Bring the Joy of Christmas with You Every Day

Christmas on the 25th of December is a joyful day, but you can bring the joy of Christmas with you every day.

Of what sort is the joy of Christmas? Is it because of the gifts, the parties, and the festivities?

No. These may be merry occasions, but when you remember one thought on Christmas day, you can feel the joy of Christmas with you every day.

On Christmas morn, Jesus was born in a manger, and of His birth, and He, as the Son of God brought with Him salvation, peace, love, and goodwill to the world.

Jesus brought our salvation to this world on His birth on Christmas Day.

Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Son of God in a lowly manger while Joseph, his husband kept watch.

That was the first Christmas when the Son of God was born in truth and humility. Yet in that small corner of the world, 3 Wise Men traveled for long distances to find Him and offer Him gifts.

For these men, wise as they were, knew that they were kneeling before a King. This is the essence of Christmas. This is the joy of Christmas that you can bring with you every day.

On this day of Christmas, remember that Jesus, the King of Kings came into this world with pure humility.

In humility, there is joy, for you are in touch with the truth within you.

The 3 Wise Men, with their wisdom and knowledge, knelt before the King in humility and adoration.

For He was a King, but God brought Him into this world without pomposity and grandeur.

Bring the joy of Christmas with you every day by living in humility but with the thought that Jesus who is no less than the King of Kings loves you and saves your soul.

If you follow His words and go by the path of His Will, He will give you strength as you face the trials of your earthly life, and He will give you salvation so you may live an eternal life with Him in heaven.

You can bring the joy of Christmas with you every day, all throughout the year and share it willingly with others if you put Jesus in your heart and walk your daily life with faith in Him and with love for Him.


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How Positive and Successful People Help to Attain Financial Freedom

Positive mentors give positive vibes.

Positive vibes lead to positive mental and emotional well-being.

Positive Mindset creates positive course of action.

How positive and successful people help to attain financial freedom greatly affects your dreams, your vision, your plans and your actions.

When you surround yourself with positive and successful people and mentors so as to achieve financial freedom helps in many ways such as:

It is important to associate with people who have attained financial freedom and those seeking to have financial freedom so as to learn valuable information and skills that you didn’t have. This helps you to get an idea on what path to follow so as to be successful in achieving financial freedom.

A good mentor will give you some guidelines on what to look out for in terms of obstacles and what to do to overcome them. This is because no problems lack solutions and the mentors will help you solve them.

Positive and successful people impart a sense of hope that financial freedom is achievable. They encourage one to follow in their footsteps and follow the path they used to be where they are. They ensure that no negative thoughts cross your mind that might end up discouraging you in your journey to financial freedom.


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How to Trust God for Your Finances

God wants us to enjoy a full, abundant life free from stresses and cares that money and other material possession bring.

How to trust God for your finances? Read on.

Everything that we have belongs to God and he has made us temporary stewards of his property, God can give and take as he wishes.

Many people want financial freedom; however, it becomes difficult for many because they fail to understand that God is rich and he shall fill our stores in abundance.

It is commandment that we give God tithe and other offerings, by doing this we trust God with our finances; God can never fail anyone and will supply you according to his riches in heaven.

Be a cheerful giver

Trusting God for financial freedom requires faith and giving with your whole heart, God rewards a cheerful giver and this is why trusting that he will empower you financially begins with giving.

There is a story of a woman who gave one-cent and it was explained that the motive behind the giving is what plays a crucial role in achieving our goals.

The changing economic conditions has left many people worried such that they have forgotten the scriptures which teaches them to trust in God and he shall meet all your needs according to his riches in heaven.

Great Faith

God says trust in me and whatever you shall ask will be given to you, it is imperative that people have faith and trust in God and God will meet their financial needs.


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I Earnestly Pray that Your Today be filled with Hope

My dear, I earnestly pray that your today be filled with hope. It does not matter the nature and magnitude of the challenges facing you, always remember that God is a hearer of prayers. He not only hears, but he answers. I thus pray that you have divine hope on:

Restoration of broken relationships

I pray that God gives you the assured hope that broken relationships in your life will be restored. Whether it is family relationships or your bond with your workmates and neighbors, the God who gives all comfort will show you the way to have the relationships healthy and functioning again.

