Ways on How to Show Our Obedience to God

In this article, you’ll learn the seven ways on how to show our obedience to God.

God can be glorified in many ways, and demonstrating obedience one of them.
These are the ways on how to show obedience to God in order to glorify His name:

1. Taking care of our body as it is the Temple of God.

God created us and our bodies, redeemed us through His Son, Jesus and dwells in our body in the form of the Holy Spirit. Our bodies, considered the Temple of God, not as a house or home, as our bodies are meant to be a sacred place not only for the Holy Spirit to dwell in it, but is also a place where we glorify God. By taking good care of our bodies, respecting and using it according to God’s teachings, God will reward us accordingly and will always respond in favor of us.

2. By having a mind like Jesus

Obedience with our minds starts by putting our faith in God, trusting in Him and His plans for us, filling our minds with God’s words and shaking away sinful thoughts because it is the right thing to do. We do this by praying, reading and meditating the Bible especially during tough times to feel better and by attending Christian worship services. By doing so, we are able to live through his teachings and in turn, we’ll reap great rewards in God’s time.

3. By having a heart like Jesus

God favors and rewards those with a pure heart, and one that is full of good and Godly intentions. By loving and putting God first, loving others unconditionally and maintaining a pure heart, it only goes to show that we practice how to feel like Jesus.

4. By acting and working on God’s teachings

This comes hand in hand with number 5 - aligning our goals and living up to God’s standards. The goal is to do good deeds with good intentions that are dependent on God’s strength. By only doing good deeds and acting in accordance to His commandments, we are already working our way in bringing glory to God.

5. By aligning our goals to God’s will

We can show obedience with our goals by taking into consideration of God’s teachings and asking for His guidance when planning our goals and by offering all our hard work and success to God. When we set goals, we need to make sure to ask for God’s guidance as it is with God’s participation in our lives that can lead to us being successful.

6. By sharing our talent

By using our talents, we are glorifying God by showcasing what He has given to us and sharing it to others. If you can sing well, sing praises for Him, or if you can write compelling articles, write about God and honor His name. Use the abilities God gave you to preach and reach those who do not know much about Him and give Him credit for the talent you have.

7. By sharing your finances

By sharing our finances and sacrificing material things, we are trusting God to take care of us because we know He is the one that brings prosperity and opportunity. Using our wealth here on earth to please God is already a form of worship. By sharing with the poor, selling what you have that is not a necessity so that you have something to give and living a modest life, we are already accumulating wealth and joy in heaven, courtesy of God.


God will Restore All Things New for His Glory

Everything the enemy has stolen from you:
Family, friends, finances,
Peace, love, joy, health,
The Lord our God will restore all things new for His glory, honor, and praise.

God is good all the time. Amen.


Today God will surely Bless You

Today, you are alive and well. Praise God.
The Lord is the fountain of Living Water. Praise Him.
Today God will bless you more than you can ever imagine.
Blessings and goodness from heaven will overflow and overtake you.
today god will bless you

God is Good Always and Forever

Today God will heal you.
He will turn your burdens into blessings.
He will cover you with His mantle of protection.
He will cleanse and forgive you.
He will move your mountains.


Trust in the LORD and He will Change Situations In Your Life

Trust is nurtured in every relationship. Human beings have been given that special ability to form strong bonds with each other that can last a lifetime. Examples of relationships are between a parent and child and a man and a woman. In the case of a man and woman, before they settle together, they take the time to study each other on a regular basis. It becomes their business to know everything about their potential partner. In Christianity, it's the same thing. Trusting God means spending time with Him and understanding Him. It's a process that everyone can achieve. The following are the steps taken as you know Him more:

Put Him above anything and anyone else

Anything you value takes up most of your time. You have to commit to God. No matter what you're doing or where you are, He should occupy your heart and mind just as people in love occupy each other's hearts. This isn't automatic. You have to develop a genuine interest in Him for it to work. It can't be forced. Instead of playing video games or going out with a friend, use that time for God. You'll only trust Him if you know Him. trust in the lord and he will change situations in your life

Be faithful to Him

The relationship we have with God is special. He expects us to be His alone just as He is our God. The devil brings all sorts of temptations our way. He knows our weaknesses, so that's what he uses against us. As children of God, we have the power to resist him. We can call out to Him when we can't face the enemy on our own and He'll fight for us. It's easy to have eyes for the one you love alone. If we love God nothing else should matter. You'll trust Him more every time He comes through for you.

