A Humble Attitude is Your Highest Praise

We live in an era of delusion and glare. Nowadays, we have passion to raise ourselves, to demote and judge others, to sin and to be greedy, even more than the previous ages. Who does not have this passion?

Be Humble with Yourself First

Everyone has the passion to raise himself. From scientific point of view, it is physically normal for the human brain to behave like this. Who would not like to be the best among others? Who would prefer to be a servant and not a master? We are humans with education and we have to think that if everybody would be a master in this world, how we would be able to go on as a community of masters without servants? In our society, there must not be only what we call “education” but also the rule of church that says, “Ignorance is bliss.” Everybody in this world has to be equal with the others. Of course, everybody has to put the effort to act for himself with the best way. Every single person has to try to increase his education, his experience and his quality of life with the appropriate manner. Not only Jesus came on earth to teach about humility, but also other significant personalities such as the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates. Hippocrates wanted his pupils to be simple doctors. He would not like the doctors to use wonderful dresses and to act as great and magnificent personalities. Another Greek ancient philosopher, Socrates, became famous because he said, “I know that I know nothing”. Thus, we have to be honest with ourselves that we have all of us just a human mind and we cannot differ much from the others.

Be Humble Before Others

Since we are honest with ourselves, we can be easier honest with the others among us to be useful in our community. If we humble ourselves, we can make the other people to sympathize us. Think about a man that believes that he is a master of everything. Would you adore a person with a behavior like that? Whereas if we knew that a person would be simple, we would really “like” him and we would admire his achievements. The same happens to everybody for the rest of us. That is why; we have to be simple men, frank with the others and to have a pure spirit because God gives bless to worthy people.

Be Humble in the Presence of God

When Jesus came on earth, he was teaching the crowds about love, mercy and humility. He made the crowd to understand that the father would react to them as they react to the others. He was trying to advise every single person to humble himself to be able to have entrance in heaven. God knows every single personality. He made us on earth to act as his slaves and not to behave to the rest of the people as a master. That is why, if we humble ourselves, we are honest to God too.
Watch the growth of the bamboos. The higher they grow, the lower they bend. We do not want to grow as a bamboo. We want to grow straightly to be able to reach our father in heaven. This has to be our most important achievement. That is why – if we use to raise ourselves on earth, the God will neglect us in heaven. Whereas the most humbled person on earth, who was Jesus, will be the King of heaven. Instead of that, we have to humble ourselves to make the most of the people of our community to respect and admire us correspondingly.


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Amazing Life Lessons I learned from My Dogs

No matter how old or young we are, no matter how easy or hard life may be, a dog’s love and affection can instantly make a tough day easier. Here are some of the amazing life lessons I learned from my dogs.

1. Dogs are Great Companions

We all know the well-worn phrase – “a dog is man’s best friend,” but it is absolutely true. A dog’s loyalty, compassion, devotion, and inherent ability to lift your mood makes him or her an essential friend for life.

What can this teach you? It can show you just how important it is to treat another living creature just as you would like to be treated in return. Dogs’ love for their masters is absolutely unwavering – so why not give them that same affection?

Few things are more satisfying and uplifting than coming home after a long, hard day, to find your beautiful dog waiting for you. The joy you can feel as your dogs jump up, wag their tails, and make you feel welcome and valued simply cannot be overstated. They also make your home feel far safer: you’re not alone on dark, stormy evenings anymore. You can curl up on your couch and cuddle up to a soft, loving creature you know would do anything to protect you.

This is incredibly important for senior citizens, who become frightened easily and crave companionship. Having another heartbeat around the house can transform your life – and make you feel reborn!

2. Dogs are Great Friends

Dogs love to go for walks, for runs, and to explore new locations. For anyone who has felt lonely, or is missing a loved one, taking a dog out with you for the day is a beautifully fulfilling experience.

One great lesson you can learn from your dogs is friendship.

They just listen. They don’t talk back. They don’t butt in with their own opinions.

You can just talk and talk to your dog, and no matter what secrets you tell them, their feelings towards you will not change. This has a lot to teach us about being better friends: we tend to judge even our most beloved friends when they unburden themselves – is this really the basis of a great friendship?

Be like your dog. Listen. Allow your friends to get their problems off their chest without butting in or belittling them.

