amazing life lessons i learned from my dogs

Amazing Life Lessons I learned from My Dogs

No matter how old or young we are, no matter how easy or hard life may be, a dog’s love and affection can instantly make a tough day easier. Here are some of the amazing life lessons I learned from my dogs.

1. Dogs are Great Companions

We all know the well-worn phrase – “a dog is man’s best friend,” but it is absolutely true. A dog’s loyalty, compassion, devotion, and inherent ability to lift your mood makes him or her an essential friend for life.

What can this teach you? It can show you just how important it is to treat another living creature just as you would like to be treated in return. Dogs’ love for their masters is absolutely unwavering – so why not give them that same affection?

Few things are more satisfying and uplifting than coming home after a long, hard day, to find your beautiful dog waiting for you. The joy you can feel as your dogs jump up, wag their tails, and make you feel welcome and valued simply cannot be overstated. They also make your home feel far safer: you’re not alone on dark, stormy evenings anymore. You can curl up on your couch and cuddle up to a soft, loving creature you know would do anything to protect you.

This is incredibly important for senior citizens, who become frightened easily and crave companionship. Having another heartbeat around the house can transform your life – and make you feel reborn!

2. Dogs are Great Friends

Dogs love to go for walks, for runs, and to explore new locations. For anyone who has felt lonely, or is missing a loved one, taking a dog out with you for the day is a beautifully fulfilling experience.

One great lesson you can learn from your dogs is friendship.

They just listen. They don’t talk back. They don’t butt in with their own opinions.

You can just talk and talk to your dog, and no matter what secrets you tell them, their feelings towards you will not change. This has a lot to teach us about being better friends: we tend to judge even our most beloved friends when they unburden themselves – is this really the basis of a great friendship?

Be like your dog. Listen. Allow your friends to get their problems off their chest without butting in or belittling them.

3. Dogs are Great Lovers

Dogs are incredibly skilled at making you feel valued, loved, and like the most important person in the world – isn’t this how we all want to feel at one time or another?

When you come home, your dog is there to embrace you and devote their time to you. There may as well be nothing else in the world vying for their attention: they are in love with you, and you with them.

Another great lesson: be just as devoted as a lover as your dog is with you.

Treat your partner as if they are the only person on Earth. Give them your total attention, your complete commitment. Don’t let yourself be distracted by trivial matters.

Dogs can be some of the world’s greatest teachers – just watch how they live their lives and try to echo their finest moments. In short: life is better and happier with a dog.


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