Amazing Mathematics of a Real Christian Life

It is the purpose of the Father that all people be saved and lead Christian lives that give glory and honor to God. Although this may not be easy to understand or put into practice, a simple equation can illustrate what we can refer to as the amazing mathematics of a real Christian life.

A. Add Jesus to your life

The first and most fundamental principle of a real Christian life is to put Jesus Christ at the center of your life. To add Jesus’ means to accept him as your personal Lord and Savior, in so doing be redeemed and saved. An example of this could be Paul the apostle, once a persecutor of Christians. He gave his life to Christ and become saved.

B. Subtract all your fears and worries

Fear is the enemy of faith and the two cannot be experienced together from a Christian life point of view. Just as darkness cannot exist with light, removing fear and worries leaves only room for the light of hope which is received from God. A strong example of victory in the face of fear is the battle between David and Goliath. David knew who his God was thus was not afraid because the victory was already his.

C. Divide all your blessings with others

All wealth and blessings come from God. He gives freely to those who love and obey him. A third principle of a Christian life is to divide your blessings with others and in so doing become a vessel of which God has used. Abraham was one such willing giver; he was tested to give his greatest blessing, his son. Upon passing the test, God told him to spare his son and in return showered him with blessings and made him father of many nations.

D. Multiply your good deeds

In this day and age, being a person of good deeds is not easy. However, to live a real Christian life, one must not only do good deeds but increase the amount of good services performed. This is what a Christian needs to aspire to be. A woman praised in the Bible for her good deeds was Dorcas. She was singled out for being someone who constantly looked to do good and excelled at it.

E. Equals a wonderful Christian life

By adding Jesus to your life and making him your Savior, removing fear/worries and replacing them with Faith. Dividing your blessings with others and allowing yourself to be a blessing from God. Multiplying your good deeds as this is what a Christian life should BE. The result equals a fulfilled, happy and wonderful Christian life. This following the instruction to be Christ-like.

Life does not come with a manual but God provided us with his life manual which is the Bible. Reflect on it and with the above broken down formula, the mathematics of a real Christian life become easier to understand and follow.


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Keep Moving Forward for God is the Way to Victory

Always trust in God’s powerful plans in your life and keep forward for God is the way to victory.

1. Stop Focusing on what happened and start focusing on things which move you forward

Our minds happen to be the most powerful tool available to us. This super computer as it is referred to, has immense capabilities and one of them is the storing of memories. Whether positive or negative, our thoughts are kept in the back of our minds. Life experiences vary but a common denominator among everyone is that we all go through setbacks. How we respond to these setbacks has a large impact on our present as well as on our future. The bible speaks of Paul the Apostle who instructed us to forget about our past and focus on our future in Jesus Christ. This helps us press forward in our goals and receive our victories appointed to us from heaven.

2. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

The traumatic effect of difficulties has strong repercussions on our mental as well as physical health. On a mental note, difficulties temporary ‘blind’ us from remembering the good elements in our lives. They can also cause us to disconnect from God and believe he has abandoned us. In the midst of the storm however, His love and presence is ever present. God has you in the palms of his hands and everything that happens to you is for your good. It is then our duty, to look outside of our circumstance with joy and thanksgiving. In doing so we see from God’s perspective and realize that there is always a way out of our difficulty. Joseph is an example of this train of thought from the bible. He was sold by his own brothers but he did not falter on his character. This stance led him to be crowned king even after being imprisoned in the land he was sold to. He becomes the saving solution for the country and his family. God used what could be considered a very unfair difficultly into a life saving opportunity.

3. When you bring peace to your past, you can move forward to your future

One of the graces we receive in Jesus Christ is the forgiveness of our sins and forgetting of our pasts. This is essential because the past is like a stone tied to your body, it will slow you down. We are told of a woman in the bible known as Mary Magdalene. She was once a prostitute but received the forgiving love of Jesus Christ. This enabled her to make peace with herself and her past. Upon letting her past go, she served with Jesus and was among the first to see the risen Lord. Her future was embraced upon making peace with her past.