3. Dogs are Great Lovers

Dogs are incredibly skilled at making you feel valued, loved, and like the most important person in the world – isn’t this how we all want to feel at one time or another?

When you come home, your dog is there to embrace you and devote their time to you. There may as well be nothing else in the world vying for their attention: they are in love with you, and you with them.

Another great lesson: be just as devoted as a lover as your dog is with you.

Treat your partner as if they are the only person on Earth. Give them your total attention, your complete commitment. Don’t let yourself be distracted by trivial matters.

Dogs can be some of the world’s greatest teachers – just watch how they live their lives and try to echo their finest moments. In short: life is better and happier with a dog.


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Let Your Greatest Pain Develop into Your Greatest Strength

Ever wondered what pain is? Pain is a distressed feeling caused by damaging stimuli. I want to talk about the pain associated with feelings and emotions. It is that kind of pain when you suffer a loss or grief out of something or someone. This pain and the feeling is inevitable. When you experience such kind of agony, the feeling is sometimes unbearable and you often find yourself trapped in the depth of it all. It is hard to divert the attention from it but did you know you can let your greatest pain develop into your greatest strength? All you need is a little courage and motivation.

There is Strength in Every Struggle

Whenever you experience emotional pain, there is always a strong urge, a strong feeling that attracts you in its power. Fear not though for with a little act of courage, you can control that power and turn it into your strength. Now the question here is, how can you overcome your struggles? The answer is very simple; you just have to trust in God. You have to draw the strength from offering prayers to God as him only will give you strength to bear that pain. You must pray for the strength and peace mind to not only overcome but withstand it. Once you are be able to trust and believe in God, you will find your true strength in every struggle you face.

Prayer is the key

You should also try and make prayers part of your usual routine. Only through this will you find the inner peace within yourself. The prayers will serve as the only key for unlocking the inner strength needed in overcoming pain and suffering. They will not only give you the strength to fight but also the strength to overcome and strength to develop your pain into your strongest power and energy.

God Makes You Strong

Sometimes you also wonder why you were given that suffering, why not someone else? The answer is simple. God wants you to become strong. He chose you as the sufferer because he wanted to test your commitment to overcome those challenges. He wanted to show you that you are actually stronger than you think. God doesn’t give you pain and sufferings if He thinks you are weak and not ready to accept them. On the contrary, He only gives that much of pain because He needs to use you as a testimony that pain can be conquered. There is no any concept in life without pain. If there would not have been pain in the world, then you would not have understood the true concept of happiness and ultimately, you would not have recognized God.

God is in Full Control

Every happiness is borne of pain and with every pain springs is happiness – they are that intertwined. You just have to look tough and try to look at the bright side of your suffering. With the blessings of God lies your true strength and with his will lies your true glory. Without him, you are nothing. God has the control of this entire universe and he has the power to do and undo every happening, including your suffering that may now appear insurmountable. With your trust in him all the time, you can have the satisfaction and his endless generosity. You can have your greatest pain turned into your greatest strength – just have faith in God and believe it is possible and it will happen.


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Be Humble and God will Lift You Up

If you want to be successful and happy, one of the very important traits you need to have is humility. There are many verses and the quotes in the Bible that confirm this. When you are humble, it means that you recognize that your true worth comes from God alone.

Humility is Honesty with Yourself

For you to achieve genuine spiritual progress and real happiness, you need to have the ability as well as the willingness to be honest within yourself. When you are honest about your motives and actions, you will be able to keep your ego in check and also nurture a more self-giving attitude.

But personal honesty and self-awareness does not mean that you have to be overly critical of yourself. By being humble, you are not trying to make yourself feel guilty. It is not only about knowing your sins and confessing them, but having the willingness to understand your true motivations and also being aware of your shortcomings.

You will struggle too much to make any real progress in life if you always live with an attitude of self-justification and feel that you are always right. You will also be more prone to insecurity and pride. But when you are honest and aware of your shortcomings, it will be easier to become the person that you really want to in life. Even though it may be a little bit of work, it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Humility is Honesty with Others

Being honest with others is not an easy thing, but it is something that can be achieved. We lie to people for different reasons. There are times that we do it to make ourselves look better by using embellishments, exaggerations or flat out tales. When we are unhappy about some things, it is usually easier to fill in with lies as opposed to telling the truth.

