bring the joy of christmas with you every day

Bring the Joy of Christmas with You Every Day

Christmas on the 25th of December is a joyful day, but you can bring the joy of Christmas with you every day.

Of what sort is the joy of Christmas? Is it because of the gifts, the parties, and the festivities?

No. These may be merry occasions, but when you remember one thought on Christmas day, you can feel the joy of Christmas with you every day.

On Christmas morn, Jesus was born in a manger, and of His birth, and He, as the Son of God brought with Him salvation, peace, love, and goodwill to the world.

Jesus brought our salvation to this world on His birth on Christmas Day.

Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Son of God in a lowly manger while Joseph, his husband kept watch.

That was the first Christmas when the Son of God was born in truth and humility. Yet in that small corner of the world, 3 Wise Men traveled for long distances to find Him and offer Him gifts.

For these men, wise as they were, knew that they were kneeling before a King. This is the essence of Christmas. This is the joy of Christmas that you can bring with you every day.

On this day of Christmas, remember that Jesus, the King of Kings came into this world with pure humility.

In humility, there is joy, for you are in touch with the truth within you.

The 3 Wise Men, with their wisdom and knowledge, knelt before the King in humility and adoration.

For He was a King, but God brought Him into this world without pomposity and grandeur.

Bring the joy of Christmas with you every day by living in humility but with the thought that Jesus who is no less than the King of Kings loves you and saves your soul.

If you follow His words and go by the path of His Will, He will give you strength as you face the trials of your earthly life, and He will give you salvation so you may live an eternal life with Him in heaven.

You can bring the joy of Christmas with you every day, all throughout the year and share it willingly with others if you put Jesus in your heart and walk your daily life with faith in Him and with love for Him.


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