4. Pray always, move forward and believe God will make a way

We are instructed to pray without seizing because this is our link to God. Prayer has a calming effect and moves God on your behalf in your situation. Abraham and Sarah were well beyond in their years; their chances of having children were low to nonexistent. However, they continued to pray, give thanks and move forward. Abraham believed God will make a way and his faith was honored when he was blessed with a son.

5. Life goes on, keep moving forward with God

The one thing we are certain of in life is that it continues to move on regardless of our situation. Whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor, life does not stop. God as well does not stop working in our lives regardless of our circumstances. He has promised to never leave nor forsake you. This reassures us to keeping pushing forward and with God at our helm, to realize that your story ends in victory.


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Priorities and Reminders for a Rewarding Today

Your priorities and reminders for a rewarding today is a checklist that will help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling day to day life. When we live each day at a time, we are able to deal with issues and concentrate on what needs to be done at the moment. Here are some things to consider.

Forgive and Forget

This is a very hard thing to do especially when you have been deeply wounded. The essence of forgiving is you release yourself from resentment and bitterness. Do you want to always feel sad, bitter and angry towards the one who hurt you? Forgiving will let you release all the pain and make way for peace, restoration and immense joy. Sometimes, forgiving is not easy but pray to God to help you do it. Also when you remember how God forgives you anytime you have sinned, it will be easier to forgive others. Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer instructed us to forgive others so that we too may find the same forgiveness from God.

Pray for All Those Who Have Hurt Your Feelings

Jesus once asked, if you only do well to those who are good to you, how will they differentiate you from those who do not believe in God? We ought not revenge or wish bad things happen to our enemies. We should love our enemies and be good to them. If someone hurts your feelings, don’t hurt them back. Instead pray for them. God can change them into loving, kind and considerate people. You will feel better when you pray for them instead of retaliating.

Let Go of What You Cannot Control

There are situations in life that are way beyond our control. These include other people’s behaviors, calamities and illnesses. When you get stressed over something you cannot change, you only get unhappier and bitterness can start clipping into your heart. Is there anything too hard for God? Leave your burdens into His care, even those situations that seem out of control. He will work through them and ensure everything is okay once more.

Praise and Worship God in Spirit and in Truth

There is nothing that makes the power of God descend into our lives more than when we spend time in praise and worship. Give God the reverence and priority He deserves in your life. Take time every day away from your busy schedule to just worship God. This will add more peace and joy in your everyday life. Acknowledge Him in the morning when you wake up before doing anything else.

Count Your Blessings not Your Burdens

It is easy to wallow in pain and dissatisfaction especially in the world today. When you dwell on burdens, this sacks joy out of you. Is there something God has done for you lately? Has He been good to you? Why don’t you praise Him for that? Why don’t you focus on the blessings that surround you? You are alive and well, have a home and food on your table? These are enough blessings.

All this is not easy but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be able to live a life just like the one Jesus Christ lived here on earth. Pray to God for help each day to exercise these steps.


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Staying Content and Finding Peace in Your Life despite Your Circumstances

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether there is more to life than constant struggle and strife? Do you look at other people, those with riches and influence and think that maybe if you had a little of what they had you would be at peace with yourself? There is more to life and the emptiness we feel has nothing to do with our riches or possessions but with the need to fulfill a purpose and until we know what the purpose is and how to fulfill it, contentment will always evade us.

Be contented

Let’s look at what the word “contentment” means: it means to be satisfied with what is and not feeling lack because of what isn’t. That definition is a bit altruistic and not really one that the dictionary provides but it’s the simplest way to put it. When you are satisfied with what is, you yearn for nothing else outside of what is you already have fulfills you. Socrates might have come up with the saying “A contented heart is a calm sea in the midst of a raging storm,” however, the bible is filled with teachings about joy, happiness, and contentment. A lot of Christians fail to see this because they cannot see past the hard situations in their lives. Even though we are born again and have accepted Christ as our personal Lord and Savior we do not give in to his will and let him take over. Worldliness and Doubt are our biggest problems.

