5 reasons why you should begin your day with a prayer

5 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Day with a Prayer

Everyone knows that prayer happens to be an essential part of a Christian’s lifestyle. It is time invested in the presence of God, talking with Him and listening to Him. Even though we all know how essential prayer is, it is usually restricted to only half a minute or shelved for the later part of the day. Nevertheless, it is a fact that if you devote your time to God early in the morning, your day is going to be more successful. Listed below are 5 reasons why you should begin your day with a prayer.

1. Jesus made it happen

Jesus had a genuinely good ministry going. He had been into formal presentations, healing, training, and teaching. He had been a crowd magnet, appealing to diverse groups of individuals wherever He traveled. One particular thing to be observed, though, is the fact that Jesus started every day alone praying to His Father. It is no fluke that His ministry was effective. If you would like your entire day to be productive, begin it with a prayer.

2. We require daily knowledge and wisdom

Regardless of how much knowledge you go after and how much info you get through, it will never ever be sufficient alone to provide you with wisdom and guidance. Your everyday time in bible verses and in prayer is going to remind you of the wealth of God’s knowledge and wisdom and assist you to discern all the other sources of information. Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life.

3. We require being reminded of the peril of pride

We require an everyday dose of submission. The Word of God reminds us of His holiness, of the sin committed by us, and also of the unmerited salvation of Jesus. We can be very easily offended and become jealous of others. We can easily become puffed up or prideful over our achievements. And we can also become easily disheartened, stressed, or anxious over our errors and downfalls. The fact is that we will never ever be sufficient enough or good enough. We are not the key character in the story of existence. A regular time in God’s Word will remind us of the amount paid for our salvation and make us worship in modest submission to Him.

4. We require day-to-day advice and guidance

Every single day we deal with the unforeseen. The interruption which comes early on rearranges our day. We work hard to control the calendar, create solid plans to guarantee positive results; however, we usually come up short. Wouldn’t you love to have an intelligent counselor next to you assisting you to make the correct judgments? Well, this is precisely what God has provided us in the Holy Spirit. We must devote time to God allowing His Spirit to provide us advice, guidance, and assistance for everyday living.

5. To Cancel Satan’s Works

Satan is actually a longtime opponent of man. He has made a vow to demolish man. He looks for innovative and crafty methods to attract a man to his grave daily. Therefore, once you get up in the morning, you must take authority over all the powers of the foe and all the works of darkness. In case you don’t perform this, you might play to the cunning tricks of the Satan without even realizing it.


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