a message to all the teachers who made my life meaningful

A Message to All the Teachers who made My Life Meaningful

Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary ambition. They guide us, support us, mold us, inspire us, and teach us to be the beast of what we can be. This is a message to all the teachers who made my life meaningful. Happy Teacher’s Day. God bless you all teachers. Keep inspiring more souls.

Dear Teachers,

I am at the position where I wanted to be; I am doing best in my life, and this makes me euphoric.

Today on Teacher’s Day, I want to thank all my teachers from the core of my heart for having given wings to my dreams.

As the famous saying goes “Dreaming is not everything, you must also know how to fill colors in them” and to be very precise had it not been you, I would have never learned about dreaming in the first place. You were an important part of my life, and I have spent more time with you than with anybody else. All these years, where I grew under your guidance have changed my life forever. All the discipline, the etiquette, everything which I have inculcated in my character is because of you.

I want to express my gratitude for the sacrifices you have made to bring the best out of a student like me. Each one of you has had an excellent understanding of my personality, and you all have had an impact on the way I see life.

All my childhood years you were the strongest people I knew, who gave their best even when they were not in splendid spirits. Thank you for coming to teach even when you were not well.

It is said that patience and virtue can be the two greatest things a man can possess. I want to thank you for teaching me the art of being patient by teaching and explaining things which I didn’t understand again and again without giving up. You had to make me stand in front of the whole class at times for my mischief; I didn’t like it and wished to be an adult as soon as possible. Now when I have become one, I realize the importance and reason behind why you punished me, whenever I did something wrong.

I want to thank you for always keeping me motivated and making me realize that no dream is too big to achieve. Although I cannot put it in words, but the way you have encouraged me has been the reason behind why I have never lost faith in myself. You always gave your best to teach us even when we took no interest in the lectures. It takes great patience and courage to do so. One of the things I cherish and miss most is having a conversation with you either in the classroom or the corridors of the school. Those conversations have inspired me about many things. They did not only enhanced my imagination, but they also made me realize that I can follow my dreams and make them turn into reality.

The world is changing every moment and adapting to changes is not always easy, but your art of teaching has not only made me a better person, but it has also enabled me to adjust to the changes and not running away from my problems. You have taught me to solve my problems, and I salute your great wisdom and intellect. You have lightened my burden on the path of life. I feel that there is so much still left to learn from you.

Next to God, teachers hold bigger position in my whole life and no one can deny that. Forgive me for making things harder for you but thank you for always holding my hands and being my guiding light.

Last but not least, thank you for teaching me how to write, it is because of the knowledge that you imparted that I am able to write this message to you and express myself. Thank You for everything! I shall always be indebted to you.


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