!

6. Stay hopeful.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to get down in the dumps and focus on the negatives. By waking up every day with the hope and belief that today will be better than yesterday, you can make it possible.

7. Say “I love you.”

Spread the love. Whether it’s cleaning the dishes for someone else or giving a kiss as you leave for work, starting the day with love is a sure way to start the day out right.

8. Choose joy.

When that alarm clock goes off, joy seems to be the farthest thing away. But it doesn’t have to be! There’s so much to experience in life and so many opportunities in each given day. Remind yourself of all the possibilities. Pursuing joy starts first thing in the morning.

9. Be thankful.

The best kind of attitude is one of gratitude. Say your thank you’s to your mom, your spouse, your best friend, your dog, your neighbor, and, most importantly, your God.

10. Be strong.

Some days seem overwhelmingly stressful, busy, or downright unbearable. But with each day comes new strength. And that strength can be used to inspire others. Start your day off with that in mind and inspire others to do the same!

11. Honesty is the best policy.

That’s true in the morning and at night and at every part of the day. Start your day off with an honest mind and it will continue on through your day.

12. Humble yourself.

With each day’s challenges and frustrations, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the mentality that we are the best for the job and don’t make as many mistakes as others. Wake up each day and humble yourself. It will help you be more accepting of others’ faults as well as your own.

13. See the glass as half full.

Optimism is a guaranteed way to brighten your day! If you focus on changing your perspective on the smaller things, it will help you remain positive and uplifted if larger problems arise.

14. Giggle. Laugh. Chortle. Chuckle.

They all release serotonin and make you feel better all around. Even a fake laugh can help you feel better and more prepared to take on the day.

15. Forgive and forget.

People make mistakes. Don’t hold it to them. Start your day with a clean slate and an open mind and with forgiveness on your heart. Focus on forgiving and helping others – and yourself – learn from mistakes.

I notice a distinct difference when I start my day with any of these. It puts me in a much better mood that carries me through my incredibly busy day. I hope it does the same for you!


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Today I Declare Victory over All the Challenges of Life

Victory is when you have power over any boulder that may stand on your way.

Being a believer or not, the first thing that one needs to do is to have faith in God.

As such, you will receive guidance to find out where fear comes from.

Jesus gave all of us victory over death and other iniquities when he dies on the cross.

It is therefore through prayer that we get to reconnect with our savior who intercedes on our behalf.

You have to trust in God, as he is able to provide us with an inner boldness image.

Having unlimited hope means that you get to have expectant anticipation.

We get all our strength from God

No matter what is happening at any point of our life, hope helps us to grasp on all the promises that God has for us and holding tight to it with prayers hoping that things will get to turn around.

Having hope in Jesus will give us power that will lead us into victory.

Today I declare victory over all the challenges of life that you may be facing.

In life, especially as students, there are many challenges that may make life a little hard and complicated. However, this is part of life.

Challenges and tribulations are part of life and victory is when we are able to triumph above all of them.

With God’s presence, Victory is possible

It is very important for one to speak and believe from the very onset of any challenge that they already have victory over it and they sure will.

Putting their hope in Christ as the guide, it is pretty easy to face all bumps that are on our paths and emerge as victors.

Victory is achieved from inside until it overflows to be felt

It is thus necessary to start by having faith and hope and working towards overcoming all challenges and you sure will be able to emerge victorious.


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I Earnestly Pray that Your Today be filled with Hope

My dear, I earnestly pray that your today be filled with hope. It does not matter the nature and magnitude of the challenges facing you, always remember that God is a hearer of prayers. He not only hears, but he answers. I thus pray that you have divine hope on:

Restoration of broken relationships

I pray that God gives you the assured hope that broken relationships in your life will be restored. Whether it is family relationships or your bond with your workmates and neighbors, the God who gives all comfort will show you the way to have the relationships healthy and functioning again.

Complete healing of sickness

The grand creator and source of life has the ultimate understanding of the causes of the health challenges you might be going through. He performs miracles, he has healed people in the past and he is willing and capable of healing you of all the maledictions in your life and restoring you to perfect health.

Prosperity in all your plans

On your own, there is nothing much you can do; difficulties are bound to cross your path as you endeavor to realize your plans today. The almighty has the desire to bless and see all your plans prosper, trust in him. Many in the past overcame armies and giants. The giants that might confront you today are nothing to the almighty. Take heart with him on your side prosperity is the assured outcome.

Good outcome in all things

No matter how bad and desperate the situation might be, rest assured God has the ability to guide and strengthen you to make the presumed challenges to work in your favor. Many have thought they had hit the end only for our great God to use the same challenging circumstances to work in favor of his servants.

Answer to all your prayers today

Never doubt that God will answer your prayers today. He understands your circumstances and knows what is urgent and special for you. Exercise faith in him and see his great hand working on your prayers this very day.

Continuous blessings

The creator of time promises to love his servants forever. His love is never in vain; it comes with its resplendent blessings. Seek for him diligently for all the days of your life and experience first-hand his assured promise to bless you now and always.


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Hope Shines Brightest in the Darkest Moment

Hope Shines Brightest in the Darkest Moment

Hopeless? Hope shines brightest in the darkest moment. Read on.

Hope is an effective power that keeps us going in the toughest of times.

Hope lights up the path when the road is eaten up by complete darkness.

Hope is a candle in the dark.

Hope energizes our minds, hearts, spirits and souls when we are confronting emotional and spiritual instability without bounds.

