a poem for my best teacher

A Poem for My Best Teacher

Not only on Teacher’s Day but every day, I am always grateful to all my wonderful teachers out there. What I am today is a product of all the efforts and inspiration of my teachers.

This is a poem for my best teacher who opened the future for us to see.

You became a special person, when you walked right through the door
In your calmness, you made us lie down on the floor
Angry and furious, you waited by the backdoor
For delinquents like us, to realize our worth

The lessons you taught, will last a whole life through
Your passion and love, which made you so tough
Brought out our best, any less was not enough
In our lost state, you gave us a breakthrough

Day after day you toiled hard, our interests deep in your heart
Our connection to reality, you helped restart
Our vulnerability and fallibility, you turned into an art
Our nonexistent future, you helped build smart

Sometimes we failed to understand, that love was your motivation
But even when we made it impossible, you were filled with dedication
Every smile you made appear easy, had its own share of tribulation
Making a difference in our lives, was your source of inspiration

Anytime the world bogged us down, you put a smile on our faces
Whenever our desire was to frown, you made easy the race
Your advice and guidance, wiped out any disgrace
The future we have today, is the fruit of your embrace

When everybody else, seemed so far away
We felt protected, by your sway
Years later and all I can say
Is that time never came in the way

You were the heart in the classroom, the soul of our school
The mind behind the success, the light that made us cool
Patience and understanding, were your working tools
With your commitment and courage, we never became learned fools

You made us all sound unique, and helped build our confidence
You helped keep our attention, through a little patience
You helped us learn and grow, and dance in intellectual providence
A smile was what it took, to develop our competence

You helped us comprehend, the joy and the wonder
Even in the darkest of nights, and the fear of the thunder
A wrong was always a wrong, no matter the blunder
Wisdom and grace, completed the package of wonder

You helped set right, the game of life
You truly cared, just like a mother and wife
In your presence of love, we could care less about the afterlife
You equipped us sufficiently, to counter this life

You were sometimes crazy, but mainly brave
You weren’t a fit, with those who made the waves
You had the wits, of learning through our gazes
You made the bright stars, a world we could save

The questions that had long been buried in my heart
Like a maze, they tore my thoughts apart
But when you spoke your wisdom aloud, you made them a simple art
You opened my eyes, the darkness you helped depart

A clarity I gained, that shone bright as the rays
Like water flowing smoothly, I could spend my days
The knowledge that I gained, is the one that always stays
Within the depths of my heart, I will hold it all my days.

Like a candle, you burnt out to light our lives
Kind and caring, you created a people that forgive
The happiest hearts you made, the horses of the sun they drive
We found the daylight sweet, for the memories that would color our lives.


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