Look back at the times He's helped you

Remember those times you needed help. Look back at how people left you to suffer alone. Everything looked hopeless until you called Him for help. Since He's a faithful God, He made a way for you and wiped your tears. He cheered you up once again. He hasn't changed. Just as He helped you when you were at your lowest point, He can do it again. Regardless of your present situation, always remember God's faithfulness in the past. When the enemy whispers lies into your ear, you won't listen because you know how powerful God is. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and He'll help you.

Love Him no matter what

Choose to be with God and praise Him whether things are working out for you or not. This will build your trust in Him. Instead of complaining, thank Him when others are successful and you aren't. He won't let you suffer alone. At His right time, He'll lift you higher than anyone else. The secret is trust. Being a Christian means that you're willing to do whatever it takes and to endure all types of pain for God because you love Him. Read His Word and make it a habit to remind Him what He's said about you. You're special before Him.

God is the closest friend you'll ever have and the best person to trust even in your dark moments. Trust Him and you'll witness the mountains in your life melting. Always trust in the Lord and he will change situations in your life.



The world offers so many courses during and after school. The purpose is to help the world become a much better place and to end all of people's problems completely. Earthly knowledge may have improved our way of life as Christians but it definitely hasn't ended our problems. As a Christian, you carry the most important diploma or degree or masters. The Christ in you knows everything and He can help you throughout your life on earth. Let people in this world laugh at and isolate you for following Jesus. Always remember the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. And this isn't physical knowledge only. You get to gain knowledge of the spiritual world as well. Jesus fills you with His knowledge in the following ways: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge

He speaks to you

Jesus speaks. When you're at a crossroads in life or when you're defeated by your situation, He sees from heaven above and takes over. He can choose to reach you through a still small voice, His Word or a friend. The solution He'll give may be simple but it's unique, one that you won't get from any of the best schools on this earth. Jesus' main aim isn't to boast to the unbelievers. He tries to show them how enjoyable life can be when He's the King of their lives. You'll receive knowledge on how to deal with any problem you come across.

He guides you

In most situations, guidance is more appropriate. For example, when unbelievers go partying at the disco or satisfy every desire of their flesh due to lack of spiritual knowledge, you have the advantage of knowing the risks involved and the ultimate destination after death. The Lord guides you to do what is right for your own good. You may be laughed at for being a virgin or isolated for not doing drugs but just hold on. Doing good is the best thing you'll ever do. You'll see very soon that Christ's guidance is the best gift you'll ever get. He'll help you control your flesh.

He satisfies you

Many Christians die when they're very poor. They know about the great reward they'll receive in heaven. This is what motivates us to persevere the pain we go through in this world. True riches aren't found here on earth. If you're a Christian and you're wealthy, there's nothing wrong with that. It's an extra blessing from God. The point is you live a more fulfilled life when Jesus has satisfied you with the Good News that ordinary people cannot understand because they don't have the knowledge from above. Don't mind looking ridiculous before people as you help out the needy. You have a great reward waiting for you.

He protects you

The best way to gain knowledge from Jesus is through experiencing His protection. He has the power to save you from all of your problems and to keep you safe from the attacks of the enemy. When you become a Christian, you've signed a form of enmity with the devil. He'll try everything to destroy you. Jesus sees through all his plans and will protect you from any harm. You'll know that Jesus is mightier than any force of darkness and as His friend, you don't have to fear anything or anyone. Live your life knowing that His hand of protection is upon you.

Godly knowledge is more beneficial to us Christians than earthly knowledge. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Learn all you can on earth but rely on Jesus' knowledge. You'll see how valuable it is in your daily life. It's all you need.


