amazing mathematics of a real christian life

Amazing Mathematics of a Real Christian Life

It is the purpose of the Father that all people be saved and lead Christian lives that give glory and honor to God. Although this may not be easy to understand or put into practice, a simple equation can illustrate what we can refer to as the amazing mathematics of a real Christian life.

A. Add Jesus to your life

The first and most fundamental principle of a real Christian life is to put Jesus Christ at the center of your life. To add Jesus’ means to accept him as your personal Lord and Savior, in so doing be redeemed and saved. An example of this could be Paul the apostle, once a persecutor of Christians. He gave his life to Christ and become saved.

B. Subtract all your fears and worries

Fear is the enemy of faith and the two cannot be experienced together from a Christian life point of view. Just as darkness cannot exist with light, removing fear and worries leaves only room for the light of hope which is received from God. A strong example of victory in the face of fear is the battle between David and Goliath. David knew who his God was thus was not afraid because the victory was already his.

C. Divide all your blessings with others

All wealth and blessings come from God. He gives freely to those who love and obey him. A third principle of a Christian life is to divide your blessings with others and in so doing become a vessel of which God has used. Abraham was one such willing giver; he was tested to give his greatest blessing, his son. Upon passing the test, God told him to spare his son and in return showered him with blessings and made him father of many nations.

D. Multiply your good deeds

In this day and age, being a person of good deeds is not easy. However, to live a real Christian life, one must not only do good deeds but increase the amount of good services performed. This is what a Christian needs to aspire to be. A woman praised in the Bible for her good deeds was Dorcas. She was singled out for being someone who constantly looked to do good and excelled at it.

E. Equals a wonderful Christian life

By adding Jesus to your life and making him your Savior, removing fear/worries and replacing them with Faith. Dividing your blessings with others and allowing yourself to be a blessing from God. Multiplying your good deeds as this is what a Christian life should BE. The result equals a fulfilled, happy and wonderful Christian life. This following the instruction to be Christ-like.

Life does not come with a manual but God provided us with his life manual which is the Bible. Reflect on it and with the above broken down formula, the mathematics of a real Christian life become easier to understand and follow.


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