10 Amazing Ways to Harvest Emotional Crops

10 amazing ways to harvest emotional crops

10 Amazing Ways to Harvest Emotional Crops

Truly, time is a never-ending flow of life. The past, present, and future are intertwined together in one continuous motion – the experiences gained from the past will be our guide today; the seeds planted today will be the fruits of tomorrow.

What better way to enrich ourselves with everything that is good tomorrow, than by planting today the seeds of great values?

Come with me as we take a look at the great values we can plant today for a better future! Ready? Read along.

Plant Seeds of Hope

Hope is Power. It is the power to hold on to things that your heart so desires eagerly. With hope, you can see the beauty of your dreams even though those dreams seem impossible to be realized.

Plant Seeds of Love

Love is the very essence of humanity – the greatest, most honorable deeds were made by man out of love. The legendary stories and poems of the past sailed smoothly through the sands of time because they spoke the words of love. Love is what pulls you through to live life another day.

Let us plant seeds of love by doing small acts of love. Though they may be small, they will grow as great as a towering oak tree.

Plant Seeds of Joy

Happiness is a choice. Diamonds and pearls might make you smile, lovers and friends might make you laugh, but if happiness is not found within your heart then these fleeting emotions cannot last.

Choose happiness! Plant seeds of joy in your heart by taking away all traces of vengeance and sadness.

Plant Seeds of Peace

Peace is silence and tranquility within your soul. The whole world may be drenched in the bliss of peaceful serenity, but if your heart is full of rage you still have not obtained peace.
Have peace within your heart by being one with nature and with all of humanity. Plant seeds of peace by removing all prejudice against race and color. These are mere physical realities that fade away in time, but deep within we are all but one people.

Plant Seeds of Faithfulness

Faithfulness is as strong as the bond that keeps the Earth close to the moon and the sun. No one can break it until it loses ground – never allow such a thing to happen. Keep the bonds between you and your loved ones sturdy.

Plant the seeds of faithfulness by trusting each other. Cherish the faith you share, and your seeds will grow strong.

Plant Seeds of Gentleness

Be soft as the sheep’s wool. Be calm as the still blue waters. This is what it means to be gentle. Rashness and carelessness is never the way to nurturing the soul. Plant the seeds of gentleness by treating anyone you meet with care and tenderness.

Plant Seeds of Self-Control

Emotions can lead you to rash decisions. It can eat you up from within and lash out at all the people close to you. Never let these feelings be the master of your existence. Plant the seeds of self-control by taking back the reigns and being the master of your own self.

Plant Seeds of Patience

Patience is what allows farmers to grow crops and fishermen to catch fish without going against the natural flow of the seasons. Patience is what allows mothers and fathers to answer all the eager questions of their young children.
Protect yourself from the destructive forces of anxiety and rage with the caring seeds of patience.

Plant Seeds of Kindness

Kindness pulls people closer to you. A kind word can quench the fires of anger, and a kind deed can heal the wounds of pain. Plant the seeds of kindness by being kind to people wherever you may go.

Plant Seeds of Goodness

Goodness keeps the world alive. It is what gives us warmth like the gentle rays of the sun. We need it as much as flowers do in order to bloom into the most beautiful versions of ourselves.
Stay true to who we really are. Plant the seeds of goodness by basking in the warmth of everything that is good.

Choose wisely the seeds you will plant in your heart and soul today. Germinate those seeds with faith and hope. Fertilize them with prayers and God will sprinkle them with His never ending might.