Billy and Paulo are traveling in Paulo’s car when it starts raining at noon. Billy is saved, Paulo isn’t. Billy looks out of his side of the window.

“I thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing,” he says while admiring the falling rain. Paulo scoffs.
“I think it’s a bother. Look at how it’s making the road muddy. It’s just what we need. If God cares, why does He do this to us? We might crash.” He shares moodily. Billy studies him for a while. Suddenly, he notices how the rain is washing and cleaning the windshield.

“Have you ever thought about how merciful God is?” He asks his friend.

“If He were merciful, the road would have been clear. Anything can happen to us,” Paulo replies. Billy smiles.

“Paulo, God has taken care of us ever since we began this journey. Nothing will happen to us as long as He’s with us,” he says, then pauses and directs Paulo’s attention to the windshield. “That’s the perfect illustration of God’s mercifulness to us,” he adds.

“You lost me, man. What do you mean?” Paulo asks.

“Notice how the rain is cleaning the windshield. That’s a clear illustration of God washing our lives clean every time we sin against Him, and He doesn’t give up on us. Even though the rain slides down the windshield, more comes and continues cleaning it. It represents God’s grace to us sinners. He forgives us without any limits.” Billy explains. Paulo becomes thoughtful.

“Why doesn’t He just punish us when we sin?” He asks.

“He knows we’re naturally sinful. He put all our sins; past, present, and future, on His Son Jesus Christ. He forgives us because His Son has paid the price for our sins.” Billy explains. Paulo breathes out sharply.

“Honestly, I’ve never believed in God. You and many other Christians say He loves you yet you go through so much pain. Where’s the love there?” He asks.

“Hardship is a part of life. We do suffer, but God is with us and gives us the strength to endure. Even when we sin, He forgives us and gives us another chance.” Billy says gently. Paulo looks uncomfortable. He slows down his car.

“Can He forgive someone like me?” He asks.

Billy’s heart warms up. He smiles broadly. “Of course He can, man. The windshield is your life, stained with so much sin, the rain is His forgiveness, that cleanses you and the rainbow is the hope, joy, peace, and strength He restores to your life when He saves you. In order to see the rainbow you must endure some rain.” He explains in a loving manner.

Paulo laughs briefly. “It’s hard to think you’re a sinner. You know so much about this God,” he says.

Billy laughs. “I’m a product of grace. I’m not perfect. I get my strength from the fact that God loves me. Just as a rainbow appears after a downpour, after enduring forgiveness, we will see the love, joy, hope, and peace in our lives.” He informs him.

“I want to be a believer!” Paulo says quietly.

Billy pats him on the back gently with a smile. “That’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Let me pray for you.” Paulo stops the car, and the two friends pray. Paulo lightens up and thanks his friend for leading him to the light. Billy silently thanks God for providing that opportunity to Paulo. Their friendship grows stronger and their journey continues.


Amazing Mathematics of a Real Christian Life

It is the purpose of the Father that all people be saved and lead Christian lives that give glory and honor to God. Although this may not be easy to understand or put into practice, a simple equation can illustrate what we can refer to as the amazing mathematics of a real Christian life.

A. Add Jesus to your life

The first and most fundamental principle of a real Christian life is to put Jesus Christ at the center of your life. To add Jesus’ means to accept him as your personal Lord and Savior, in so doing be redeemed and saved. An example of this could be Paul the apostle, once a persecutor of Christians. He gave his life to Christ and become saved.

B. Subtract all your fears and worries

Fear is the enemy of faith and the two cannot be experienced together from a Christian life point of view. Just as darkness cannot exist with light, removing fear and worries leaves only room for the light of hope which is received from God. A strong example of victory in the face of fear is the battle between David and Goliath. David knew who his God was thus was not afraid because the victory was already his.

C. Divide all your blessings with others

All wealth and blessings come from God. He gives freely to those who love and obey him. A third principle of a Christian life is to divide your blessings with others and in so doing become a vessel of which God has used. Abraham was one such willing giver; he was tested to give his greatest blessing, his son. Upon passing the test, God told him to spare his son and in return showered him with blessings and made him father of many nations.

