a joyful life is an authentic design for all his creations

A Joyful Life is an Authentic Design for All His Creations

God is the Creator of Life and everything – visible and invisible.

Our strength is a blessing from the joy of the Lord. A joyful life is an authentic design for all his creations. Choose joy today.

To live with joy every minute is our authentic design. God created man to be a joyous being. The garden was not just another habitat; it was a place brimming with life and provisions. But man had a choice to make. He could either completely trust God thriving from the joy only He could give or find happiness on his own and we all know how that ended up.

Find Joy Along Your Journey

We have the very same choice to make in our everyday lives and learn to find joy in every step of our journey. Somehow we are wired to always think about what is going to happen next that we forget to enjoy the present hour. Take time to rejoice in the fact that you have performed well in your test rather than wondering what the grade will look like. Cherish the times you spend with your little ones than worrying about their future.

There is Joy in Every Simple Thing

Somewhere along the line we have convinced ourselves that success is being better than someone. The stealer of joy is comparison. Our life is a constant battle of comparison. Is my house as big as my cousin’s? Is my baby as healthy as my neighbor’s? Is my pay as high as my colleague’s? These are questions which rise up in our subconscious some way or the other. Let us make a conscious decision to stop comparing and start trusting. Joy can be found in every simple thing and occasion. It is ours to choose. The sumptuous breakfast that you had can be a daily routine for you but it can be someone’s only meal. God has given us blessings that we have not asked for and answered requests that we have not prayed for and it has brought us to where we are right now. Take time to smile and say a little thank you.

Joy is Your Best Makeup

God wants us to live as our authentic selves with a life that radiates joy from the heavens and when that becomes the source your face will light up with the love of the father. Real joy is your best make up. When you make this your constant pursuit, your beauty is bound to increase manifold.

Joy is a Blessing

Why do we have to make this constant choice? Because joy is a blessing and we have to receive it abundantly from God. Have you seen that joy is closely associated with love? God is love and joy is His nature. When love is our lifestyle, joy becomes a reflex.

Spread Your Joy

So there comes your formula for joy! It is love. When you become extravagant with your love, you will find that choosing joy becomes your second nature. We all know that true joy cannot be hidden, so its time you radiate and spread the joy to the hopeless. People need joy in their lives more so than ever. God wants us to experience His love, source from His joy and lead a life worth living.

This shift in lifestyle will undo what was forfeited in the garden. The moment you start receiving joy from the Creator Himself and make it your strength, you redeem the story of the fall of man. So let us return from whatever holds us captive and be freed by the joy from our lord. Let us together proclaim that the joy of the Lord is our strength!


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