Another reason why we lie is to avoid embarrassment. We do it for covering up for transgressions and bad behaviors that we are not proud of. People also lie to their peers because they want to earn respect from them. They also lie to authoritative figures in order to avoid punishment or embarrassment.

To break the chain of lies and be honest with other people, you need to know how to anticipate behaviors that will make you feel guilty and avoid them. You can also achieve honesty when you stop comparing yourself with other people. It is only by doing so that you will be able to give yourself the value that you deserve. Because you already feel valuable, you will not feel the need to lie in order to bring yourself up. Other ways that honesty can be achieved include accepting consequences and deciding to face them and doing things that make you feel happy and proud.

Humility is Honesty with God

To be honest with God, you need to share everything with Him. When you are reluctant to speak honestly to God, it shows that you do not trust Him fully. Sometimes, we fail to be fully honest with God because we are mad at Him or we are afraid that He will get mad at us. We fail to trust God to be forgiving, just and helpful when the truth of the matter is that He is all these things. He wants us to come to Him with everything that we have on our minds and He will help us see a way through.

To be humble, you need to be like a bamboo – the higher it grows, the lower it bends. This simply means that the higher you are in grace, the lower you should be willing to stoop and serve others. You will not become a loser by serving others.


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Honesty is the Best Policy

God, our creator, expects us to be honest in our relationships that transcend every sphere of our lives. We shouldn’t only be honest with our God but also with our parents, our friends, our family, ourselves, and even the strangers that happen to chance into our life. There’s nowhere this is more starkly put than the biblical story of Ananias and Sapphira who had to pay with their lives for their dishonesty and deceitfulness.

Honesty with Yourself

One thing we are highly skilled in is telling lies to ourselves. We don’t want to be brutally honest with ourselves. How many times have you been into a hot argument with someone and retreats back to yourself and said, “Honestly I was wrong there?” Yes, what we always operate goes by the name double standards, generously judging ourselves, our actions, and our motives without any inner questioning or debate of ourselves. Learn not to lie to yourself to build a stronger relationship with yourself.

Honesty with Family

Perhaps you have seen how dishonesty can tear apart the fabric of the family. Most of the divorces, financial ruin, name it, have their deep roots in dishonesty. We tell lies all the time. However, a good Christian family life should be one where you are honest with each other. When you are not honest with your spouse, you are teaching your kids not to be honest with the world. Do not lie to any member of your family. A lie is only going to earn you a short-time reprieve, but from the seeds of lies you have planted will sprout the reality where no one within your family is going to ever trust you again. When you are wrong, just admit it, and not lie. You will be building a healthy relationship within the family with honesty.

Honesty with Friends

No man is an Island. We all need friends since they’re the bedrock of our existence, when things are crumbling; we rush to them to give us a helping hand. It’s therefore important to build a healthy relationship with friends through honesty. When you lie to your friends, it’s going to be difficult for them to trust you in return. They’ll just melt away into oblivion from your life. Lies and secrets, even when you think are better for you, normally in the end turn out worse. Someone eventually is going to find out. And when your friend inadvertently hears the truth from another source apart from you, it catches them totally unaware making them feel betrayed. The relationship is not going to retain the same facade you had before. Friends should never be dishonest with each other!

Honesty with Strangers

He’s just a stranger, so? Let me lie to him he gets out of my neck. After all I am not going to see him again! The world is small. That person you were dishonest with, further down the road of life, you are going to meet him.

It behooves us as Christians to be honest with everybody, including strangers, however hard and brutal it looks. Perhaps you heard the story of this creative San Francisco man who, to test the honesty of strangers, went around the rich and the poor areas with a fake winning lottery in his hands asking strangers to tell him if he’d won or not. Some were honest, some cheated him. But what’s important here is you should also build a healthy relationship with everybody, even including total strangers. When Jesus was recruiting his disciples, he was honest with them on what He expected them to do, and they hearkened.

Relationship with God

He’s our Creator and we cannot lie to Him. An honest relationship with God implies that we are not going to estrange ourselves from Him, and as a Father, he is going to grant you that favor you need. God sees through us, and when we lie – as Ananias and Sapphira did – He is going to find out, and you aren’t going to be favorable before His eyes any more.