D. Multiply your good deeds

In this day and age, being a person of good deeds is not easy. However, to live a real Christian life, one must not only do good deeds but increase the amount of good services performed. This is what a Christian needs to aspire to be. A woman praised in the Bible for her good deeds was Dorcas. She was singled out for being someone who constantly looked to do good and excelled at it.

E. Equals a wonderful Christian life

By adding Jesus to your life and making him your Savior, removing fear/worries and replacing them with Faith. Dividing your blessings with others and allowing yourself to be a blessing from God. Multiplying your good deeds as this is what a Christian life should BE. The result equals a fulfilled, happy and wonderful Christian life. This following the instruction to be Christ-like.

Life does not come with a manual but God provided us with his life manual which is the Bible. Reflect on it and with the above broken down formula, the mathematics of a real Christian life become easier to understand and follow.


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Keep Moving Forward for God is the Way to Victory

Always trust in God’s powerful plans in your life and keep forward for God is the way to victory.

1. Stop Focusing on what happened and start focusing on things which move you forward

Our minds happen to be the most powerful tool available to us. This super computer as it is referred to, has immense capabilities and one of them is the storing of memories. Whether positive or negative, our thoughts are kept in the back of our minds. Life experiences vary but a common denominator among everyone is that we all go through setbacks. How we respond to these setbacks has a large impact on our present as well as on our future. The bible speaks of Paul the Apostle who instructed us to forget about our past and focus on our future in Jesus Christ. This helps us press forward in our goals and receive our victories appointed to us from heaven.

2. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

The traumatic effect of difficulties has strong repercussions on our mental as well as physical health. On a mental note, difficulties temporary ‘blind’ us from remembering the good elements in our lives. They can also cause us to disconnect from God and believe he has abandoned us. In the midst of the storm however, His love and presence is ever present. God has you in the palms of his hands and everything that happens to you is for your good. It is then our duty, to look outside of our circumstance with joy and thanksgiving. In doing so we see from God’s perspective and realize that there is always a way out of our difficulty. Joseph is an example of this train of thought from the bible. He was sold by his own brothers but he did not falter on his character. This stance led him to be crowned king even after being imprisoned in the land he was sold to. He becomes the saving solution for the country and his family. God used what could be considered a very unfair difficultly into a life saving opportunity.

3. When you bring peace to your past, you can move forward to your future

One of the graces we receive in Jesus Christ is the forgiveness of our sins and forgetting of our pasts. This is essential because the past is like a stone tied to your body, it will slow you down. We are told of a woman in the bible known as Mary Magdalene. She was once a prostitute but received the forgiving love of Jesus Christ. This enabled her to make peace with herself and her past. Upon letting her past go, she served with Jesus and was among the first to see the risen Lord. Her future was embraced upon making peace with her past.

4. Pray always, move forward and believe God will make a way

We are instructed to pray without seizing because this is our link to God. Prayer has a calming effect and moves God on your behalf in your situation. Abraham and Sarah were well beyond in their years; their chances of having children were low to nonexistent. However, they continued to pray, give thanks and move forward. Abraham believed God will make a way and his faith was honored when he was blessed with a son.

5. Life goes on, keep moving forward with God

The one thing we are certain of in life is that it continues to move on regardless of our situation. Whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor, life does not stop. God as well does not stop working in our lives regardless of our circumstances. He has promised to never leave nor forsake you. This reassures us to keeping pushing forward and with God at our helm, to realize that your story ends in victory.


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Priorities and Reminders for a Rewarding Today

Your priorities and reminders for a rewarding today is a checklist that will help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling day to day life. When we live each day at a time, we are able to deal with issues and concentrate on what needs to be done at the moment. Here are some things to consider.

Forgive and Forget

This is a very hard thing to do especially when you have been deeply wounded. The essence of forgiving is you release yourself from resentment and bitterness. Do you want to always feel sad, bitter and angry towards the one who hurt you? Forgiving will let you release all the pain and make way for peace, restoration and immense joy. Sometimes, forgiving is not easy but pray to God to help you do it. Also when you remember how God forgives you anytime you have sinned, it will be easier to forgive others. Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer instructed us to forgive others so that we too may find the same forgiveness from God.