Hope shines brightest in the darkest moment giving us a reason to move forward and live.

Hope boosts us with courage to win over the challenges and obstacles and transforms them into potential outcomes.

Hope permits us to have the audacity to confront the obscure with force and conviction.

Hope brings triumph when nobody is winning.

What does hope accomplish for us?

Hope spurs when discouragement comes.

Hope energizes when the spirit is drained.

Hope sweetens when the intensity nibbles.

Hope sings when all the songs and melodies are gone.

Hope shines brightest in the darkest moment.

Hope grins unhesitatingly when nobody is snickering.

Hope accepts when proofs are eliminated.

Hope listens for answers when nobody is taking.

Hope lifts a heavy burden.

Hope moves over obstacles.

Hope persists.

Hope endures.

Hope waits.

Hope sustains.

Hope inspires.

Hope motivates.

Hope moves over obstacles.

Hope presses towards victory.

Hope gives confidence that all things work out for the best.

Hope is a lark which sings the melody of patience, perseverance, strength and joy.

Hope is a dynamic force which keeps the wheels rolling to journey over the dark tunnel of life.

Hope Shines Brightest in the Darkest Moment

Hope gives great minds to walk with purpose and confidence to face the unknown tomorrow.

Hope focuses on the positive when everything else is negative.

Hope expects the best among the rest.

Tomorrow feels like heaven when hope overflows in our hearts.

God is good, all the time.

God is our fountain of overflowing hope. Amen.


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If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it

Prayer is a lifestyle. When you pray, God hears and answers your prayers. If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it. God is a compassionate God.

Praying is characterized as a method for conversing with God. When we supplicate, we appeal to God our Father; so just say his name. No other name yet Jesus.

Approach things slowly and carefully and things will work out; on the grounds that praying is a force and one of the astonishing and convincing approaches to talk with God is through supplication. Praying is an extreme answer for our necessities, dreams and additionally to our issues.

Praying is the main way and no other way that is most effective and inexplicable implies that God requests that we do; supplication to set up our association with God, we appeal to God for the absolution of our wrongdoings.

We pray to God for our companions, family, and friends.

We appeal to God for the individuals who don’t know God.

We appeal to God for our everyday life concerns.

We appeal to God for thanksgiving and forgiveness.

We go to give us course, insight, information and appeal to God for God’s guidance and leading.

We know “praying” yet do we know how to apply it in our day to day lives. In all actuality, we are being vanquished of the bustling days; occupied at work, caught up with getting ready breakfast each morning for our children to get prepared for school.

We are caught up with looking for cash and overlooked looking for God.

Our prayers are heard; little or enormous supplications, God have no impediments to answer supplication.

Your supplication can be boundless the length of you know whom you are going to. To God, your supplication is all conceivable to be addressed simply have confidence in Him.

As we trust that every one of our prayers are being heard by God, trust and let it be finished by Him. Keep away from fears and stresses since that shows unfaithful convictions. When we call Him, trust Him totally, abandon it to Him.

At the point when your fears and tensions have the best of you, attempt to quiet down and after that get the certainties of the circumstance. The key is to take it moderately. Whatever you can do is to do your best every day, trust in the best, and when something happens, take it in step.

If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it because it won’t transform anything. I understood that the vast majority of what we stress over never works out as expected. Rather than stressing over something that presumably won’t happen, focus on what you can do. Everything else you can leave in the hands of God.

If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it

When you start to present your prayers, you open yourselves into the universes of triumph and achievement. You open yourselves into a reality of seeing your addressed praying regardless of the possibility that you haven’t asked it yet. You will acknowledge it was being allowed and planned.


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Be Ready to Die because Death is like a Thief in the Night

Be Ready to Die because Death is like a Thief in the Night

Before talking on being spiritually prepared to die, let us understand precisely on what heaven is.

Heaven is a place that has been prepared for all believers who have been redeemed with the blood of the lamb. John the Divine in the book of Revelation gave a vivid description of how heaven looks like.

Below are some of the wonderful features that would be found in heaven:

The street is lined with gold.

There would be no death.

There would be no more tears.

There would be no more grief or tears or pain.

There would be no more sickness.

Just like any individual can do before traveling to any place worthwhile , preparing spiritually to die needs sufficient preparations to be put in place prior as like traveling.

Whenever an individual is planning to travel, he/she usually gets his/her all the basic material that would be useful during the course of the journey and you need to be ready to die because death is like a thief in the night.

Secondly you must secure a passport and ticket for your journey. The ticket and passport in this case is your salvation and holiness. Heaven is a place that is prepared for those that are saved and redeemed by the blood of the lamb. He bought us a ticket via his precious blood when he died on the cross of Calvary. Without holiness, it will be impossible to enter into the throne of the Almighty God. The filthy, unclean, murderer, immoral, liars, and perverts will not be found there.

Be Ready to Die because Death is like a Thief in the Night

After becoming a Christian, all of our life becomes a spiritual preparation for our celestial journey. Be ready to die because death is like a thief in the night and these preparations will entail the following:

Attitude towards the things of God

The more passionate we are towards the things of God, the closer God draws near to us. Our attitude towards the work of God will also be used as a parameter for effective preparation.


The idea of an individual getting saved and sitting down idle doing nothing in the furtherance of God’s kingdom is not an acceptable recipe for preparing for heaven.


One of the things that would determine how much reward we are given by God, is the number of souls we witnessed to. The more souls we win to his kingdom, the more decorated our crown will become.


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