5 major importance of prayer in a christian life

5 Major Importance of Prayer in a Christian Life

Prayer from the simple bedtime prayer of a kid to those of the most dedicated monks is something which is done all over the world.

Prayer may be defined as:
1. A sincere petition or request to a particular deity.
2. The act of praying.
3. Words utilized for a serious request.
4. Religious and wordless union with God.

All 4 are excellent definitions, but “Religious and wordless union with God” seems to be the perfect one. I think it is the true definition of prayer!

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention 5 major importance of prayer in a Christian life.

1. Spiritual growth

Through prayers, we develop our belief in God and Jesus Christ, His Son. For this reason, Jude inspired Christians for praying in the Spirit. Jesus set an example for the Christians by praying so frequently that His disciples requested Him to educate them on how to pray. Prayer will strengthen the believer, build up bravery in him as well as his confidence in God to perform the impossible.

2. A channel of interaction

Prayer is actually a 2-way channel through which God and human beings communicate with one another. Communication is extremely important for any relationship on this planet. By means of prayers, Christians relate their feelings, minds, emotions, needs and inadequacies, whilst God communicates solutions, assurance and also His superiority to the believers.

3. Experience God’s love

God is nothing but love and by prayers, you experience and comprehend more the love of Christ. Whenever you pray you do enter into the presence of God where you’ll be surrounded by God’s love. This guaantees you of the protection of God over you, insecurity fades away and you obtain courage to deal with life realizing that Christ loves you and will be by your side all the time.

4. Ask and receive

By means of prayer, we ask as well as receive our wishes from God. Jesus mentioned that we must ask if we wish to receive from the Almighty. In James 4:2, James stated that we don’t have simply because we haven’t asked. Consequently, whatever you desire from the Almighty you should ask in prayer prior to receiving it.

5. Channel of conquering forces of darkness

Christians triumph over the Satan through prayers. The Satan has been conquered by the death and also the resurrection of Jesus Christ but we implement it thru prayers in the name of Christ. As it is stated, “a prayerless Christian is actually a powerless Christian”. While you pray, you implement your authority in Jesus against all the assaults of the foe.


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