Complete healing of sickness

The grand creator and source of life has the ultimate understanding of the causes of the health challenges you might be going through. He performs miracles, he has healed people in the past and he is willing and capable of healing you of all the maledictions in your life and restoring you to perfect health.

Prosperity in all your plans

On your own, there is nothing much you can do; difficulties are bound to cross your path as you endeavor to realize your plans today. The almighty has the desire to bless and see all your plans prosper, trust in him. Many in the past overcame armies and giants. The giants that might confront you today are nothing to the almighty. Take heart with him on your side prosperity is the assured outcome.

Good outcome in all things

No matter how bad and desperate the situation might be, rest assured God has the ability to guide and strengthen you to make the presumed challenges to work in your favor. Many have thought they had hit the end only for our great God to use the same challenging circumstances to work in favor of his servants.

Answer to all your prayers today

Never doubt that God will answer your prayers today. He understands your circumstances and knows what is urgent and special for you. Exercise faith in him and see his great hand working on your prayers this very day.

Continuous blessings

The creator of time promises to love his servants forever. His love is never in vain; it comes with its resplendent blessings. Seek for him diligently for all the days of your life and experience first-hand his assured promise to bless you now and always.


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My Only Hope is found in Christ Alone

I want to share a gift with you through spreading the message of hope, so that you may have something to hold on to and ponder on for a long time.

My only hope is found in Christ alone and I want to enable others find this same hope that keeps holding me firmly and comforted. I have done extensive reading on the bible and at this point, there is no thought that jars me more than the idea of there being no Christ at any point in my life.

It is important to note that Christ is always in our midst

Weather we acknowledge and accept him into our life or not, He is always present. During seasons such as Christmas, this is a time where most people, Christians or not spare their time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Very many people go a long way to appreciate the love that Christ has for them.

I love God and it is through him that I have found hope and also am able to share the love that I get from Christ and spreads it to other people who need it. There is so much hope that comes with knowing that there is a superior being who cares for you and loves you unconditionally.

There are very many situations that may lead to one losing every thread of hope in their own selves and in the people around them. This can be either through betrayals and disappointments. I would however love to share the hope that Christ brings in our lives which cannot be compared to anything else in the world.

In Christ, I found reassurance and love

I get unlimited sense of belonging that brings a long happiness knowing that everything that happens in our life is according to God’s plan, whether good or bad. In Christ there is hope and disappointment is never an option.


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5 Major Importance of Prayer in a Christian Life

Prayer from the simple bedtime prayer of a kid to those of the most dedicated monks is something which is done all over the world.

Prayer may be defined as:
1. A sincere petition or request to a particular deity.
2. The act of praying.
3. Words utilized for a serious request.
4. Religious and wordless union with God.

All 4 are excellent definitions, but “Religious and wordless union with God” seems to be the perfect one. I think it is the true definition of prayer!

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention 5 major importance of prayer in a Christian life.

1. Spiritual growth

Through prayers, we develop our belief in God and Jesus Christ, His Son. For this reason, Jude inspired Christians for praying in the Spirit. Jesus set an example for the Christians by praying so frequently that His disciples requested Him to educate them on how to pray. Prayer will strengthen the believer, build up bravery in him as well as his confidence in God to perform the impossible.

2. A channel of interaction

Prayer is actually a 2-way channel through which God and human beings communicate with one another. Communication is extremely important for any relationship on this planet. By means of prayers, Christians relate their feelings, minds, emotions, needs and inadequacies, whilst God communicates solutions, assurance and also His superiority to the believers.

3. Experience God’s love

God is nothing but love and by prayers, you experience and comprehend more the love of Christ. Whenever you pray you do enter into the presence of God where you’ll be surrounded by God’s love. This guaantees you of the protection of God over you, insecurity fades away and you obtain courage to deal with life realizing that Christ loves you and will be by your side all the time.