Pray for All Those Who Have Hurt Your Feelings

Jesus once asked, if you only do well to those who are good to you, how will they differentiate you from those who do not believe in God? We ought not revenge or wish bad things happen to our enemies. We should love our enemies and be good to them. If someone hurts your feelings, don’t hurt them back. Instead pray for them. God can change them into loving, kind and considerate people. You will feel better when you pray for them instead of retaliating.

Let Go of What You Cannot Control

There are situations in life that are way beyond our control. These include other people’s behaviors, calamities and illnesses. When you get stressed over something you cannot change, you only get unhappier and bitterness can start clipping into your heart. Is there anything too hard for God? Leave your burdens into His care, even those situations that seem out of control. He will work through them and ensure everything is okay once more.

Praise and Worship God in Spirit and in Truth

There is nothing that makes the power of God descend into our lives more than when we spend time in praise and worship. Give God the reverence and priority He deserves in your life. Take time every day away from your busy schedule to just worship God. This will add more peace and joy in your everyday life. Acknowledge Him in the morning when you wake up before doing anything else.

Count Your Blessings not Your Burdens

It is easy to wallow in pain and dissatisfaction especially in the world today. When you dwell on burdens, this sacks joy out of you. Is there something God has done for you lately? Has He been good to you? Why don’t you praise Him for that? Why don’t you focus on the blessings that surround you? You are alive and well, have a home and food on your table? These are enough blessings.

All this is not easy but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be able to live a life just like the one Jesus Christ lived here on earth. Pray to God for help each day to exercise these steps.


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Staying Content and Finding Peace in Your Life despite Your Circumstances

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether there is more to life than constant struggle and strife? Do you look at other people, those with riches and influence and think that maybe if you had a little of what they had you would be at peace with yourself? There is more to life and the emptiness we feel has nothing to do with our riches or possessions but with the need to fulfill a purpose and until we know what the purpose is and how to fulfill it, contentment will always evade us.

Be contented

Let’s look at what the word “contentment” means: it means to be satisfied with what is and not feeling lack because of what isn’t. That definition is a bit altruistic and not really one that the dictionary provides but it’s the simplest way to put it. When you are satisfied with what is, you yearn for nothing else outside of what is you already have fulfills you. Socrates might have come up with the saying “A contented heart is a calm sea in the midst of a raging storm,” however, the bible is filled with teachings about joy, happiness, and contentment. A lot of Christians fail to see this because they cannot see past the hard situations in their lives. Even though we are born again and have accepted Christ as our personal Lord and Savior we do not give in to his will and let him take over. Worldliness and Doubt are our biggest problems.

Be still

Why worldliness? Because we still measure ourselves with the same yardstick that the rest of the world uses. Doubt? Because we second-guess what the Word of God says about the path we should be following. The story of Jesus stilling the storm is one that is popular in the bible but people miss a certain crucial point, that even as the storm raged and the disciples were screaming for their lives Christ was sleeping peacefully. The disciples were afraid, but if they had an ounce of faith, they too could have found peace in that raging storm instead, they panicked. Jesus only woke up and commanded the storm to be still. He chided them for being afraid and asked if they had no faith. Perhaps if they were more like Jesus, they would have found the peace to sleep soundly in that raging storm with the unshakable knowledge that they would not perish.

Never worry

Worrying, spending sleepless nights thinking about the problems we have means that we do not trust that God is listening and that as quickly as the storm ceased for Jesus and his disciples on the boat, it can cease in your life. True contentment, the kind that gives you deep peace, can only be attained when we are in good standing with God. Having God and striving to be more like Jesus Christ causes all temporal needs to fade. Contentment does not come when you get what you desire, it comes with the realization that what you are and what you already have is enough.

Trust in God always

When we are detached from worldly riches and take Christ’s own words as written in Matthew 6:25-26 and recognize our value, we may learn that seeking Jesus Christ and trusting God provides us with all that we need and more.


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