Be still

Why worldliness? Because we still measure ourselves with the same yardstick that the rest of the world uses. Doubt? Because we second-guess what the Word of God says about the path we should be following. The story of Jesus stilling the storm is one that is popular in the bible but people miss a certain crucial point, that even as the storm raged and the disciples were screaming for their lives Christ was sleeping peacefully. The disciples were afraid, but if they had an ounce of faith, they too could have found peace in that raging storm instead, they panicked. Jesus only woke up and commanded the storm to be still. He chided them for being afraid and asked if they had no faith. Perhaps if they were more like Jesus, they would have found the peace to sleep soundly in that raging storm with the unshakable knowledge that they would not perish.

Never worry

Worrying, spending sleepless nights thinking about the problems we have means that we do not trust that God is listening and that as quickly as the storm ceased for Jesus and his disciples on the boat, it can cease in your life. True contentment, the kind that gives you deep peace, can only be attained when we are in good standing with God. Having God and striving to be more like Jesus Christ causes all temporal needs to fade. Contentment does not come when you get what you desire, it comes with the realization that what you are and what you already have is enough.

Trust in God always

When we are detached from worldly riches and take Christ’s own words as written in Matthew 6:25-26 and recognize our value, we may learn that seeking Jesus Christ and trusting God provides us with all that we need and more.


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You are the Custodian of Your Own Happiness

It is important to understand that whatever a human being portrays on the outside comes from within. Your attitude towards a particular situation, person or circumstance determines the kind of reaction you exhibit. Positive attitude brings out joy and happiness while a negative one causes anger, discontentment and disappointment. You have the power and ability to change your attitude towards everything in life and this result to a happy or a miserable life depending on what you choose. The Bible encourages the believers to count it joy even during the tough times of trials as endurance will result to increased faith. Job went through awful moment in his life but still found joy even in deepest pain. This is a teaching that you are the custodian of your own happiness and therefore you can still be happy even during the hardest moments of life by focusing on God and looking on the positive side of that particular situation.

Don’t allow the silly little things steal your joy.

It is obvious that the enemy comes to cause harm and since the beginning of times, Satan has been moving around trying to rob your joy. Every day, there are small things that happen and end up making you angry or even fall into sin. However, God has sent a helper who will always enable you realize the tricks of the devil and end up not falling into temptations. The Holy Spirit enables you to discern the evil and exempts you from it. Potiphar’s wife was used by the devil to cause Joseph fall into sin and steal his joy but the power of God was upon him and he overcame the temptations. This example encourages the believers today to rely on the help of the Holy Spirit so as not to allow the devil steal their joy.

Renew your mind daily with God’s Word.

The present day world is full of so many things that engage people’s mind in diverse ways. This calls for a daily renewal of all believers’ minds so as not to get conformed into the thing of the world and forget about their maker. The Word of God is the food to your soul and just like the physical body which cannot go without food, so is the soul. The soul requires daily nourishment through reading and studying God’s World. Reading the Bible also brings Glory to God as Ezra did and all people bowed down and worshiped God.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Knowledge about God comes with rejoicing and gladness resulting to renewed strength. When a person comes to God and accepts salvation, he/she becomes a new creation filled with joy and strength to overcome sin. Christians who truly know God and abide in His teachings experience extra ordinary joy. The children Israel had forgotten the ways of God and had fallen into sin causing them not to find joy even when they had completed building the wall. After they received the good news from the Bible about God’s love towards them, their joy was restored and their strength was renewed. Faith and the testimony that believers posses about the love of God is what gives them strength to keep on cultivating the salvation.