4. Ask and receive

By means of prayer, we ask as well as receive our wishes from God. Jesus mentioned that we must ask if we wish to receive from the Almighty. In James 4:2, James stated that we don’t have simply because we haven’t asked. Consequently, whatever you desire from the Almighty you should ask in prayer prior to receiving it.

5. Channel of conquering forces of darkness

Christians triumph over the Satan through prayers. The Satan has been conquered by the death and also the resurrection of Jesus Christ but we implement it thru prayers in the name of Christ. As it is stated, “a prayerless Christian is actually a powerless Christian”. While you pray, you implement your authority in Jesus against all the assaults of the foe.


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True Prayer is a Lifestyle not an Emergency Detour

We all got a more or less a wrong idea about the way we should pray and about the prayer’s role in our life.

Considering God as exterior to us, we use prayer as a means to get back the contact with the Him.

Prayer is actually unshakable faith in action.

It can be considered as the most powerful manner of thinking.

True prayer is a lifestyle not an emergency detour.

We might ponder upon the question whether with the help of prayer, or through sacrifice, we might obtain special favors from God.

To such a question the answer is both yes and no.

Everything has its importance in this Universe; the birth and death of a flower or of the smallest colorless insect produces infinite ripples.

The person who prays for the healing of his/her beloved actually ignores the consequences of his wish.

In reality the person cannot know the outcome of his/her praying.

If the healing we pray for is written in the Bible, it will be acquired, not because we prayed for it, but because it really is necessary for that particular life.

However, if death is written in the divine manuscript, then death will invariably come.

Does this mean that we pray in vain, that praying is useless?

Of course not: nothing good we do is useless or in vain.

It is not the final destination or achieving the goal which is important, but it is important walking the path which leads us to it.

No matter how mundane or very interesting our prayer is, it places the creature closer to the Creator; and due to this reconnection we become more kind and purified.

The communication between the creation and its Creator is not just an illusion: it started already with our first breath and it has never stopped.

Generally, people do not put into practice an authentic prayer.

The prayer is a begging for help, so that one satisfies the ephemeral part of life.

When people are praying, they establish a connection with the mental gods they have created and not with the real God, the Creator.

The level our prayers can reach always depend on the intention we manifest. The more impersonal our prayer gets, the higher it can reach.

True Prayer is a Lifestyle not an Emergency Detour

True prayer is not about begging, but is filled with love, devotion, trust.

It is the sacred connection between the Father and the Son, it is the awareness of complete communion.

Therefore, praying creates silence, inner peace, trust and a calm moment of waiting for an answer.

God speaks to us through special revelations and through all His wonderful creatures.

For our prayer to be efficient, all we need to do is to open up your heart.


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Hope Shines Brightest in the Darkest Moment

Hope Shines Brightest in the Darkest Moment

Hopeless? Hope shines brightest in the darkest moment. Read on.

Hope is an effective power that keeps us going in the toughest of times.

Hope lights up the path when the road is eaten up by complete darkness.

Hope is a candle in the dark.

Hope energizes our minds, hearts, spirits and souls when we are confronting emotional and spiritual instability without bounds.

Hope shines brightest in the darkest moment giving us a reason to move forward and live.

Hope boosts us with courage to win over the challenges and obstacles and transforms them into potential outcomes.

Hope permits us to have the audacity to confront the obscure with force and conviction.

Hope brings triumph when nobody is winning.

What does hope accomplish for us?

Hope spurs when discouragement comes.

Hope energizes when the spirit is drained.

Hope sweetens when the intensity nibbles.

Hope sings when all the songs and melodies are gone.

Hope shines brightest in the darkest moment.

Hope grins unhesitatingly when nobody is snickering.

Hope accepts when proofs are eliminated.

Hope listens for answers when nobody is taking.

Hope lifts a heavy burden.

Hope moves over obstacles.

Hope persists.

Hope endures.

Hope waits.

Hope sustains.

Hope inspires.

Hope motivates.

Hope moves over obstacles.

Hope presses towards victory.

Hope gives confidence that all things work out for the best.

Hope is a lark which sings the melody of patience, perseverance, strength and joy.

Hope is a dynamic force which keeps the wheels rolling to journey over the dark tunnel of life.