Honesty is the best policy, as is always said. When you are not honest with one another, even with yourself, you are living a life of lie and soon it catches up with you. It destroys your relationship with everyone around you, even with God.


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Today I am Counting My Blessings not My Problems

I am wonderfully fortunate that today I am counting my blessings not my problems. Today I am blessed. God is good always.

When I think of how God has blessed me I feel like singing praises and glorifying Him. He is the superpower and always a provider and I have always felt fulfilled with Him. I thank God for the gift of life, the air we breathe, the food and shelter. By His grace I have managed to overcome my challenges, temptations and problems. Why am I blessed?

1. My Heart is Beating

Just the other day, I met up with some of my friends and an argument arose on how the term being alive can be defined. Nowadays with improvements in technology and surgical procedures anything from heart to the kidneys can be transplanted from one person to another but the one thing that was agreed on was that it is only God that can give the breathe of life. The breath of life is one of God’s greatest gifts and with every heartbeat, God’s continuous presence and dependence in our lives is seen.

2. I have Food to Eat

Birds do not have hands but they have their own homes .The mother can provide for her young ones and can’t complain at all however they sing praises to Yahweh. The almighty has always provided for my food. The street children wake up without food, money or clothes but at the end of the day they will have something in their stomach. What a blessing, He touches the hearts of good Samaritans and well-wishers to offer charity to the underprivileged.

3. I have Water to Drink

Water is life and God gives life. God has provided water in streams, rivers, the rains and lakes. I once watched a documentary on the superb powers of God to provide water in extreme condition such as the sandy and rocky deserts. He always gives hope even where there is no hope. With His amazing art of creation He has enabled flora and fauna to adapt changes in their habitats for their survival. The cactus have thorns and thick leaves like stem to allow it absorb water and not to lose it also. That is why I praise Jehovah.

4. I have Oxygen to Breath

The amazing blessing of the air we breathe is really awesome. The birds in the sky, the fish in the seas, the animals not forgetting the plants swaying and giving praises to God for the amazing gift of oxygen. If oxygen would have been for sale, everybody would have been poor since we can’t live without it; Life would be obsolete.

5. I am Alive, Healthy and Strong

Every day I wake up I always remember to thank the Lord for it is only through His eternal and everlasting love and grace that enables me to see another day. As much as we have a part to play in ensuring that we live in an environment that is safe and healthy environment, it’s only by God’s divine intervention that we are able to maintain our heath and be able to see another day.

GOD is the giver of life, the provider of all our needs and always has a part to play in our lives. He is always ready to hear you and His door is always open, you only have to Let Him in. And for sure today I am counting my blessings not my problems.


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The Best Attitude is Gratitude

Today, you and I, are truly blessed.

Life is a Blessing. Time is a blessing too. At all times, give thanks with a grateful heart. The best attitude is gratitude.

There is no greater love than sacrificing yourself for the sins of others. Truly, God’s love knows no boundaries. And in return, we will cherish the life He generously gave to us. How? It’s simple.

Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart

First, you should start each day with a grateful heart. Tomorrow is an opportunity that some were not able to have. Everyone needs to realize that every day is a new beginning that promises new hope. We should thank our Lord for giving us another chance to correct our wrong doings. Be positive and have an optimistic outlook for the day ahead. Life is what you make it.

A Grateful Heart is a Joyful Heart

Bear it in mind that a thankful heart is a happy heart. Stop complaining about the things that you do not have. Instead, start to appreciate all of the things that you did not ask for but was given to you anyway. You may not always have what you want, but you get what you truly deserve. Because God knows what’s best for you. Once you begin to appreciate everything you have, thank God from the bottom of your heart. Only then will you feel contentment and happiness.

Count Your Blessings Every Day

Make sure to count your blessings every day. Do not forget that a new day is a new blessing. Your family, friends, classmates, church mates, workmates even your bosses are blessings from our Lord. You can eat, you can walk, you can talk, and many other things you could do are blessings you should be thankful for. Once you start to consider the things and people around you, you will realize how fortunate you are. You will value life more than ever because you know that you are blessed.

There is Always Something to be Grateful For

No matter how bad your day is turning to be, be reminded that there is always something to be grateful for. Everything, either good or bad, happens for a reason. God has sent you into this world with a purpose to inspire others in being strong no matter what life would bring. Be thankful that despite all the struggles and obstacles you encounter, God never lets you down and always gives you the opportunity to be someone better and deserving to enter His Kingdom.