Don’t put your key to your joy in someone else’s pocket.

It is wise not to rely on others so as to experience happiness but rather trust upon the Lord for renewed strength. Additionally, it is important to acquire skills on how to approach situations with the right attitude and focus on the positive side of everything in order to lead a happy life. Studying the word of God on daily basis also ensures that you remain in sound mind and are able to differentiate good from bad and therefore end up not falling into temptations. Remember you are the custodian of your own happiness and following these guidelines will enable you remain in control.


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Personal Money Saving Tips Learned from the Story of the Prodigal Son

Money has always been a topic of great debate especially when it comes to spending and savings. Jesus’s once told a parable of a son, who approached his father asking for his share of his inheritance. Having been granted his request, the son packed his belongings and went to a faraway land and squandered his money. Upon releasing his mistake, the son goes back to his father and begs for forgiveness which the father gladly gives him when he is overcome with Joy at the reunion with his son. This parable tackles a number of issues and different personalities. We can also incorporate a few personal money saving tips learned from the story of the prodigal son into our individual lives. Below we shall discuss some of those tips worthy of consideration:

1. Leaving security for supposedly greener pastures

One of the first things we can learn in this story is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Upon getting his money, the son leaves his comfort zone and secure base, only to discover that life can be harsh in unfamiliar settings. Sometimes people need to realize that where they are in life is worth being grateful over and contentment is the first step to financial happiness plus security.

2. Spending everything on temporary gains

The second money saving tip that can be learned from the parable is about frugality. In life, it is easy to become taken into the lifestyle of flash and glam, which comes with it a hefty sum to be paid in order to be maintained. Fragility is an essential part of saving money and it simply means spending money on things/items that are useful to yourself and others. Spend on what always has a benefit, especially long term.

3. Those spending money with you are seldom present when the money runs dry

The third tip we learn is also a lesson in the judging of character, especially with those closest to us. Every dog has its day is a very popular saying and it demonstrates that we all need assistance sometimes as well as we also need to assist others. The parable talks of the son spending money with different people but later shows that once the money was done, so were the ‘friendships’. Surround yourself with people who not only wish you well but can also be there to advise you when things are not alright, in times of heavy spending for instance.

4. Wealth even in excess can vanish if misused

Fourthly, we can learn from the parable that wealth if mismanaged becomes a temporary thing. Upon getting his inheritance, the large sum offered the son freedom to do whatever he chose. This freedom often blinds people in realizing that even a small hole can sink a great ship. Thus manage the small amounts so that you can also manage the larger amounts.

5. Redemption through the father

Lastly and probably the most important lesson is the love of the father. This teaches us that even when you have not been a good steward with your wealth, God is always ready to love and forgive us. This reminds us that regardless of your situation or money habits, the father is our true source for everything and there is always a redemption and way back.

As stated above, the parable has a lot of life lessons and applications as well different viewpoints to learn from. These are some of the money saving tips that individuals can learn and apply to their personal life.


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The beauty, intelligence and grace of 24-year-old Kylie Verzosa from the Philippines led her to win the much-coveted Miss International 2016 title. The pageant was held on Thursday, October 27th at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Verzosa bested 69 other candidates including first runner up Australia; 2nd runner up Indonesia; 3rd runner up Nicaragua and 4th runner up USA.

Verzosa holds a Business Management degree from the Ateneo de Manila University and worked as a pre-school teached and a model. She wowed the audience and judges not just with her poise but also with her eloquent speech. When asked what she would do if she were crowned Miss International, Verzosa underscored the importance of fostering international understanding by promoting culture.

She said culture, education and international understanding the three words that come to mind when one mentions Miss International. Verzosa then built her case on why she should be given the crown. She stressed that it is through sensitivity to other cultures that people learn “to expand horizons, tolerate differences and appreciate diversity.” Verzosa then said that she is more than ready to fulfill these roles and responsibilities as Miss International 2016.