Hope Shines Brightest in the Darkest Moment

Hope gives great minds to walk with purpose and confidence to face the unknown tomorrow.

Hope focuses on the positive when everything else is negative.

Hope expects the best among the rest.

Tomorrow feels like heaven when hope overflows in our hearts.

God is good, all the time.

God is our fountain of overflowing hope. Amen.


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If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it

Prayer is a lifestyle. When you pray, God hears and answers your prayers. If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it. God is a compassionate God.

Praying is characterized as a method for conversing with God. When we supplicate, we appeal to God our Father; so just say his name. No other name yet Jesus.

Approach things slowly and carefully and things will work out; on the grounds that praying is a force and one of the astonishing and convincing approaches to talk with God is through supplication. Praying is an extreme answer for our necessities, dreams and additionally to our issues.

Praying is the main way and no other way that is most effective and inexplicable implies that God requests that we do; supplication to set up our association with God, we appeal to God for the absolution of our wrongdoings.

We pray to God for our companions, family, and friends.

We appeal to God for the individuals who don’t know God.

We appeal to God for our everyday life concerns.

We appeal to God for thanksgiving and forgiveness.

We go to give us course, insight, information and appeal to God for God’s guidance and leading.

We know “praying” yet do we know how to apply it in our day to day lives. In all actuality, we are being vanquished of the bustling days; occupied at work, caught up with getting ready breakfast each morning for our children to get prepared for school.

We are caught up with looking for cash and overlooked looking for God.

Our prayers are heard; little or enormous supplications, God have no impediments to answer supplication.

Your supplication can be boundless the length of you know whom you are going to. To God, your supplication is all conceivable to be addressed simply have confidence in Him.

As we trust that every one of our prayers are being heard by God, trust and let it be finished by Him. Keep away from fears and stresses since that shows unfaithful convictions. When we call Him, trust Him totally, abandon it to Him.

At the point when your fears and tensions have the best of you, attempt to quiet down and after that get the certainties of the circumstance. The key is to take it moderately. Whatever you can do is to do your best every day, trust in the best, and when something happens, take it in step.

If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it because it won’t transform anything. I understood that the vast majority of what we stress over never works out as expected. Rather than stressing over something that presumably won’t happen, focus on what you can do. Everything else you can leave in the hands of God.

If you prayed about it there is no need to worry about it

When you start to present your prayers, you open yourselves into the universes of triumph and achievement. You open yourselves into a reality of seeing your addressed praying regardless of the possibility that you haven’t asked it yet. You will acknowledge it was being allowed and planned.


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Stephen Covey – the Power to Remain Timeless

Stephen Covey – the Power to Remain Timeless

When a book remains timeless through the years, its author will be timeless as well.

And even if we can’t see him anymore, we can still hear his words and his thoughts through his book.

The same thing happens in Stephen Covey’s case.

Born in October 24, 1932 in Salt Lake City, Utah, US, in his early life, Covey was not only a good athlete, but also an involved member of a debate team and a teenager who finished high school early.

And as you can imagine, these were not his only achievements in life. Later, he became a successful businessman, a professor, management-expert, consultant, professional speaker and a best-seller author.

All these while he fell in love, married the one and only love of his life, Sandra Covey and raised together their 9 children.

He lived every day of his life based on some timeless principles that he shared not only with his family, but also with anyone else who wanted to know.

They were written in his first best-seller “The seven habits of highly effective people”, published in 1989 and sold in more than 25 million copies, being translated in 38 languages.

Even if some of the principles may sound like a cliche, their practice is a game changer!

This book was declared by Forbes one of the top 10 most influential management books ever, being even one of the most influential books of the 20th century.

Besides this book, Stephen Covey also wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families” (published in 1997), “The 8th Habit” (2004) and some others.

Because of his widely popular best-seller, he was included among the 25 Most Influential Americans in 1996 by Time Magazine.

Stephen Covey – the Power to Remain Timeless

Even if in July 16, 2012, Covey died with his family close, his passion for effective work and for others, his authentic, universal and moral principles, his genuine selfless character and charisma shaped not only his heart, but also his thoughts and actions, giving him the power to influence several generations through his books.


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