Every day is a Thanksgiving Day

It is good that you know you owe our Lord everything that you are. But please do not forget that everyone around you has also a great impact and influence of you turning into a better version of yourself. Thank your enemy if you have one. For without them, you will not be as strong as you are. Thank those who talk things behind your back. For without them, you won’t know that trusting God is more important than trusting anyone. Be thankful for your family and loved ones because they were the ones who kept you going. But most of all, thank God each and every day of your life. For without Him, you are nothing.

Life is simple. For as long as you put God as the center of it, nothing is impossible to achieve. But most importantly, Life is a Precious Gift from God. Learn to Love and Appreciate Everything.


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A Joyful Life is an Authentic Design for All His Creations

God is the Creator of Life and everything – visible and invisible.

Our strength is a blessing from the joy of the Lord. A joyful life is an authentic design for all his creations. Choose joy today.

To live with joy every minute is our authentic design. God created man to be a joyous being. The garden was not just another habitat; it was a place brimming with life and provisions. But man had a choice to make. He could either completely trust God thriving from the joy only He could give or find happiness on his own and we all know how that ended up.

Find Joy Along Your Journey

We have the very same choice to make in our everyday lives and learn to find joy in every step of our journey. Somehow we are wired to always think about what is going to happen next that we forget to enjoy the present hour. Take time to rejoice in the fact that you have performed well in your test rather than wondering what the grade will look like. Cherish the times you spend with your little ones than worrying about their future.

There is Joy in Every Simple Thing

Somewhere along the line we have convinced ourselves that success is being better than someone. The stealer of joy is comparison. Our life is a constant battle of comparison. Is my house as big as my cousin’s? Is my baby as healthy as my neighbor’s? Is my pay as high as my colleague’s? These are questions which rise up in our subconscious some way or the other. Let us make a conscious decision to stop comparing and start trusting. Joy can be found in every simple thing and occasion. It is ours to choose. The sumptuous breakfast that you had can be a daily routine for you but it can be someone’s only meal. God has given us blessings that we have not asked for and answered requests that we have not prayed for and it has brought us to where we are right now. Take time to smile and say a little thank you.

Joy is Your Best Makeup

God wants us to live as our authentic selves with a life that radiates joy from the heavens and when that becomes the source your face will light up with the love of the father. Real joy is your best make up. When you make this your constant pursuit, your beauty is bound to increase manifold.

Joy is a Blessing

Why do we have to make this constant choice? Because joy is a blessing and we have to receive it abundantly from God. Have you seen that joy is closely associated with love? God is love and joy is His nature. When love is our lifestyle, joy becomes a reflex.

Spread Your Joy

So there comes your formula for joy! It is love. When you become extravagant with your love, you will find that choosing joy becomes your second nature. We all know that true joy cannot be hidden, so its time you radiate and spread the joy to the hopeless. People need joy in their lives more so than ever. God wants us to experience His love, source from His joy and lead a life worth living.

This shift in lifestyle will undo what was forfeited in the garden. The moment you start receiving joy from the Creator Himself and make it your strength, you redeem the story of the fall of man. So let us return from whatever holds us captive and be freed by the joy from our lord. Let us together proclaim that the joy of the Lord is our strength!


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Relive and Rebuild Your Life from Deep Within

Each moment is a CHANCE to make things new. Relive and rebuild your life from deep within. True change must come from the inside not from the outside.

Rebuilding your life from within is a simple step by step process that will guarantee you lifelong happiness, peace with yourself and others. In the modern world, a lot of distractions are inevitable. These distractions can often consume your time to an extent that you ignore your inner self. The “inner man” in every Christian needs a lot of attention. A good start point on the road to rebuilding your life from within is to love yourself unconditionally.

Loving yourself boosts your overall self image and self esteem. The person who loves him/her self understands the meaning of unconditional love .You will reciprocate it to others if you have it within you. No matter the situation you have been in, however traumatizing you always have a second chance to pick your pieces and begin again. In rebuilding your life as a Christian there are many biblical teachings and promises you need to look up to which offer guidance and wisdom from a good Christian perspective.