Miss Philippines received thunderous applause from the crowd when she was announced the winner. She’s no stranger to volunteer and charity work having been part of an International organization that works with distressed women as well as suicide prevention. Kylie Verzosa is the 6th Filipina to win the Miss International title.

Gemma Cruz first won the pageant in 1964. She was followed by Aurora Pijuan in 1970; International model Melanie Marquez in 1979. The long lull was broken in 2005 when Precious Lara Quiagaman won the title. The most recent queen was Bea Rose Santiago, who won in 2013.

Filipinos are considered celebrities in the pageant world. Among them are reigning Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and 2013 Miss World Meagan Young.


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God will make a Way when there seems to be No Way

As it is written in the Bible that there is time for everything so it is in human life. There are good times as well as challenging moments for every human being. Sometimes the difficult times are so hard and seem to last longer and may put one down. However, for Christian believers, this is an opportunity to have renewed strength since God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Faith in God

The complete trust that God is the only source of help and strength is what may be defined as faith in God. Christians get to have faith through reading the word of God and a continuous study of this Word strengthens one’s faith. One believer’s faith can be used to strengthen others as witnessed in the life of a centurion whose faith in Jesus Christ healed his servant even without physically seeing him.

Hope in God

Hope in God is the ability to completely surrender one’s life to God knowing that He will take care of everything that one is concerned about. A complete reliance in God gives one an opportunity to love and take care of others since all personal needs are left in the able hands of God. Hope brings glory to God as believers serve one another without putting themselves first and therefore manifests the love of God to humankind.

God Will Make a Way

There are tough moments in human life when everything seems not to work and one wonders where to turn to. During these times God’s power which is above any other is experienced in the lives of those who believe. Hope and faith enables one to patiently wait upon the Lord even when times are hard and at the end victory is realized for the light shines and darkness disappears.

You Can Do All Things through Christ

It is through the strength given to those who believe in Christ that everything becomes possible. For example, when Paul was facing temptations and even saw death coming closer, he was able to move on since he was encouraged that everything was possible through Christ who was on his side. Believers ought to pursue great things in life since the strength that is received from Jesus Christ will enable them to do even what seem impossible in the eyes of men.

God’s Presence Is Heaven in your Heart

When you open up your heart to receive Christ, everything becomes beautiful and a little heaven is created in your heart. This means that life becomes enjoyable, full of peace, love and satisfaction. The only way to experience the true meaning of life and be sure to see Jesus in His second coming is to allow Him to have His way in your heart and confess that He is Lord.

Nothing is Impossible with God

In conclusion, it is important to understand that nothing is impossible with God. There are many things that seemed impossible to men but God manifested His power through them, such us Lazarus coming back to life. In the Bible we also see God saving Daniel from the lion’s den and also Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were not consumed by fire. These examples show that when we fully trust in God, there is nothing that we cannot achieve and there is no danger that He cannot save us from.


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A Humble Attitude is Your Highest Praise

We live in an era of delusion and glare. Nowadays, we have passion to raise ourselves, to demote and judge others, to sin and to be greedy, even more than the previous ages. Who does not have this passion?

Be Humble with Yourself First

Everyone has the passion to raise himself. From scientific point of view, it is physically normal for the human brain to behave like this. Who would not like to be the best among others? Who would prefer to be a servant and not a master? We are humans with education and we have to think that if everybody would be a master in this world, how we would be able to go on as a community of masters without servants? In our society, there must not be only what we call “education” but also the rule of church that says, “Ignorance is bliss.” Everybody in this world has to be equal with the others. Of course, everybody has to put the effort to act for himself with the best way. Every single person has to try to increase his education, his experience and his quality of life with the appropriate manner. Not only Jesus came on earth to teach about humility, but also other significant personalities such as the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates. Hippocrates wanted his pupils to be simple doctors. He would not like the doctors to use wonderful dresses and to act as great and magnificent personalities. Another Greek ancient philosopher, Socrates, became famous because he said, “I know that I know nothing”. Thus, we have to be honest with ourselves that we have all of us just a human mind and we cannot differ much from the others.

Be Humble Before Others

Since we are honest with ourselves, we can be easier honest with the others among us to be useful in our community. If we humble ourselves, we can make the other people to sympathize us. Think about a man that believes that he is a master of everything. Would you adore a person with a behavior like that? Whereas if we knew that a person would be simple, we would really “like” him and we would admire his achievements. The same happens to everybody for the rest of us. That is why; we have to be simple men, frank with the others and to have a pure spirit because God gives bless to worthy people.

Be Humble in the Presence of God

When Jesus came on earth, he was teaching the crowds about love, mercy and humility. He made the crowd to understand that the father would react to them as they react to the others. He was trying to advise every single person to humble himself to be able to have entrance in heaven. God knows every single personality. He made us on earth to act as his slaves and not to behave to the rest of the people as a master. That is why, if we humble ourselves, we are honest to God too.
Watch the growth of the bamboos. The higher they grow, the lower they bend. We do not want to grow as a bamboo. We want to grow straightly to be able to reach our father in heaven. This has to be our most important achievement. That is why – if we use to raise ourselves on earth, the God will neglect us in heaven. Whereas the most humbled person on earth, who was Jesus, will be the King of heaven. Instead of that, we have to humble ourselves to make the most of the people of our community to respect and admire us correspondingly.


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Amazing Life Lessons I learned from My Dogs

No matter how old or young we are, no matter how easy or hard life may be, a dog’s love and affection can instantly make a tough day easier. Here are some of the amazing life lessons I learned from my dogs.

1. Dogs are Great Companions

We all know the well-worn phrase – “a dog is man’s best friend,” but it is absolutely true. A dog’s loyalty, compassion, devotion, and inherent ability to lift your mood makes him or her an essential friend for life.

What can this teach you? It can show you just how important it is to treat another living creature just as you would like to be treated in return. Dogs’ love for their masters is absolutely unwavering – so why not give them that same affection?

Few things are more satisfying and uplifting than coming home after a long, hard day, to find your beautiful dog waiting for you. The joy you can feel as your dogs jump up, wag their tails, and make you feel welcome and valued simply cannot be overstated. They also make your home feel far safer: you’re not alone on dark, stormy evenings anymore. You can curl up on your couch and cuddle up to a soft, loving creature you know would do anything to protect you.

This is incredibly important for senior citizens, who become frightened easily and crave companionship. Having another heartbeat around the house can transform your life – and make you feel reborn!

2. Dogs are Great Friends

Dogs love to go for walks, for runs, and to explore new locations. For anyone who has felt lonely, or is missing a loved one, taking a dog out with you for the day is a beautifully fulfilling experience.

One great lesson you can learn from your dogs is friendship.

They just listen. They don’t talk back. They don’t butt in with their own opinions.

You can just talk and talk to your dog, and no matter what secrets you tell them, their feelings towards you will not change. This has a lot to teach us about being better friends: we tend to judge even our most beloved friends when they unburden themselves – is this really the basis of a great friendship?

Be like your dog. Listen. Allow your friends to get their problems off their chest without butting in or belittling them.

3. Dogs are Great Lovers

Dogs are incredibly skilled at making you feel valued, loved, and like the most important person in the world – isn’t this how we all want to feel at one time or another?

When you come home, your dog is there to embrace you and devote their time to you. There may as well be nothing else in the world vying for their attention: they are in love with you, and you with them.

Another great lesson: be just as devoted as a lover as your dog is with you.

Treat your partner as if they are the only person on Earth. Give them your total attention, your complete commitment. Don’t let yourself be distracted by trivial matters.

Dogs can be some of the world’s greatest teachers – just watch how they live their lives and try to echo their finest moments. In short: life is better and happier with a dog.


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