1. The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

This is a great assurance for any believer. It is the joy of the lord that sustains us each day. When it enters our presence it becomes a pillar of faith. The mysteries of life can really break our joy since sometimes we cannot comprehend their meaning but joy is the highest attainment of life which comes as a result of Godly living. Joy is quite deeper than happiness, happiness is a fruit of prosperous conditions or favorable conditions but joy is independent of any circumstance. We need to embrace it in all situations.

2. Surround yourself with Christians and other believers of Jesus Christ

God uses friendship as a tool of sanctification. Christians should choose their company wisely because they can either bring you up or bring you down. If you come across people who encourage ungodly traits, they can easily lead you to sin and you should break away from such company in a wise discerning manner,Remember you become exactly like the people you spend most of your time with. Choose friends who not only encourage you and spiritually uplift you but those who rebuke you when you are wrong.

3. For Gods Glory, Forgive and Love your enemies

Forgiveness is inevitable. A person who doesn’t forgive carries the burden of pent up emotions. Our God is a God of Justice. Refusing to forgive doesn’t grant us any powers but enslaves us even more to sin. It’s a command from God and we should do it for His Glory.

4. Pray at all times

Prayer should be part of our lives .It’s an important way to build our relationship with Jesus Christ. The Christian life is more of a relationship with God than just rules and regulations to follow. Prayer helps us to overcome temptation and discern Gods will for us. It’s also a prerequisite for spiritual awakening and a great weapon of spiritual warfare. God values every minute we spend in prayer so Christians should pray without ceasing.

5. Always meditate and read the word of God

God always advances his purposes through His word. His will is contained in his word. The word inspires every prayer we make. The person who meditates and read the word of God becomes fruitful and delightful. We shall begin to truly understand the mysterious ways in which God works.


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Smiling and Laughing Promotes Emotional and Psychological Health

Smiling and laughing have always been known to bring positivity on our well-being. Smiling and laughing promotes emotional and psychological health. However, as we grow older, we tend to smile and laugh less due to all the stressful responsibilities we have. Little did we know that it is the smile and laughter that can actually release us from stresses.

Smiling and laughing keeps us going when we are feeling low

Many are the times we all feel the urge to finally stop no matter the effort we earlier put on what we started. Such are the times when we should get the reason to smile. Laugh and smile while things seem to be going against your expectations and be assured that will make you rise above and get you motivated.

Smiling is proven to release neurotransmitters called endorphins which are responsible in making us feel happy and reduce our stress. It is the muscle movement on our face when we smile that releases endorphins. It means endorphins can be released even if you fake your smile so do not feel bad about faking a smile from time to time.

Laughing can expand our lungs and stretch muscles as well as stimulate homeostasis, giving our body the energy it needs to replenish cells with oxygen. Simply put, smiling and laughing can keep you healthy through a continual supply of oxygen.

Smiling and laughing brings joy to our neighbors

As Christians, we are reminded, it is our divine responsibility to love our neighbors and one way to get to their hearts is through our own smiles and laughter. Smiling has always been considered as contagious; when someone next to you sees you smile, part of their brain that regulates their facial motion is activated and hence leads them to smile and laugh too. Amazing right?

There has been a common belief based on Biblical and historical information that Jesus walked an average of 25 miles a day, keeping Him healthy and who is the better role model for a natural lifestyle other than Him? Though He wept over the sins of Jerusalem, Jesus undoubtedly smiled when little children were brought to Him. We too, should smile upon seeing children or simply to show appreciation. Even so, it is best that we explain their wrongdoings with a smile. This can keep them from feeling too guilty, sad and stressed.

Smiling bridges the gap between people

Laughing and smiling earn you a lot of friends. Everyone likes to be associated with happy people. Once you keep frowning, you create a great distance between the people around you. Keep smiling and you draw people close to you.

Smiling and laughing will not just benefit us. It will also benefit other people. Our smile and laughter can spread joy to the world. Remember that Jesus also encouraged joyful laughter after a period of sadness and despondency as a laugh can cure pain. In case of the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son, He spoke of rejoicing when all these were found.

Keep smiling at all times in all moods, while in good health or not, every morning as you wake up, at any moment of the day, and every night before you close your eyes to sleep.

Let the whole world see the joy of the Lord in your smile.


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